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Tools of the Trade

Feb. 1, 2008

Find solutions, services, and products to maximize your buildings' performance. This month's section starts with a focus on fire safety.

Fire Safety
The Lumivent™ provides natural daylight, energy efficiency, and the protection of automatic fire venting. The new design of the Lumivent provides a sleeker look to roofs, and its unique, multi-wall cover construction offers an increase of over 40 percent in insulation performance. Designed to open automatically in the event of fire, the Lumivent allows smoke, heat, and gas to escape from a burning building. Lumivent by The Bilco Co.
Viking’s VK503 sprinkler uses a fast-response fusible element and provides protection for most common storage materials without the use of in-rack sprinklers. The VK503 is UL Listed and FM approved for buildings of up to 40-feet high and storage heights of up to 35 feet with no in-rack sprinklers. The sprinkler is dimensionally shorter than similar products, which can help alleviate concerns about exceeding the maximum installed distance of the sprinkler to the ceiling. VK503 sprinklers by Viking.
Bulkhead systems by Unique Fire Stop Products patch holes made by telecomm installers in fire walls. Ordered and sized based on cable count and hole size, the bulkhead systems properly seal difficult holes that started out small and grew to be beasts. Bulkhead plates are used in conjunction with Unique Fire Stop Products’ Split Sleeve Systems, allowing retrofit without cable removal. Bulkhead systems by Unique Fire Stop Products Inc.  
The IntelliKnight Series of newly designed, addressable fire-alarm control panels offers enhanced features and benefits. The panels now support synchronization of System Sensory A/V appliances and a USB programming port. The panels boast an improved power supply capacity and a new, deaf-front option that allows for reset, silence, and acknowledge functions without requiring a user code or operator’s key. IntelliKnight Series by Silent Knight/A Honeywell Intl. Co.
FireFighter® GL Ready-to-Use is a glycerin-based antifreeze that is designed specifically for wet, standalone fire sprinkler systems. Used in place of water and other water-like fluids in sprinkler systems, FireFighter GL won’t damage the system by freezing and is not toxic to humans or animals. The product is chemically compatible with BlazeMaster® CPVC fire sprinkler pipe. FireFighter GL Ready-to-Use by Noble Co./Dist. by Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc.
DuPont™ FE clean agent fire extinguishants provide effective protection for what matters most: people, assets, and the environment. Unlike water or other dry chemical suppression methods, clean agent extinguishants are non-conductive and non-corrosive, making them safe to use around valuable or irreplaceable assets and sensitive electronic systems. The product doesn’t leave behind damaging residue and is safe to use where people are present. DuPont FE clean agent fire extinguishants by DuPont Fire Extinguishants.  
Preverco’s PreLoc™ Series of self-locking engineered flooring allows for rapid installation with self-locking joint technology. Offering sturdy construction and responsible use of hardwood, PreLoc is ideal for installation on many surfaces, such as concrete (with or without radiant heating systems), OSB, plywood, and a variety of acoustical membranes. With no nails, staples, or glue required, the flooring can be easily taken apart and reinstalled. PreLoc Series by Preverco.
The MOBILELOCK™ GPS Locator and Anti-Theft Alarm from DeWALT features state-of-the-art locating capabilities. The GPS allows you to locate the MOBILELOCK unit in real time using the Internet. A standalone product, MOBILELOCK is portable, wireless, and easily mounted to equipment using integrated, heavy-duty magnets or by fastening the unit into place using screws. Alarm notification alerts the user when the protected piece of equipment has been disturbed or if someone tries to remove the unit. MOBILELOCK by DeWALT.
Communication Equipment
The Captivate Office Tower Network™, a digital at-work news and entertainment network, includes Captivate Network’s standard elevator model with a newly enhanced version ideal for new building construction or elevator cab upgrades. A multimedia platform that includes the classic Captivate screen with added features, such as the display of floor numbers, elevator direction, and building and tenant name branding, the Office Tower Network contains all the information viewers need. Office Tower Network by Captivate Network.  
Plumbing & Washrooms
Moen Inc.’s commercial metering faucets offer a variety of styles and options, including single mount, 4-inch centerset, and 8-inch widespread. Metering faucets prevent faucet run-on and provide safety, ease of operation, and unparalleled water and energy savings, giving building owners an affordable, eco-friendly lavatory option. Metering faucets by Moen Inc.
Encycle™, The Mohawk Group’s post-consumer recycled content modular backing system, is PVC free and continues to set new standards for sustainable carpet. The only carpet tile designed with three thermoplastic layers and zero water-based components, Encycle reduces dependency on non-renewable petrochemicals and can be thermally reactivated or melted into new Encycle backing without ever separating the face fibers from the backing layers. Encycle by The Mohawk Group.
 Quadrant™ Door Pulls from Forms+Surfaces® pair the bold look and superb craftsmanship of custom pulls with the versatility and cost effectiveness of a standardized system. Presenting a crisp, rectangular profile, the pulls come in a range of configurable options, making it easy to tailor Quadrant Door Pulls for any application. The collection is ideal for settings where multiple materials are desired or already present. Quadrant Door Pulls by Forms+Surfaces.  
Storage Equipment
Brady Corp.’s Ready Access Storage Stations ensure that lockout devices remain easily accessible and ready for use whenever needed. Proper lockout/tagout procedures and devices are essential in meeting OSHA guidelines, protecting employee safety, and maintaining productivity. Available in two styles, the stations offer flexible, organized storage that protects contents from harsh environments. Ready Access Storage Stations by Brady Corp.
Emergency Signage
Mule Lighting’s Ever-Brite II low-cost exit signs require no electricity, are easy to install, and provide an excellent solution for recent low-level code requirements. Based on advances in photoluminescent pigments and compounds, Ever-Brite II signs are nontoxic and non-radioactive. With no internal components to burn out, these signs are 100-percent reliable. Ever-Brite II Series by Mule Lighting Inc.
Storage Equipment
Ulrich Planfiling’s PF510 Cadfile is designed to hold 30-inch by 42-inch documents, a document size common among facility managers, architects, utilities, and government tax offices. The Cadfile will fit almost anywhere, extending less than 11 inches from the wall, and will fit into small offices and cubicles. The optional wheel makes even the fully loaded Cadfile easy to move. PF510 Cadfile by Ulrich Planfiling Equipment Corp.  
The McQuay air-cooled scroll compressor chiller provides efficient, quiet, and affordable cooling while also meeting the latest environmental standards. Ideal for schools, government offices, and other budget-conscious projects, the efficient chiller meets or exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for energy efficiency. To ensure quiet operation, an optional acoustical package provides sound pressure ratings as low as 53 decibels per ARI Standard 370. Air-cooled scroll compressor chiller by McQuay Intl.
Sealants & Coatings
A new glazing system from Fry Reglet dramatically reduces field labor and improves installation quality. This unique, pre-engineered glazing system installs 20- to 25-percent faster than traditional methods, guaranteeing straight, even interior glass installations and sightlines at window sills and ceilings. The 0.75-inch glazing groove will accept a variety of glass thicknesses, allowing the glazing system to function in full glazed, chair rail, and clerestory glazing applications. Fry Reglet glazing system by Fry Reglet Architectural Metals.
Primavera 6.0 is a project-management solution that gives building owners and AEC companies the ability to manage all of their projects on the Web. New features and functionality include collaborative scheduling, interactive charts, improved graphics, integrated job costing, powerful dashboards, and extended reporting and analytics. This software simplifies project management by enabling quick and easy progress updates. Primavera 6.0 by Primavera Systems Inc.  
Columbia Lighting’s EnergyMax™ Intersect™ luminaire is designed to provide energy savings in a crisp, new look. EnergyMax Intersect is a true louvered system that has the same footcandles on the worksurface as parabolics, but it redirects more light on the walls to greatly reduce the cave effect produced by parabolics. Available with a step-dimming ballast for energy conservation, the product offers a 35-percent reduction in energy consumption. EnergyMax Intersect by Columbia Lighting.
The DC-to-DC Dimmer for LED products from LEDtronics® makes it possible to dim all 5-volt DC to 40-volt DC LED products (such as LED strip lights, LED bulbs, and LED floodlights). Since LEDs draw much less current than traditional incandescent bulbs, high-end electronic dimmers were normally required to control light levels. The DC-to-DC Dimmer will enhance your architectural low-power, high-benefit lighting designs and, by lowering the current, you extend the life of the LEDs. DC-to-DC Dimmer by LEDtronics Inc.
The GreenGrid® Green Roof System comes in three different sizes. The Ultra-Extensive module holds 2.5 inches of media and drought-tolerant vegetation, is extremely lightweight, and is appropriate for buildings with limited structural capacity. The Extensive module holds a 4-inch layer of growth and weighs only 15 to 18 pounds per square foot when wet. Finally, the 8-inch Intensive module is perfect for elaborate garden roofs. GreenGrid Green Roof System by Weston Solutions.  
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ transparent white OLED tile opens up possible applications, such as partitions that are almost invisible by day and that provide a pleasant, diffused light at night. The OLED is transparent whether it is powered on or off, and its transparency is currently rated at 55 percent. The strengths of the beams in the two hemispheres of the OLED tile can be adjusted within a wide range, allowing light to shine only in the required direction. OLEDs by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.
Maintenance Equipmant
Water Cannon’s new heat-dissipating Cool Loop offers heavy-duty operation for pressure washers, reducing heat more efficiently during the bypass cycle when in recirculation mode. An available and affordable option for most pressure washers, Cool Loop is competitively priced and features an automatic pressure release that allows the engine to pump and operate without load, which saves fuel, noise, and wear on the machine. Cool Loop by Water Cannon.
Geneva provides postformed laminate countertops with the look and feel of granite, natural stone, or solid surface – at a fraction of the cost. GREENGUARD™ Certified, Geneva has a subtle, modern drop ogee that emanates understated class. Available with or without a backsplash, Gevena is offered in almost any laminate color from major manufacturers and is beautiful and easy to clean. Geneva by VT Industries Inc.  
The Comfort-King™ from Crown Mats and Matting is made with patented ZEDLAN™, a unique, long-lasting foam that keeps the mat soft and resilient so it can rebound after being compressed. Helping to relax muscles and improve blood flow to legs, Comfort-King mats gently push back against the foot, resulting in a less fatigued, more alert, and more productive worker. Comfort-King by Crown Mats and Matting.
Nu Shake from ArmorLite Roofing Technology is made from natural material and is artistically enhanced to create a beautiful, authentic-looking shake. Eight times lighter than all other roofing material, Nu Shake is manufactured in 2-foot by 4-foot panels, enabling roofers to install it quicker and easier – and with 70-percent fewer nails. Nu Shake is 100-percent recyclable and is offered in multiple colors. Nu Shake by ArmorLite Roofing Technology.
Pest Control
The lifelike, full-size, 3-D Coyote from Bird-X creates a realistic threat against pesky geese. Safe and humane, the 3-D Coyote doesn’t use dangerous chemicals and is economical, not requiring costly rental or maintenance programs. Ideal for golf courses, city parks, and corporate, school, or hospital campuses, the 3-D Coyote sets up instantly and folds for storage at season’s end. 3-D Coyote by Bird-X.  
Sealants & Coatings
UZIN PE 480 is a two-component, roller-applied, epoxy moisture barrier for the installation of all floorcoverings, including hardwood flooring. A water- and solvent-free compound, UZIN PE 480 completely eliminates moisture and vapor transmissions from concrete slab substrates and acts as a restriction-free, damp-proofing barrier against extremely high moisture levels on moisture-resistant surfaces. UZIN PE 480 by UFLOOR Systems Inc.
Plumbing & Washrooms
The WasteStop™ Valve can help a building earn 2 Water Efficiency LEED points because of the water savings it produces. A static-rate flow control valve that’s used to reduce water waste in faucets and showers, the WasteStop Valve can reduce flow rates without any decrease in water pressure. WasteStop maintains a constant flow of 1.25 gallons per minute. WasteStop Valve by ConservCo Water Conservation Products LLC.
Extreme CCTV’s Moondance® Integrated-Infrared Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera is the world’s only integrated-infrared solution that delivers high-performance imaging in all lighting and weather conditions. Precision-engineered optics produce irrefutable night-vision images in total darkness. This camera is ideal for various applications, including defense, transit, and critical infrastructure. Moondance Integrated-Infrared PTZ Camera by Extreme CCTV Inc.  
The HE-RV Series of flexible water tube boilers offers a guaranteed efficiency of 85 percent because of the uniquely designed, integrated surface heat extractor. These boilers feature 7 square feet of heating surface per boiler horsepower and operate under normal temperatures so that you don’t need to provide for the expense of complications related to special venting and/or condensing material. HE-RV Series by Bryan Steam LLC.
Maintenance Equipment
The DuraLux™ Model SC9180 vacuum cleaner from Sanitaire is durable, easy to use, and easy to maintain. This two-motor system features convenient attachments and makes carpet, bare floor, and above-the-floor cleaning effortless. With 11.5 amps of power and a sealed HEPA filtration system, the DuraLux is ideal for numerous applications, including healthcare, education, hospitality, food service, government, and building services. DuraLux by Sanitaire/Div. Electrolux.
Morlite’s ArMorlite AR3 and AR6 Series of architectural, vandal-resistant surface luminaires are ideal for use in high-abuse interior or exterior environments in commercial, institutional, and industrial locations. With a smooth, timeless, geometric design, the units are UV stabilized and impact resistant. Damp and wet-location models are also available. ArMorlite AR3/AR6 Series by Morlite.  
MIGRATIONS™ is Armstrong’s first collection of BioBased Tile™. Incorporating rapidly renewable resources and reducing dependency on petroleum and fossil fuels, MIGRATIONS boasts low VOC emissions and contains 10-percent pre-consumer recycled content. MIGRATIONS is perfect for education, healthcare, mass retail, and any other commercial space that requires a long-lasting, good-looking, economical, and easy-to-maintain flooring solution. MIGRATIONS by Armstrong Commercial Flooring.
Maintenance Equipment
Hygiena’s Pro-Clean™ test determines surface cleanliness in facilities. Simply swab a surface, place the sample in the swab tube, and release the reagent. If protein residue is present, the reagent turns purple, measuring surface cleanliness within 10 minutes. This all-in-one device quickly helps those in charge of sanitation determine if a surface is truly clean. Pro-Clean by Hygiena.
Cleaning Equipment
Spectronics Corp.’s EA-160 UV inspection lamp is a lightweight, portable unit that is ideal for detecting stains, spills, germs, and other contaminants on surfaces like carpet, upholstery, bedding, countertops, exam tables, and food-preparation areas. The EA-160 features a 6-watt, integrally filtered long-wave UV tube. Its high UV intensity ensures that most contamination will be easily revealed by the bright fluorescent glow. EA-160 by Spectronics Corp.  
Power Control
Russelectric’s custom-designed power control systems feature a variety of sophisticated control functions such as peak shaving, load curtailment, and utility paralleling for both open transition transfer and live-source closed transition transfer. Systems include PLC controls for automatic prime mover starting and stopping, and priority load control. All systems are UL Listed. Power Control Systems by Russelectric Inc.
StressPly® IV Plus membranes are tear-resistant, torch-applied membranes made of polyester and fiber glass scrim for enhanced strength. Available in smooth, mineral, and a special cool-white UV mineral surface, the membranes deliver greater tensile and tear strength than any other torch-applied membrane in their class. StressPly IV Plus membranes also offer low-temperature flexibility and elongation for extended roof life. StressPly IV Plus membranes by The Garland Co. Inc.  

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