Interior Products: Buying Gone Bad

May 1, 2007
Sidestep the pitfalls of poor product selection by avoiding these common mistakes

By Linda K. Monroe, Jana J. Madsen, Leah B. Garris, and Anne K. Goedken

One month ago, Simon (the facilities manager you see here) was confused, uninformed, and anxious about the task that had just been placed before him: to select the right interior products for his building. How could he make sure he was picking the products best suited for the needs of his occupants (and his interior environment)?

Since he knew he didn't know it all, Simon - the astute facilities professional that he is - did some research before he made any major purchasing mishaps. He talked to colleagues, interior designers, and product experts to fi nd out what works in facilities like his - and what doesn't. Instead of being stuck with cumbersome systems furniture and low-priced resilient flooring, his legwork paid off in the form of a functional, attractive interior space.

Be aware of these common product-selection mistakes and you, like Simon, can sidestep specifying pitfalls. Read on to discover how choosing the right carpet color can save on maintenance and why the adjustments on a task chair can mean the difference between comfort and confusion.

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