Tools of the Trade

July 1, 2008

Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings' performance. This month's section starts with a focus on exteriors


ArmorLite Roofing is an environmentally sustainable roofing material. The product is 100-percent recyclable and has 0-percent waste in manufacturing – both are industry firsts. Advanced polymer material reflects heat back into the atmosphere and provides insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs. The materials are also immune to rotting and mildew.
ArmorLite Roofing by ArmorLite Roofing Technology.

www.armorliteroofing.com • (714) 835-7575

Armorseal™ is a line of reinforced membrane specifically engineered for dock shelter, dock seal, and industrial door applications. Manufactured with rip-stop fabric and advanced polymer coatings that provide flexibility, flame retardancy, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and food-grade options, Armorseal is available in three types: Armorseal Rigid, Armorseal Resist, and Armorseal Urethane.
Armorseal by Cooley Specialty Products/Div. Cooley Group.

www.cooleygroup.com • (410) 724-9000

Two new colors are now available in the Weyerhaeuser ChoiceDek® composite decking product line: Driftwood and Spice. The decking is designed to give outdoor spaces the look of tropical hardwoods with the benefits of low-maintenance composite materials. The product line is ideal for decks, dock surfaces, playground equipment, boardwalks, and handicap access ramps.
Driftwood and Spice ChoiceDek decking by Weyerhaeuser Co.

www.choicedek.com • (800) 951-5117
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Mountain Ledge Panels from Eldorado Stone simplify large-scale installations. Pre-cast as a panel system to facilitate ease of installation where larger stones are needed, the product retains the appearance of a hand-laid, dry-stack set. The joints are virtually seamless, and the panels weigh and cost half of what natural stone does.
Mountain Ledge Panels by Eldorado Stone.

www.eldoradostone.com • (800) 925-1491

The BASF WALLTITE™ Insulating Air Barrier System delivers a unique combination of properties to a highly functional building envelope. The product consists of sprayed polyurethane foam in combination with appropriate primers, transition membranes, other sealants, and an optional vapor barrier. WALLTITE air barriers contribute to building durability, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort, health, and safety.
WALLTITE Insulating Air Barrier System by BASF.

www.basf.com • (800) 669-BASF

MAG-Lock™ from JELD-WEN is a vinyl window lock that uses magnet technology. You can use just one finger or the side of your hand to operate and lock the windows, and the MAG-Lock is streamlined into the window profile for concealment. The handle of the lock serves as a latch indicator, emitting an audible click when locked.
MAG-Lock by JELD-WEN inc.

www.jeld-wen.com  • (800) 535-3936
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The family of Optanium® high-efficiency electronic ballasts includes a step-dim capability for the operation of two 28-watt T5 fluorescent lamps. Ideal for recessed lighting applications within commercial, institutional, and retail settings, the ballast’s high-efficiency electronic design maximizes energy savings.
Optanium high-efficiency electronic ballasts by Advance/Div. Philips Electronics North America.

www.advancetransformer.com  • (800) 322-2086

Tork® Image Line of brushed aluminum dispensing systems combines sleek design with cost-saving functionality to create a new concept in upscale washroom amenities. The line includes an interfolded hand-towel dispenser, a mini jumbo bath-tissue dispenser, and a soap dispenser. The dispensers cost less than stainless-steel versions.
Tork Image Line by SCA Tissue.

www.scatissue.com  • (866) 722-6659
Life/Fire Safety

Photoluminescent exit signs by Active Safety employ technology based on an environmentally friendly formulation of strontium aluminate crystals as the power source instead of electricity or radioactivity. In addition to being nontoxic, these exit signs are made primarily of recycled aluminum. The signs absorb ambient light energy during normal operations and then dissipate the energy through a bright green glow.
Photoluminescent Exit Signs by Active Safety Corp.

www.activesafety.com  • (800) 657-6324
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Bellagard’s new BellaLucent handrails with metallic top caps make your interiors come alive. Powder-coated, cutting-edge aluminum options provide attractive, rich, and even color. They also improve abrasion resistance. The aluminum top caps are available in three options: silver, black, and silver stratum.
BellaLucent Handrails with Metallic Top Cap by Bellagard Wall Finishings.

www.bellagard.com  • (800) 628-0449

Johnsonite’s Circulinity™ is a collection of textured rubber tile patterns that can be used together in creating a limitless number of unique interior environments. Circulinity consists of five different patterns that work together or alone so that your uniquely fashioned blueprint can have tiles run in any direction.
Circulinity by Johnsonite.

www.johnsonite.com  • (800) 899-8916

PANDUIT’s COOL BOOT™ Raised Floor Assembly is an innovative solution that helps conserve energy by reducing bypass air within a hot aisle/cold aisle environment. The assembly safely routes and protects cables into racks and cabinets through a raised floor within a data center, and a flexible gasket covers sharp edges of a cut floor tile to protect the cables.

www.panduit.com  • (800) 777-3300
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Thermique™ heated glass turns each window into an energy-efficient source of radiant heat, supplementing a building’s traditional heating system for a more comfortable indoor environment. These heated windows avoid the radiant cooling associated with cold glass, prevent drafts, and eliminate condensation without the need for visible wiring or heating components.
Thermique heated glass by Thermique Technologies LLC.

www.thermiquetechnologies.com  • (866) 469-0426

The new ModCon Commercial Condensing Boiler is 94-percent efficient and features a high-grade Inconel load-matching gas burner with a 5:1 turndown ratio. The product meets the variable needs for space heating and domestic hot water in a single application, and can be stacked, two at a time, to double capacity while maintaining a small footprint.
ModCon Commercial Condensing Boiler from Heat Transfer Products.

www.htproducts.com  • (800) 323-9651

The HLPC by Thomas Research Products is a photocell for specific use with lighting fixtures employed in hazardous locations. A rugged, compact, and reliable photocell, HLPC meets demanding NEMA Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D Hazardous-Location lighting sealed-enclosure requirements.
HLPC by Thomas Research Products LLC.

www.thomasresearchproducts.com  • (847) 515-3057
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The YORK® Tempo™ air-cooled scroll chillers from Johnson Controls are a smart choice for environmentally conscious building owners, offering low energy consumption and no ozone depletion, and qualifying for LEED points. Tempo chillers offer a standard low-sound design and can reduce operating costs by 15 to 20 percent.
YORK Tempo chillers from Johnson Controls.

www.johnsoncontrols.com  • (414) 524-1200

The Heavy Duty (HD) Series of instruments from Extech Instruments is ideal for making non-contact temperature measurements for unsafe or hard-to-reach areas. The series includes a differential thermometer data logger, a thermo-anemometer, a psychrometer, and a differential pressure manometer. All products perform exceptionally under the stringent requirements of the HVAC industry.
HD Series by Extech Instruments.

www.extech.com  • (781) 890-7440
Cleaning Equipment

Microfiber Rough Floor Wet Mops are produced from selvage waste from microfiber fabric production. Lint won’t form, and the mops won’t be torn up by anti-slip flooring. Produced with 100-percent synthetic microfiber yarn, which requires only 20 percent of the energy consumption of traditional mops in washing and drying, these mops absorb 7 times their weight.
Microfiber Rough Floor Wet Mops by Direct Mop Sales Inc.

www.directmopsales.com  • (913) 367-3087
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The Halo handmade Art Glass Collection is now available in new styles, colors, and sizes. New shapes include Cylinder, Beret, and Haloid (globe), and come in two sizes and 14 vibrant color choices. Available with a variety of lamp types and wattages in line voltage and low-voltage halogen, the pendants can be mounted directly to existing Halo and Halo Linea track systems, or canopy mounted to the ceiling.
Halo Art Glass Collection by Cooper Lighting.

www.cooperlighting.com  • (770) 486-4800

BITEC’s Imperflex Self-Adhering Membranes offer the convenience of self-adhering application backed by dependable quality and service. Both types – MSA and USA – are durable, resist coating slide at normal temperatures, and are self healing. Imperflex MSA is a mineral-surface SBS polymer modified-bitumen cap sheet; Imperflex USA is a smooth-surface SBS polymer underlayment.
Imperflex Self-Adhering Membranes by BITEC Inc.

www.bi-tec.com  • (800) 535-8597
Life/Fire Safety

DuPont™ FE and FM-200® brand fire extinguishants have a unique combination of properties that provide more effective protection for high-value assets and occupants within commercial buildings. Unlike water or other suppression methods, clean agent extinguishants are nonconductive and noncorrosive, so they’re safe to use around valuables and sensitive electronic equipment.
FE and FM-200 by DuPont Fire Extinguishants.

www.cleanagents.dupont.com  • (800) 473-7790
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Document Locator is enterprise-class document management designed to improve efficiency and reduce risk. It delivers everything in enterprise content management, including records management, document imaging, versioning, document workflow, and collaboration tools. Integration makes Document Locator easier to use and faster to deploy across the workforce. Flexible, custom integrations to other applications connect the software directly to other systems.
Document Locator by ColumbiaSoft.

www.documentlocator.com  • (800) 298-1172
Life/Fire Safety

Photoluminescent Corner Guards from Clarion Safety Systems help protect your walls and warehouse racks from damage by brightly and clearly alerting employees to the presence of corners or obstacles. The aluminum, black-and-yellow-striped corner guards are used for marking low overhead clearance, protruding walls, warehouse shelving, etc. They can be installed with glue or screws, or both, depending on the surface.
Photoluminescent Corner Guards by Clarion Safety Systems.

www.clarionsafety.com  • (877) 748-0244
Plumbing & Washrooms

The F-9000SS from Falcon Waterfree is a high-performance, waterfree urinal that has a unique combination of durability and contemporary design. The bold styling of the stainless steel product provides a unique complement to modern and environmentally minded restroom décor. The F-9000SS delivers unbreakable quality and design while saving an average of 40,000 gallons of water per year.
F-9000SS by Falcon Waterfree Technologies LLC.

www.falconwaterfree.com  • (866) 275-3718
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Draper Inc. has developed the industry’s first projection screens to receive the GREENGUARD® for Children and Schools certification for IAQ. The matt white, M1300, HiDef Grey, and High Contrast Grey front-projection viewing surfaces will continue to be tested quarterly to ensure they meet the most stringent IAQ standards on the market. The screens are part of Draper’s Eco­Vision™ line of earth-friendly products.
GREENGUARD Projection Screens by Draper Inc.

www.draperinc.com  • (800) 238-7999

HID Global’s Edge™ Solo is a cost-effective, standalone, single-door IP-based access-control solution. Its innovative design sets it apart from other standalone readers, and the product’s Web-browser-enabled convertibility from standalone to host-based allows users to retain their initial investment value as security requirements increase. Edge Solo has a user-friendly instructional Web environment that allows management through an intuitive user interface.
Edge Solo by HID Global.

www.hidcorp.com  • (866) 607-7339

The APR-410 Control from Rawal Devices provides full capacity modulation for all sizes of direct-expansion air-conditioning systems that use R-410A non-ozone-depleting HFC refrigerant. The product continuously and automatically matches AC system capacity/output to changing load conditions, providing dramatically improved humidity control without overcooling the space.
APR-410 Control from Rawal Devices Inc.

www.rawal.com  • (800) 727-6447
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Life/Fire Safety

The ASE30 Fire Escape Mask offers 30 minutes of breathable air in case of fire. Current users of the mask include most major airports in Brazil, and the smoke hoods will also be placed throughout venues at the 2008 Olympics in China. The mask can protect from smoke inhalation, the No. 1 cause of death in a fire, and allows time to escape a burning building. The mask conforms to USFA-FEMA standards.
ASE30 Fire Escape Mask by More Prepared/CY Holding Co. Ltd.

www.moreprepared.com  • (888) 733-7245

Eximius BPO can help you focus on your most critical tasks while it focuses on commercial lease abstracting and summarizing the dates, financials, and options of each commercial lease into a manageable template or database. Eximius has helped retail companies, real estate owners and managers, and lease administrators get organized and save money.
Lease Abstracting Services by Eximius BPO.

www.eximiusbpo.com  • (732) 452-3602
Sealants & Coatings

CertainTeed’s ProRoc® Level V Wall & Ceiling Primer/Surfacer is a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) product that creates a smooth wall finish. Eliminating the intensive labor necessary to achieve a high-quality wall finish using traditional methods, the product has exceptional hide and self-leveling characteristics. The product also meets ASTM and GA specifications for Level 5 finishes.
ProRoc Level V Wall & Ceiling Primer/Surfacer by CertainTeed.

www.certainteed.com  • (800) 233-8990
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The Helia Hot & Chilled Water Dispenser is the first single product of its kind to perform both tasks, reducing the amount of space utilized underneath sinks. The product is ideal for kitchens and wet bars, where space is limited. Features include a compact design, 6.6 gallon-per-hour output capacity, quiet operation, drinking water chilled to 40 degrees F., and near-boiling water heated up to 200 degrees F.
Helia Hot & Chilled Water Dispenser by Everpure LLC.

www.everpure.com  • (800) 323-7873
Tools & Equipment

The HygroPalm represents a new generation of portable humidity/temperature instruments, utilizing the very latest in digital technology. Three versions are available, and each offers the convenience of interchangeable probes, eliminating the need for probe calibration or repair downtime. Digital technology enables a wide range of new features, including digital sensor module calibration, transmitter diagnostics, and moisture calculation.
HygroPalm by ROTRONIC Instrument Corp.

www.rotronic-usa.com  • (631) 427-3898

Made from hand-tufted, hand-carded Tibetan wool, Swim is hand woven by Nepalese artisans. The wool is very strong, yet soft and rich in natural lanolins. Using three-ply wool and a traditional Tibetan knot, the weaver creates the rug and the design is revealed knot by knot, row by row. Each rug is made to order.
Swim by Alicia D. Keshishian’s Carpets of Imagination.

www.adkcarpets.com  • (707) 775-3494
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Tools & Hardware

The Fluke 975 AirMeter™ test tool is a rugged, handheld instrument with all the features required for fast, easy IAQ monitoring and testing. The Fluke 975 simultaneously measures, logs, and displays temperature (wet bulb and dew point), humidity, carbon-dioxide, and carbon-monoxide levels on a bright, backlit display. It also includes airflow and velocity capability using the optional air-velocity probe.
Fluke 975 AirMeter by Fluke Corp.

www.fluke.com  • (888) 308-5277
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