Top 100 Products

June 1, 2008

Performance, innovation, aesthetics, and even green reflect this year's top products, as selected by the Buildings editorial staff

Throughout the year, the Buildings editorial staff takes note of intriguing and innovative products and services that can help you with your development, construction, modernization, management, and operations responsibilities.After visiting with industry suppliers, experiencing many products firsthand, and culling through mounds of literature and websites, we've selected 100 products and services that are worthy of recognition.

Read on to see innovation, functionality, efficiency, and environmental friendliness at their best.


Fastlane® GlassGate™ is the next-generation pedestrian speedgate, combining intelligence, speed, accuracy, and 0.25-inch tailgater detection with tall glass barriers for a more imposing (yet sleek) visual deterrent. Unlike other glass barrier systems, Fastlane provides unsurpassed protection while maintaining a streamlined profile, avoiding the need for extremely wide enclosures.
Fastlane GlassGate by Smarter Security Systems Ltd. (800-943-0043 or www.smartersecurity.com).

“The ‘mass-transit’ look and feel of other barrier systems is eliminated with GlassGate, which blends into the fabric of attractive spaces.”


Strandwoven Timber is a new, natural flooring product made of post-industrial byproduct wood scraps. Seven species of wood are combined and compressed under intense pressure, low-VOC glues, and heat to create a product with stability, hardness, and unique beauty. The product is available in flooring planks, panels, and dimensional stock for millwork components.
Strandwoven Timber by Sustainable Flooring Inc. (303-544-6076 or www.sustainableflooring.com).

“This product is off the charts for LEED suitability, and is superior to traditional flooring options in hardness and stability.


The Polycom® RPX™ offers unprecedented videoconferencing to the commercial real estate industry. Every building tenant can have a videoconference/RPX room set up within their offices, or building owners can transform one office into a videoconferencing room that can be rented out to every tenant in the building as needed.
Polycom RPX by Polycom Inc. (800-POLYCOM or www.polycom.com).

“This product offers a green opportunity: Videoconferencing technology reduces the need for travel and lowers your company’s carbon footprint.


Onsia Concealed Flat Panel Speakers provide no visual interference with room aesthetics. These totally unseen speakers are made possible by high-powered, vibrational-element flat panels that produce high-definition sound. Speaker panels use patented NXT™ transducer technology to produce sound waves through the electronic excitement of a flat panel.
Onsia Concealed Flat Panel Speakers by Onsia/Acoustic Ceiling Products (ACP) (800-434-3750 or www.acpideas.com).

“Onsia offers quality speakers disguised as acoustic ceiling tile or artwork. They can even blend invisibly into new or existing drywall.”


The Glutton® Recycling Station by Rubbermaid is an all-in-one recycling/waste receptacle station that encourages compliance with recycling programs. Any combination of four snap-in tops with various item-specific openings can be used to sort different types of recyclable waste. Multilingual word labels and iconic labels provide universal cues to minimize waste-stream contamination.
The Glutton Recycling Station by Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC (540-667-8700 or www.rcpworksmarter.com).

“With this product, you can have four waste streams in one centralized location – saving space while promoting your green program.


The SiteStuff Opportunity Assessment Program is a consultative service that provides building owners and managers with a resource beyond the everyday procurement platform. SiteStuff evaluates and prioritizes important initiatives, and creates ROI scenarios that can help you make informed decisions and forecast potential savings.
Opportunity Assessment Program by SiteStuff (877-778-7483 or www.sitestuff.com).

“This service can help you identify and reduce the hidden costs of operating your facilities; spending is managed and analyzed.


Encompass by Pella™ is Pella’s newest vinyl brand, providing facility owners with popular features like an integrated J-channel to help save time and expense during installation, more grille options, and unique styles and shapes. New features, like satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze hardware, match today’s interior finishes.
Encompass by Pella by Pella Corp. (800-84-PELLA or www.pellacommercial.com).

“This new vinyl collection is ENERGY STAR® qualified, which aids the demand for energy efficiency in commercial buildings.”


Schindler ID® is the next generation of destination-based elevator technology. It’s the first elevator access-control system for mid- and high-rise buildings that customizes service for each passenger using electronic identification badges. The system improves traffic handling by 30 percent when compared to conventional systems, which saves time and increases energy efficiency.
Schindler ID by Schindler Elevator Corp. (800-225-0140 or www.us.schindler.com).

“Passenger wait times and repeated stops are reduced – anyone used to waiting for elevators can appreciate that.”


Skywall® Acrylit® Translucent Panels are manufactured with 100-percent acrylic resin, using glass reinforcement to provide panels with superior flatness and excellent durability. The panels provide better light transmission and clarity than polyester sheets, and a wide variety of grid patterns and color combinations are available.
Skywall Acrylit Translucent Panels by Skywall Translucent Systems (800-259-7941 or www.skywall.com).

“The product’s Weather Erosion Veil protects against degradation from UV rays, eliminating yellowing and fiberbloom.”


Pentadyne’s VSS+DC supplies steady-state power to protect critical loads from brief disturbances and outages. Lightweight and carbon-fiber based, Pentadyne’s flywheel technology is 10 times more energy efficient than competing products. Solid power protection is provided via sustainable, clean-energy storage.
VSS+DC by Pentadyne Power Corp. (818-350-0370 or www.pentadyne.com).

“This money-saving approach rids facilities of the health and safety hazards of lead-acid battery banks.”


Lotusan® is an exterior wall coating that’s modeled on the microstructure of the lotus leaf. Sto Corp.’s BIONICS™ technology imparts super-hydrophobic properties – the Lotus-Effect® – to the coating. Features include high resistance to soiling, a self-cleaning effect, excellent weather and chalk resistance, and high water-vapor permeability.
Lotusan by Sto Corp. (800-221-2397 or www.stocorp.com).

“Water just rolls off of the surface of this wall coating due to its hydrophobic properties, which also make your exteriors mold, mildew, and algae resistant.”


SOPREMA’s ALSAN RS PMMA is a high-performance, seamless, and fully reinforced liquid roofing and waterproofing system, featuring dramatically fast cure times to fit tight construction schedules. The ALSAN RS systems provide durable applications that can be warranted for up to 20 years. There is virtually no roofing or waterproofing situation that cannot be addressed and made watertight with this product.
ALSAN RS PMMA Systems by SOPREMA (800-356-3521 or www.soprema.us).

“Thanks to rapid cure times, you don’t have to worry about watertightness after a crew is finished for the night.”


Spyder Covert Cameras by Sperry West are everyday items that go undercover to get the job done without detection. These high-quality cameras are discreetly built into actual products to ensure a realistic look. The cameras capture sharp, high-quality images and can be hidden in smoke detectors, exit signs, loose-leaf binders, fire strobes, pencil sharpeners, thermostats, wall clocks, and more.
Spyder Covert Cameras by Sperry West (858-551-2000 or www.sperrywest.com).

“These hidden cameras can help detect criminal activity in any building.”



Birdair’s TiO2 titanium dioxide photocatalytic membrane is a coated tensile membrane that functions like the leaves of a tree, providing shade and comfort while actively neutralizing airborne pollutants and odors. TiO2’s vast reduction of surface dirt build-up and water stains translates into long-term cost savings. The product is ideal for urban or heavy-traffic areas where non-industrial pollutants accumulate.
TiO2 by Birdair Inc. (800-622-2246 or www.birdair.com).

“In addition to neutralizing odors, this product’s waterproof properties make it self cleaning; rain rinses away dirt and other organic matter.”


SunLink’s PV Mounting System is a highly engineered, flat-roof PV module mounting system that requires no roof penetrations, saving installation costs and virtually eliminating the risk of leaks. The system’s patented design allows for unimpeded drainage, and it tilts up in place to allow easy and complete access to any part of the rooftop underneath the array.
PV Mounting System by SunLink Corp. (415-925-9650 or www.sunlink.com).

“Higher tilt angles capture more sun, so SunLink systems produce more energy.”


Karim Kolors and Shapes tiles offer something that is rarely seen in the resilient flooring industry: tile shapes other than the traditional square. The four shapes include Tide, Hive, Node, and Tri. Seeming simple at first glance, these tiles can create a wide variety of different visuals, from simple and serene to bold and dynamic.
Karim Kolors and Shapes by Tarkett Commercial (800-366-2689 or www.tarkett.com).

“These playful tiles add to the ‘wow’ factor of any room in your building.”


SteelBuilt Curtainwall™ Systems are strong and slim, allowing for larger spans of glazing than traditional aluminum framing. The steel framing members have substantially lower deflection than aluminum, providing three times the wind-load capacity, and the lower thermal expansion of steel allows for greater design flexibility.
SteelBuilt Curtainwall Systems by Technical Glass Products (800-426-0279 or www.tgpamerica.com).

“Because the product allows for larger expanses of exposed glass, more natural light can be brought into your buildings.


The CO1224 carbon-monoxide detector from System Sensor calculates CO concentrations accurately and is designed for system operation, communicating to security and fire panels. Features include versatile mounting options, a built-in trouble relay, and SEMS terminals for wiring supervision.
CO1224 by System Sensor (800-736-7672 or www.systemsensor.com).

“In addition to being the first carbon-monoxide detector designed for system operation, this product has the lowest current draw in the industry.”


The AutoDoor™ Opener from Technical Concepts is a cost-effective system that automates virtually any new or existing non-latching washroom door, allowing for a touch-free exit from public washrooms. The door opens when an exiting patron places a hand in front of the touch-free sensor. An optional second sensor makes entry into the washroom touch-free as well, further improving hygiene.
AutoDoor Opener by Technical Concepts (847-837-4100 or www.technicalconcepts.com).

“This product eliminates the final point of cross contamination and makes exiting a washroom convenient and hygienic. Every public washroom should have this.



The THERMAX™ Total Wall System gives you an energy-efficient, moisture-managed wall with fewer materials and installation steps. The lightweight THERMAX Exterior Insulated Sheathing makes installation faster and easier than gypsum-based systems, and the butyl-based WEATHERMATE™ Flashings help protect the wall assembly from moisture entry.
THERMAX Total Wall System by The Dow Chemical Co. (866-583-BLUE or www.thermaxtotalwall.com).

“This system allows you to have a thinner wall profile, maximizing usable space through energy-efficient design.”


The TR-700 Window Wall provides a curtainwall look with sleek sightlines, but differs from curtainwall: It spans slab heights, but installs between the slabs instead of being installed in front of the slab. Designed primarily for high-rise applications, the TR-700 Window Wall offers high performance with respect to design requirements, including air infiltration, water resistance, and flexibility.
TR-700 Window Wall by TRACO (800-837-7001 or www.traco.com).

“Unlike curtainwall, this product enhances sound attenuation by the elimination of continuous members spanning the building height and resonating sound.


Nexus software allows testing of a building’s emergency-lighting system from one location. The product can test and report on the status of the entire emergency-lighting system in an installation individually, in groups, or all together. It operates in real time and indicates any change of status of network components by changing their icon color in the Nexus window.
Nexus by Thomas & Betts (800-816-7809 or www.tnb.com).

“This electrical software really helps maintenance personnel, testing the system and indicating what needs repair or attention.


The Tendril Energy Management System (EMS) is the first open, standards-based software and hardware system that enables dialogue between consumers and their energy providers, allowing them to manage consumption and supply of energy in smarter, more efficient ways. The system includes an enterprise wireless network operating platform, consumer devices, a utility back-office integration portal, and more.
Tendril EMS by Tendril Inc. (303-951-4360 or www.tendrilinc.com).

“This system allows companies to meet and exceed government regulatory requirements.


TexCote’s COOLWALL® Systems use patented heat-reflective technology to reduce exterior wall temperatures by up to 40 degrees F. Because the product’s painting cycle is far longer than other paint and coating cycles, COOLWALL dramatically reduces the environmental impact of repainting, saving you money and making sure your buildings are truly green.
COOLWALL Systems by TexCote, Textured Coatings of America Inc. (800-454-0340 or www.texcote.com).

“These coatings are 100-percent more reflective than competitive coatings, saving you money on cooling costs while lowering your carbon emissions.”


The IntelliPak™ II packaged rooftop system, designed for multistory industrial/commercial buildings, uses the HFC refrigerant required by the Clean Air Act, which is environmentally friendly and non-ozone depleting. The system includes variable-air-volume boxes and integrated controls, and a fresh-air-measurement feature was added to ensure proper ventilation levels.
IntelliPak II by Trane (608-787-2000 or www.trane.com).

“This product’s indoor air quality features keep the air inside your buildings clean, and the non-ozone-depleting refrigerant prevents atmosphere pollution.”


RECYCLEPAK is a unique, prepaid recycling program for universal wastes like fluorescent lamps, batteries, ballasts, computer electronics, and mercury thermostats. Users pay one price, which includes the container, return shipping, processing, and documentation – and then they simply fill, seal, and ship.
RECYCLEPAK by Veolia ES Technical Solutions LLC (888-262-4910 or www.prepaidrecycling.com).

“This prepaid recycling service is an easy, convenient answer to the questions about what to do with old CFLs, batteries, electronics, and more.”


Hydrotect Tile is a super-hydrophilic photocatalyst that creates self-cleaning material surfaces that improve environmental air quality and result in buildings with reduced exterior maintenance costs and enhanced aesthetic value. The tile reduces air pollution as well, converting sunlight’s ultraviolet light energy into the chemical energy of activated oxygen.
Hydrotect Tile by TOTO (888-295-8134 or www.totousa.com).

“The self-cleaning properties of this product will reduce the need for environmentally harmful solvents that are used to clean buildings.”


The Trend IQ3xact is a Web-enabled building-automation system (BAS) controller that uses Ethernet and TCP/IP networking technologies to deliver fast, reliable communications through standard IT components. The Web server can deliver user-specific Web pages to a personal computer or mobile device with Internet browser software, enabling you to securely monitor or adjust the controller from any Internet access point.
Trend IQ3xact by Trend Control Systems (425-897-3900 or www.trend-controls.com).

“This cost-effective solution can act as a seamless component in a large system or as a standalone controller in smaller buildings.”


The Hawkeye® 300 (H300) Current Switch is a breakthrough micro split-core current sensor. It’s a go/no-go current switch that’s ideal for monitoring status on vents, exhaust fans, recirculation pumps, and other fixed loads. The H300 provides 100-percent solid-state design and polarity insensitive output, and is ideal for tight enclosures and retrofit projects.
H300 by Veris Industries (800-354-8556 or www.veris.com).

“Smaller than a matchbook and thinner than a large pack of gum, this product will fit anywhere you need it.”


Reliance™ Thermal Composite Inside Glazed (TC IG) curtainwall achieves increased thermal performance via glass-reinforced polyamide strips in the construction of all horizontal and vertical members. Three thermal and installation options are available: a traditional exterior-glazed pressure wall, an exterior-glazed pressure wall with thermally enhanced composite verticals, and a fully inside-glazed composite system.
Reliance TC IG by Oldcastle Glass Vistawall (866-OLDCASTLE or www.oldcastleglass.com).

“This high-thermal-performance curtainwall system has two-color capability so you can have different exterior and interior colors.”


VFA’s Green Building Assessment Services enable organizations to identify the best opportunities for enhancing the sustainability of their existing buildings and sites in terms of physical infrastructure and operations. By determining the associated costs and expected impacts of these initiatives, organizations can optimize their investments to support sustainable facilities.
Green Building Assessment Services by VFA (800-693-3132 or www.vfa.com).

“This service can guide you in greening your buildings and help you integrate sustainability programs into your capital-planning process.”


The LED Nightlight is a compact recessed LED unit with light-directional integral louvers that can be specified for either vertical or horizontal interior installations. Ideal for healthcare applications, the LED Nightlight provides an intense, non-glaring, durable, and economical source of night lighting with a contemporary, low-profile appearance.
LED Nightlight by Vista Lighting (814-454-2266 or www.vistalighting.com).

“In addition to providing night lighting, this product inhibits bacterial colonization on painted interior and exterior surfaces via a slow-release, antimicrobial treatment.”


LIGHT FIELDS luminaires are designed so that light is visible, but the fixture is unobtrusive. Ideal for offices, computer rooms, corridors, reception areas, videoconferencing areas, and healthcare applications, LIGHT FIELDS features a variety of lamp options and dimming controls. The fixture’s shallow housing of clear anodized aluminum creates a clean look on the ceiling.
LIGHT FIELDS by Zumtobel Lighting Inc. (800-448-4131 or www.zumtobel.us).

“This light discreetly blends into the surrounding architecture, and below-ceiling access to the ballast allows for easy maintenance.”


The Envision Series from WaterFurnace provides building owners with substantial energy cost savings, improved comfort, whisper-quiet operation, and enhanced serviceability. The Envision line helps dramatically reduce energy costs by tapping into the free energy found beneath the earth in a ground loop application or by utilizing a building’s internal heat energy via a boiler and cooling tower water loop.
Envision Series by WaterFurnace Intl. Inc. (260-478-5667 or www.wfiglobal.com).

“These commercial heat pumps use green and efficient geothermal energy to heat and cool buildings.”


CarbonCast® Architectural Cladding Panels deliver outstanding insulation performance, dramatically reduced weight, and enhanced corrosion resistance. This is possible because of the 6- to 12-inch panels’ carbon fiber grid reinforcing in the face and a structural rib design. The reduction in concrete cover allows precasters to incorporate insulation behind the panel.
CarbonCast Architectural Cladding Panels by AltusGroup (866-462-5887 or www.altusprecast.com).

“These panels weigh up to 66-percent less than traditional precast wall panels.”


The Zurn EcoVantage™ Pint™ Urinal System (Z5798) is an ultra-low-consumption urinal system that uses only 0.125 gallons per flush (gpf). With optimum battery life, the hands-free operation of the Z5798 can accommodate 200,000 flush cycles. Ideal for new construction and building upgrades, the product features heavy-duty metal construction.
Zurn EcoVantage Pint Urinal System by Zurn Engineered Water Solutions (800-997-3876 or www.zurn.com).

“This system will lower operating costs by saving more than 30,000 gallons of water per year vs. standard 1.0-gpf urinals.”


The Latch Pull™, a lockable pull handle, offers flexibility of traffic control during and after business hours. This ergonomically designed handle offers one-handed operation and two modes. It can be used with 5-pin, 6-pin, or 7-pin lock cylinders. Despite its ability to withstand the rigors of heavy, everyday use, Latch Pull offers a sleek and classic look.
Latch Pull by Adams Rite Manufacturing Co. (800-872-3267 or www.adamsrite.com).

“The Latch Pull is an ideal solution for buildings that need free entrance at certain times and controlled or exit-only access at other times.”


The Airxchange field assembly product line addresses the challenge of installing large energy-recovery ventilation wheels in limited-access areas. Its lightweight sub- assemblies can be moved through standard doorways and stairwells for quick assembly on-site. Once installed, the unique wheel design allows for easy maintenance to enable reliable, lasting performance.
Airxchange field assembly product line by Airxchange (781-871-4816 or www.airxchange.com).

“Airxchange has eliminated typical installation obstacles when replacing large energy-recovery ventilation wheels. No crane is necessary.”


The Premium Bulb Eater® can crush spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100-percent recyclable material while capturing more than 99.99 percent of the mercury vapors released. Simply mount the system to a 55-gallon drum and fill it with up to 1,350 4-foot fluorescent lamps. The Bulb Eater cuts recycling expenses by up to 50 percent; it’s EPA and OSHA compliant, too.
The Premium Bulb Eater by Air Cycle Corp. (800-909-9709 or www.aircycle.com).

“The Bulb Eater makes dealing with mercury-containing linear fluorescents a snap.”


Allsteel’s Acuity™ chair provides European styling and a dynamic, adaptive fit. Its easy-to-adjust controls are highly intuitive, within reach, and weight activated. A hybrid seat cushion and conforming mesh back work together to provide additional comfort to users, even during periods of lengthy sitting. With many different finish options, Acuity is ideal for all levels of an organization.
Acuity by Allsteel Inc. (888-255-7833 or www.allsteeloffice.com).

“This chair is easy on the eyes and the environment. Fifty (50) percent of Acuity’s original materials contain recycled content, and more than 90 percent of its materials can be recycled.”


The PM2200 Personal Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor is a desktop tool that allows building owners and facilities professionals to investigate energy-saving opportunities and improve IAQ. This affordable air-quality indicator monitors carbon dioxide (CO2), humidity, and temperature. It also functions as a clock.
PM2200 Personal Indoor Air Quality Monitor by AirTest Technologies Inc. (888-855-8880 or www.airtesttechnologies.com).

“This monitor is maintenance free and requires no calibration – plus, it’s about 25-percent less expensive than similar devices on the market.”


AERCO’s Benchmark 1.5 Low NOx (BMK 1.5LN) is the ideal boiler when an exceptionally small (79-inches tall, 28-inches wide, and 36-inches deep) footprint and 1.5 million BTUs per hour are required. It incorporates a stainless-steel heat exchanger and a C-More™ unit controller. The patented air/fuel delivery system enables the boiler to deliver unmatched 20:1 turndown.
Benchmark 1.5 Low NOx (BMK 1.5LN) boiler by AERCO (800-526-0288 or www.aerco.com).

“This fully assembled unit is so small that it fits through a standard doorway.”


Hi-O™ (Highly Intelligent Opening) technology connects electronic door components together over a Controller Area Network (CAN) data network, enabling these devices to exchange and share encrypted information. With Hi-O, intelligence is built into each device instead of one centralized logic unit, creating a plug-and-play system.
Hi-O by ASSA ABLOY (800-377-3948 or www.liteguide.com).

“Installation, service, and upgrade of your building’s security and life-safety system are simplified with ASSA ABLOY’s new electronic door solution.”


Previously thought to be impossible, Aluflam has made fire-rated aluminum windows and doors a reality. Window and door systems are offered in a multitude of finishing options, simple to install, and energy efficient, and have been tested and approved to meet national and international fire codes.
Fire-rated aluminum windows and doors by Aluflam North America (714-899-3990 or www.aluflam-usa.com).

“Thanks to Aluflam, you can purchase aluminum-framed doors and windows for applications where fire-rated glazing is needed.”


ATAS’ transpired solar collector, The InSpire™ Wall System, uses alternative energy to preheat fresh ventilation air. Its panels, which are coated with a durable finish, absorb heat from the sun. The solar preheated air at the surface is drawn through perforations into the wall cavity via ventilation fans, which also draw the warmer air up the wall and into the building’s interior.
InSpire Wall System by ATAS Intl. Inc. (800-468-1441 or www.atas.com).

“InSpire saves energy while improving IAQ, too.”


B2B-TV delivers high-quality television to commercial office properties at an affordable price. The company provides both installation and maintenance as well. Tenants can receive high-definition or standard services and select the programming package that fits their business. B2B-TV’s proprietary system seamlessly connects to existing technology infrastructure and serves tenants building wide.
B2B-TV television distribution system by B2B-TV (866-902-2288 or www.b2b-tv.tv).

“B2B-TV’s centralized distribution system protects valuable rooftop and riser space while providing an amenity that’s in high demand.”


The ClassicSeries™ Recessed Convertible Paper Towel Dispenser/Waste Receptacle can be outfitted with either a folded-towel module or touch-free roll-towel module, and a 12- or 18-gallon waste receptacle. Now facility professionals have the freedom to convert from one towel type to the other.
ClassicSeries Recessed Convertible Paper Towel Dispenser/Waste Receptacle by Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. (800-553-1600 or www/bobrick/com).

“If restroom traffic increases, this product can be converted to a high-capacity towel dispenser and waste receptacle without the look of a mismatched retrofit.”


The Bona Environmental Choice System™ (ECS) consists of products and systems for each step of the hardwood-floor-finishing process and for hard-surface floor care. It uses low-VOC, waterborne finishes and dust-containment sanding equipment. ECS is the only hardwood- floor-finishing system to be GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality.
Bona Environmental Choice System by BonaKemi USA Inc. (800-872-5515 or www/bonakemi/com).

“With the Bona ECS, you get a hardwood floor finish that’s both durable and environmentally friendly.”


EcoScreen™ Perforated Screenwalls are the answer if you’re looking for a unique metal wall application. These panels provide air movement, light control, and security. They also screen unsightly views and provide fall protection when used in parking garages. The stainless-steel or aluminum panels are made with 100-percent renewable energy and contain a high percentage of recycled materials.
EcoScreen Perforated Screenwalls by CENTRIA (800-759-7474 or www/centria/com).

“Not only does EcoScreen mask unsightly views, but it also increases the visual appeal of a facility.”


The Qt PRO five-zone soundmasking, paging, and music solution by Cambridge Sound Management provides simple-to-configure software controls that are accessible via laptop or mobile device. Qt PRO can also be adjusted from a front-panel LCD interface on the unit. Miniature ceiling-mounted emitters project sound into the space, with a single unit covering up to 150,000 square feet of workspace across five zones.
Qt PRO Sound Masking and Distributed Audio System by Cambridge Sound Management (800-219-8199 or www.csmqt.com).

“Put soundmasking where you need it: Qt PRO allows flexible configuration.”


Glide and Slide Xorel Stripe textiles by Carnegie are ideal for panels, upholstery, upholstered walls, and wallcovering applications. They are nonabsorbent, meaning that dust and stains cannot penetrate them. Simple, regular maintenance will keep both fabrics appearing new for many years. Additionally, these striped textiles are free of PVC, plasticizers, heavy metals, ozone-depleting chemicals, and topical finishes.
Xorel Stripe by Carnegie (516-678-6770 or www.carnegiefabrics.com).

“With its stain resistance, Glide and Slide are ideal for high-traffic areas where stains and soiling are more likely.”


Keep your CCTV system from becoming obsolete with Bosch’s Auto­Dome® Modular Camera System. Its five types of interchangeable modules can be replaced as easily as changing a light bulb. With AutoDome Modular, you can switch from fixed to PTZ, upgrade from color to day/night, or add advanced-intelligence features, quickly and inexpensively.
AutoDome Modular Camera System by Bosch Security Systems Inc. (800-289-0096 or www.boschsecurity.us).

“As security needs change, so does Auto­Dome Modular – thanks to the system’s interchangeable modules.”


Ecophon Focus™ D designer ceiling panels install in a suspended grid system and provide the functionality of a fully accessible ceiling, but with a smooth, monolithic look. The panels are manufactured from high-density glass wool that is covered by a micro-porous Akutex T surface, offering both superior sound absorption and humidity resistance. They also repel dirt and are easy to clean.
Ecophon Focus D by CertainTeed Ceilings (800-233-8990 or www.certainteed.com).

“Finally, you don’t have to sacrifice a monolithic look to have accessible and acoustic ceilings.”


Aluminum windows and doors are now available in nine different simulated wood-grain finishes by CGI Windows & Doors Inc. Get the warmth of wood without worrying about durability with the Aspen Collection. These windows and doors provide energy efficiency through low-E coatings and low air infiltration.
Aspen Collection by CGI Windows & Doors Inc. (800-442-9042 or www.cgiwindows.com).

“Get the look of wood and the strength of aluminum with the windows and doors in CGI’s Aspen Collection.”


The Convia Programmable Infrastructure, an approach to delivering electricity that enables virtual rewiring of a space in just minutes, now has a Global Gateway that makes monitoring and controlling energy usage simple. Users can set hierarchies of power zones and prioritize equipment based on needs and electrical draw of fixtures, making it possible to instantly turn off low-priority and unnecessary utilities.
Convia Global Gateway by Convia Inc./a Herman Miller Co. (847-876-6917 or www.convia.com).

“Convia makes managing energy easier. Control thermostats, AV systems, lighting, etc. from a personal computer.”


The UL924 Exit Sign is 100-percent failsafe because of its photoluminescent technology. It works by absorbing light from surroundings; when the power goes out, the light is released. UL924 uses no electricity, is UL listed, and requires no back-up power.
Photoluminescent UL924 Exit Sign by Clarion Safety Systems (877-748-0244 or www.safetylabel.com).

“Just compare the length of the warranty of UL924 with an electrical exit sign – 35 years vs. 10 years, respectively. This is just the first in a very long list of advantages.”


LEDge is a linear low-voltage LED shelf light that is suitable for a variety of different shelf and casework applications. It is available in two profiles and can be mounted directly to 3/8-inch glass, or surface mounted to the underside of any shelving unit. LEDge delivers white light without the damaging ultraviolet, infrared wavelengths, or radiant heat that conventional light sources provide.
LEDge by Cooper Lighting (770-486-4800 or www.cooperenergysolutions.com).

“Like the look of incandescent and the efficiency of fluorescent? With LEDge, you can have a warm light and still save energy.”


As business expands and contracts, your furniture inventory doesn’t have to. CORT’s Commercial Furniture Rental Service allows you to lease an office full of furniture and have it installed in as few as 48 hours. Renting requires minimum capital outlay and, with a selection that includes The HON Co., Herman Miller, and Chromcraft, you’re bound to find what you want.
Commercial Furniture Rental Service by CORT (888-360-2678 or www.cort.com).

“CORT can help you downsize or grow, providing only the office furniture you need, when you need it.”


eCamSecure™ is ideal in places where surveillance is needed, but power sources are limited. This solar-powered mobile surveillance unit is a crime deterrent and helps property owners or developers with 24/7 site monitoring. This green security solution has a 360-degree rotating solar panel, night-vision cameras, and battery back-up that lasts for up to 4 days.
eCamSecure Solar-Powered Mobile Surveillance Unit by CPS Security Solutions (800-310-5535 or www.cpssecurity.com).

eCamSecure provides an environmentally friendly alternative to using gas generators for surveillance on construction sites.”


iLux™ CLS-C6 by Crestron is an integrated zoned-lighting and shade-control system. This cost-effective, wall-mount unit makes it easy for users to create the optimum environment for AV equipment operation. With a built-in control processor and dimmer circuits, iLux can control six lighting zones for dimming incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, and 2-wire dimmable fluorescent loads.
iLux CLS-C6 by Crestron Electronics Inc. (800-237-2041 or www.crestron.com).

“Confused by all those dimmers and switches in the conference room? iLux makes it easy to control lighting (and shades and screens, too).”


The Studebaker AirPath™ uses patented 360-degree technology to dry floors and carpets in record-breaking time. The AirPath draws warmer, drier air from above and blows it down and across the entire surface of the floor at 40 miles per hour in all directions, reducing drying time to just minutes.
Studebaker AirPath by Dri-Eaz Products Inc. (800-932-3030 or www.dri-eaz.com).

“After cleaning, spills, or flooding, AirPath can speed the drying time of floors dramatically, reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.”


Walkstation, the first in Details’ FitWork™ product category, is a height-adjustable workstation with an integrated treadmill, and is designed to bring healthy habits to sedentary workers. This innovative product resulted from collaboration between Steelcase and a doctor from the Rochester, MN-based Mayo Clinic. Medical research suggests that walking slowly at work could result in an increase in health, focus, and productivity among a desk-based workforce.
Walkstation by Details/a Steelcase Co. (800-833-0411 or www.detailsworktools.com).

“Now, a desk job can exercise more than just your brain, thanks to Walkstation.”


The DC 6990 P Touchscreen Conferencing™ Unit is a fully digital, portable conference unit that’s perfect for permanent or temporary meeting spaces. Its innovative color touchscreen puts information at users’ fingertips quickly and easily. Participants can focus on and participate in meetings more than ever before.
DC 6990 P Touchscreen Conferencing Unit by Danish Interpretation Systems/Listen Technologies Corp. (800-330-0891 or www.listentech.com).

“Get more out of meetings with the DC 6990 unit. Its software even offers voting and polling capabilities.”


Access power and data from the desktop in one touch. The PCS39 Convenience Outlet is spring loaded so it easily rises when touched; to retract, simply push down. PCS39 comes in three options: two 125V 15A outlets, two Cat 5E data outlets, or one power and one data outlet. Installation is simple: Just drill a 3-inch hole and drop the unit through. Secure with a screw.
PCS39 Convenience Outlet by Doug Mockett & Co. Inc. (800-523-1269 or www.mockett.com).

“PCS39 provides power when you need it; when you don’t, outlets are tucked neatly out of view.”


e-Builder Enterprise is a one-stop project- or program-management solution. It enables users to quickly access key project data from anywhere, any time, over the Web, which equates to reduced contingency costs and on-time project delivery. e-Builder Enterprise’s integrated reporting engine quickly summarizes data and can be exported to different formats. Track project costs, cash-flow forecasts, schedules, drawings, bids, etc. from one place.
e-Builder Enterprise by e-Builder Inc. (888-288-5717 or www.e-builder.net/build).

“Not all team members are likely to have the same level of technical expertise. e-Builder’s project-management software is easy to configure.”


With Egan Versa, you can create presentation surfaces where none previously existed. Products in the Egan Versa Presentation Surface line have a pressure-sensitive, self-stick backing that will adhere almost anywhere and provide a guaranteed-to-clean dry-erase surface. Available in rolls of pressure-sensitive or professionally applied adhesive, there are three products in the Versa line: VersaJot, VersaPro, and Egan VersaWall.
Egan Versa Presentation Surfaces by Egan Visual Inc. (800-263-2387 or www.egan.com).

“Now you can transform almost any surface into a dry-erase or projection surface in no time.”


A new Web-based interactive design tool, the Custom Cab Designer allows building owners and their design teams to design their own elevator cab interiors. Pick and choose from more than 140 different materials to design upper and lower wall panels, the ceiling, lighting, handrails, etc. A rendering of the finished design provides material specifications, weights, and pricing.
Custom Cab Designer by Eklund’s Inc. (817-949-2030 or www.eklunds.com).

“What a great tool to use during the initial budgeting phase of renovation or new construction. The Custom Cab Designer takes all the guesswork out of elevator interiors.”


E-Mon D-Mon® Green Class submeters are a cost-effective way to benchmark and monitor energy usage. Because they offer utility-grade metering accuracy, they are ideal for measuring and verifying energy-related initiatives for programs such as LEED, and compliance with the EPAct. Green Class submeters provide helpful information, such as kilowatt-hours in dollars, current demand load, power and net usage, and much more.
E-Mon D-Mon Green Class submeters by E-Mon LLC (800-334-3666 or www.emon.com).

“Get a snapshot of your facility’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions with E-Mon’s Green Class submeters.”


The AEGIS SGR™ Conductive MicroFiber™ Shaft Grounding Brush improves the reliability of HVAC/R systems by dramatically extending motor life. By protecting bearings from electrical damage for the life of the motor, the AEGIS SGR prevents bearing noise, costly motor repairs, and downtime.
AEGIS SGR by Electro Static Technology (866-738-1857 or www.est-aegis.com).

“Use the SGR as part of a preventive-maintenance program to ensure long-lasting protection for your buildings’ HVAC/R systems.”


Versatile in nature and playful in design, Nexxt is the latest in multi-functional seating solutions, from nesting to guest and stacking chairs. The same contemporary, angular seat and back design are consistent throughout the series, with arm and armless selections available, as well as black- or silver-frame finishes.
Nexxt Nesting, Guest, and Stacking Series by Encore Seating (800-985-8090 or www.encoreseating.com).

“Nexxt looks great and offers comfort and support to end-users.”


Extreme CCTV’s new REG® IP license plate capture system uses field-proven IP Infrared Imaging (i3) to deliver high-contrast plate images, day or night. REG IP’s all-weather design ensures reliable performance, even in harsh outdoor conditions. System features include remote access, scalability, and full compatibility with the most advanced surveillance networks.
REG IP by Extreme CCTV (888-409-2288 or www.extremecctv.com).

“Overcome plate capture problems related to speed, reflectivity, sunlight, and headlight glare with REG IP.”


FritzGlassTile, a recent addition to the Fritztile family of terrazzo tile products that incorporates recycled post-consumer glass from liquor, beer, and wine bottles, is a 12- by 12-incfh glass aggregate tile as thin as 1/8 inches. GlassTile GL-9500 comes in 12 colors; GlassTile GL-6500, made with a larger-size glass aggregate for a different look, comes in 16 colors.
FritzGlassTile by Fritz Industries (800-955-1323 or www.fritztile.com).

“Beyond its beauty, FritzGlassTile’s durability, low-maintenance characteristics, and 20-year wear warranty ensure superior life-cycle returns.”


Conveniently monitor air pressure across key HVAC components to help maintain comfortable interior environments with the Fluke 922 Airflow Meter. It combines differential pressure and air velocity and flow measurements into a single meter for ventilation monitoring and diagnostics applications in the field. The product allows technicians to enter duct shape and dimensions to maximize measurement accuracy.
Fluke 922 Airflow Meter by Fluke Corp. (800-443-5853 or www.fluke.com).

“This rugged tool provides powerful solutions for maintaining optimum airflow balance.”


CabForms® Elevator Door Skins allow building professionals to carry a theme across an elevator installation, from cab interiors to cab exteriors and beyond. Available in two beautiful, durable categories: Architectural Metal and Bonded Metal®. Materials and finishes are available in etched, patterned, or embossed configurations.
CabForms Elevator Door Skins by Forms+Surfaces (800-451-0410 or www.forms-surfaces.com).

“Sophistication meets performance! CabForms Door Skins add beauty to any building interior while concealing surface blemishes on elevator doors.”


A superior garden-roofing solution, GardenScapes™ features simple, effective design; fast, hassle-free installation; and a single-source guarantee. GAF’s exclusive DuraGro™ 4-in-1 drainage foundation system and Start-Rite™ growing medium ensure less chance of installation and maintenance problems. The system relies on the end-user’s choice of the company’s field-proven single-ply TPO or multiple-ply TriPositeXL™ roofing systems for reliable waterproofing.
GardenScapes by GAF Materials Corp. (973-628-3000 or www.gaf.com).

“Reap the benefits of energy savings, land optimization, and tax incentives with GardenScapes.”


FocalPoint® Mobile, a new wireless graphic workstation, has been designed to monitor multiple fire-alarm systems from remote locations in real time. Providing information in text or graphic detail via CAD-type drawings, this rugged, military-spec tablet enables FMs, security personnel, and emergency responders to view system status and quickly evaluate any emergency event.
FocalPoint Mobile by Gamewell-FCI/Div. Honeywell Life Safety (203-484-7161 or www.gamewell-fci.com).

“A highly intuitive interface makes FocalPoint Mobile easy to understand and operate.”


Hirsch Electronics’ Verification Station-General Purpose (Model RUU-GEN) is a high-security, multi-purpose biometric system. A user presents his/her contactless smart card, enters a PIN on a digital scrambling keypad, and then places a fingertip on the sensor. When all three factors match, the RUU authenticates the identity of an individual.
Verification Station-General Purpose (Model RUU-GEN) by Hirsch Electronics Corp. (888-809-8880 or www.hirschelectronics.com).

“Finally … a high-end, cost-effective biometric system for more stringent security needs.”


Gardco Lighting’s LED Demand Response Bollard is rugged, attractive, and efficient. The design includes up to three louvered layers, with LEDs in each layer, which conceal glare from the source and spread lighting in either a 360- or 180-degree pattern. Microwave sensors detect motion, allowing for high- and low-light settings based on the number of people around each bollard.
LED Demand Response Bollard by Gardco Lighting/a Philips Group Brand (800-227-0758 or www.gardcolighting.com).

“With only 7.7 watts of energy consumed by its low setting, the LED Demand Response Bollard takes green to a new level.”


The Diffrient Work Light II is an effortlessly adjustable and attractive task-lighting solution that features a standard screw-in socket to accommodate the latest-generation, swirl-type compact-fluorescent bulb. One-touch positioning, based upon a counterbalance mechanism, offers flexibility in the fixture’s range of motion and ease in user adjustability.
Diffrient Work Light II by Humanscale (800-400-0625 or www.humanscale.com).

“Humanscale proves that form, function, and energy efficiency can coexist in design innovation.”


PERMAX™ Spray Polyurethane Closed-Cell Foam Insulation expands on contact, delivering an initial R-value (heat transfer) of 6.0 per inch and eliminating convection currents. The insulation’s airtight, seamless, and rigid-seal characteristics help maintain a comfortable, constant temperature and resist moisture movement in walls and roofs.
PERMAX Spray Polyurethane Closed-Cell Foam Insulation by Henry Co. (800-523-0268 or www.henry.com).

“PERMAX’s closed-cell structure results in a more energy-efficient building envelope.”


Unlike traditional concrete, Hycrete Admixture is a fully recyclable, new-generation concrete; its water-based chemical composition is waterproof, protects against corrosion in building applications, and – when demolished – can be crushed, recycled, and reused in new structures.
Hycrete Admixture by Hycrete Inc. (201-386-8110 or www.hycrete.com).

“Hycrete Admixture helps building owners shorten construction timelines and save money by eliminating manually applied membranes commonly used to waterproof concrete.”


The Ice Bear® 30 Hybrid Air Conditioner provides efficient cooling, using only a fraction of the energy required by conventional systems. During peak daytime hours, the unit cools by circulating refrigerant through coils in its ice-storage tank, eliminating the need to run an energy-intensive compressor during the day.
Ice Bear 30 Hybrid Air Conditioner by Ice Energy Inc. (877-542-3232 or www.ice-energy.com).

“This off-the-shelf energy-storage module helps owners reduce their buildings’ carbon footprints and energy bills.”


Schlage’s new BrightBlue Web-based access-control system lets users with one- to 32-door applications monitor and manage access to their building from any computer running a standard Web browser. Three login levels provide different sets of access rights to the system.
Schlage BrightBlue access-control system by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies (317-810-3700 or www.securitytechnologies.ingersollrand.com).

“This easy-to-use, lower-priced access-control system is perfect for small commercial buildings and K-12 schools. Training takes hours, not days.”


Shield™ by Panaz uses positively charged, silane-based molecules to modify fabric for infection control. When a microbe comes into contact with the treated fabric, Shield technology destroys the cell. Shield fabrics also offer excellent stain resistance, conform to the NFPA 701 flame-retardant standard, and come in 27 colors and patterns.
Shield by Panaz by InPro Corp./Panaz (800-222-5556 or www.inprocorp.com).

“Products made of Shield fabrics will require less switchouts and laundering.”


JL Industries has introduced a decorative, freestanding AED cabinet – ideal for upscale applications – that can house any currently available automated external defibrillator (AED). The unit arrives preassembled, with optional features like custom paint finishes, audible/visual alarms, and alarm-connectivity switches.
Decorative freestanding AED cabinet by JL Industries Inc. (800-554-6077 or www.jlindustries.com).

“Make sure your building is prepared for a medical emergency with this freestanding AED cabinet, which doesn’t require modification of existing walls.”


The beauty and transparency of handcrafted, textured glass is conveyed in Screen, a modular partition. Designed to stand vertically in spaces with 8- to 9-foot ceilings, Screen’s installed height can be adjusted using threaded rods. The unit secures in place by adjusting the fixing plates tightly against the floor and ceiling like a mechanical brace.
Screen modular partition by Joel Berman Glass Studios Ltd. (800-505-4527 or www.jbermanglass.com).

“Combining panels of glass that feature organic and symmetrical art glass textures, Screen becomes a functional glass sculpture for any interior.”


The groundbreaking Kimberly-Clark Professional JRT Electronic Coreless bath tissue dispenser combines the unique benefits of advanced touchless electronics with high-capacity coreless tissue. Easy, one-handed dispensing complies with ADA requirements as well.
Kimberly-Clark Professional JRT Electronic Coreless bath tissue dispenser by Kimberly-Clark Professional (888-346-4652 or www.kcprofessional.com).

“Cross the final touchless washroom frontier! The Professional JRT Electronic Coreless bath tissue dispenser represents a major leap forward in restroom hygiene.”


Litetronics’ Spiral-Lite™ 3-Way CFL has been specially engineered to provide quality light and energy savings in standard 3-way fixtures. Using only 12/22/33 watts, the compact-fluorescent lamp has light output equivalent to a 50/100/150-watt incandescent lamp, yet still reduces energy consumption by up to 75 percent.
Spiral-Lite 3-Way CFL by Litetronics Intl. Inc. (800-860-3392 or www.litetronics.com).

“The Spiral-Lite 3-Way CFL is only 5.3-inches long – a full inch shorter than its top competitor – making it easier to place (and conceal) in fixtures.”


TotalControl™ is an enterprise-wide building-automation software suite that allows facilities professionals to configure and manage multiple building-automation systems via a Web browser. Easy-to-use report templates, scheduling, alarm management, and drag-and-drop graphics – bundled with the latest Microsoft® framework – give users a complete set of tools for configuration, programming, and control.
TotalControl by KMC Controls Inc. (574-831-5250 or www.kmccontrols.com).

“With TotalControl, you can monitor and manage more buildings more effectively, from any location, with fewer staff members.”


The Wi-LEM (Wireless Local Energy Meter) family of components allows energy consumption to be monitored and reduced via wireless communications using the Zigbee 802.15.4 standard. Wi-LEM consists of an Energy Meter Node to measure consumption and transmit data, a Mesh Node that links the various components, and a Mesh Gate, which provides data through a serial interface to a PC.
Wi-LEM by LEM USA Inc. (800-236-5366 or www.lem.com).

“Wi-LEM’s submetering components not only measure consumption, but they also identify performance problems in processes and systems.”


With the RT5 relight solution from Lithonia, an existing building can experience improved lighting quality, a rejuvenated appearance, and reduced energy consumption (by up to 60 percent) without a major retrofit. RT5 relight fixtures also eliminate harsh shadows created by parabolics, offering uniform, comfortable lighting for building occupants.
RT5 relight fixture by Lithonia Lighting/an Acuity Brands Co. (770-922-9000 or www.lithonia.com).

“With this relighting solution, existing buildings can now achieve the same quality, performance, and energy savings associated with RT5 volumetric lighting – without replacing the entire lighting system.”


Livinglass™ “captures” an array of natural materials between sheets of real luminous glass to create decorative transparent and translucent laminated glass panels. Due to the composite action of its resilient polymer interlayer between two sheets of glass, the product is also an impact-resistant safety glass. Users can create their own palette by combining two or three interlayer materials, a background color, and textured or patterned glass.
Livinglass by Livinglass (800-846-0245 or www.livinglass.com).

“Performance at its greenest! Livinglass is easily installed, stable and resistant to UV damage, and ecologically responsible.”


McQuay® evaporative condenser roofing HVAC systems, sized from 75 to 150 tons, can save as much as 40 percent on condensing energy. The units use the cooling effects of evaporation to lower temperatures and reduce compressor work, resulting in lower electrical demand and consumption. These systems can also be equipped with a chemical-free water-treatment system that eliminates the use of harsh chemicals.
Evaporative condenser roofing systems by McQuay Intl. (800-432-1342 or www.mcquay.com).

“The system’s energy efficiency and its chemical-free water treatment can both contribute to LEED points for green certification.”


The new FlowGuard® MultiPort CPVC manifold system offers a versatile solution for use with both CPVC and PEX potable-water-piping materials. Available in 1-, 1.25-, 1.5-, and 2-inch sizes, with the ability to be installed vertically or horizontally, the manifold provides an ideal transition from CPVC risers and mains to smaller-diameter CPVC or PEX pipes, minimizing joints behind walls.
FlowGuard MultiPort CPVC manifold system by The Lubrizol Corp. (888-234-2436  or www.flowguardmultiport.com).

“Eliminate the potential for mechanical leak points behind walls. This manifold system is versatile and easily allows for future expansion.”


The Quantum™ whole-building lighting and energy-management solution delivers dramatic and reportable energy savings by managing an installed Lutron EcoSystem™ fluorescent lighting-control system and Sivoia QED™ shading system from a single, dedicated PC. The heart of Quantum is its Q-Admin™ software, which centrally manages every lighting fixture in a building or campus.
Quantum by Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. (888-588-7661 or www.lutron.com).

“This system configures, monitors, analyzes, and reports on the lighting and energy data it collects.”


The 3-R-4 rooftop pipe support system provides the ideal solution for supporting gas piping on roofs, resolving the problems created by outdated wood blocks. The system meets new IBC code requirements for gas piping while protecting the roof membrane. This durable new roller-bearing rooftop support allows for expansion and contraction due to weather extremes.
3-R-4 rooftop pipe support system by MIRO Industries Inc. (800-768-6978 or www.miroind.com).

“To back its claims of solving the age-old problem of wood blocks tearing up roof membranes when supporting gas pipes, MIRO also provides a 20-year warranty on its 3-R-4 system.”


Medeco’s Logic electromechanical line of digital keys and cylinders offers the functionality of an access-control system without door modification. No electricity, hardwiring, or phone or Internet connection are necessary; keys and cylinders can be instantly deactivated or reprogrammed with different access permissions or schedules for flexibility, convenience, and security.
Logic by Medeco (800-839-3157 or www.medeco.com).

“Most doors can be upgraded in less than 5 minutes … for true functionality in scheduling, audit trails, and the ability to add/delete keys.”


Gold Bond® BRAND SoundBreak™ Gypsum Board removes the problem of noisy neighbors in condominiums, townhomes, and apartments. This cost-effective, acoustically enhanced panel also reduces the transmission of airborne sound between other multi-unit spaces, such as schools and hospitals, yet installs and finishes like traditional gypsum board.
Gold Bond BRAND SoundBreak Gypsum Board by National Gypsum Co. (704-365-7300 or www.nationalgypsum.com).

“Ease tenant relations with this sound-dampening tool. SoundBreak can achieve STC ratings of 55 or above in most wall assemblies.”


Reflecting the gracious spirit and warmth of California’s Mediterranean design for a relaxed, casual atmosphere, Oceanside Glasstile’s Casa California® Collection of decorative glass tile is both beautiful and sustainable (silica sand and 86-percent recycled material make up each tile’s composition).
Casa California Collection by Oceanside Glasstile (760-929-4000 or www.glasstile.com).

“The Casa California Collection of handcrafted glass tiles combines translucent and iridescent colors, as well as accents characterized by ocean motifs, for a perfect, relaxed setting. Beautiful!”


The Monet’s Garden line of resilient flooring from Parterre provides a canvas of soft, reflective colors – and the performance associated with solid vinyl flooring. Monet’s Garden is available in 12- by 24-inch tiles and soft, muted tones, like Silver Mist, Willow, Reflection, Wallflower, and Sunset.
Monet’s Garden resilient flooring by Parterre Flooring Systems (888-338-1029 or www.parterreflooring.com).

“Sophisticated simplicity and durability: Who could ask for more from a flooring product?”

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