Innovation abounds in this year’s Top 100 list.

Dec. 1, 2006
Buildings’ 2006 Editors’ Choice Top 100 list

—Once again, our annual exclusive - the Buildings 2006 Editors' Choice - offers you 100 solutions that are sure to improve your building's performance and address your critical issues. In early October, thousands of products were reviewed by the Buildings editorial staff; this elite group of 100 products and services was selected based upon a number of factors: aesthetics (when applicable), ease of use, durability/life-cycle, efficiency or applicability, universal appeal, sustainable/green elements (when applicable), and more. Below, you'll learn more about each selection through a product description and comments from the editorial staff.


The S-DS and S-IS Spring Assist Arm Systems are designed to control doors in high-traffic applications such as educational facilities, sports arenas, retail stores, hotels, and theaters. Walls, door closers, and other door hardware are safe from damage with Spring Assist Arm Systems. By minimizing the collateral effects of high-volume or abusive pedestrian traffic through doors, the system can reduce operation and maintenance costs. Available in three mount types: regular, top jamb, and parallel arm. S-DS and S-IS Spring Assist Arm Systems by DORMA Architectural Hardware.

Maintenance Supplies

PIG® High Reach Leak Diverter captures overhead leaks and drips without inhibiting pedestrian traffic. No need to climb a ladder to put system into service — High Reach is adjustable to fit different ceiling heights. At the same time, the diverter system does not eat up a lot of floorspace; when not in use, it fits easily inside the bucket for storage. PIG High Reach Leak Diverter by New Pig Corp

“This contained system won’t detract from a facility’s upscale appearance, yet it is visible enough to eliminate safety or tripping concerns until leaks can be permanently eliminated.”


The fully adhered and mechanically attached VersiWeld® TPO membrane from Versico offers exceptionally strong, heat-welded seams. VersiWeld TPO membranes consist of three layers: 1) a TPO polymer base, 2) a polyester-reinforced fabric center (scrim), and 3) a tough, thermoplastic polyolefin-compounded top ply. To defend against dirt pick-up and biological growth, Versico uses a thick, smooth top ply over scrim. The roof systems have a UL-790 Class-A fire rating and are available with a variety of warranties. VersiWeld TPO membranes carry the ENERGY STAR® rating based on their solar reflectance and heat emittance. VersiWeld TPO membranes by Versico Inc.


Prescolite’s Architektūr D6LED and D4LED downlights are the first commercial LED downlights capable of providing usable illumination levels. These 6-inch and 4-inch downlights use cutting-edge Luxeon K2 LEDs from Lumileds and Xitanium® electronic LED drivers from Advance. Each fixture has a light engine; the D6LED light engine features 10 white, 3-watt LEDs, each in its own parabolic reflector module for 45-degree brightness shielding. A die-cast aluminum heat sink mounted to the LED array dissipates heat. Architektūr D6LED and D4LED downlights by Prescolite Inc.


Stop making ugly repairs by using extra screw holes, welds, and rivets to strengthen failing hinges. The SL57 full-surface continuous geared hinge is extremely durable — it was still performing after 25 million open/close cycles in independent testing. Save money by reusing the existing door and frame. Installation takes 30 minutes in retrofit applications on high-traffic doors. Once installed, you’ll never have to buy another hinge. With proper installation, SELECT’s Continuous Warranty covers any failure of the hinge with no expiration date. SL57 full-surface continuous geared hinge by SELECT Products Ltd.


Following 7 years of extensive research, Keilhauer has developed Sguig, a task chair that recognizes and accommodates gender-based differences in sitting. Sguig delivers a unique seating experience; its proprietary mechanism allows users to bounce (like they would on an exercise ball) and pivot a full 181 degrees. Additionally, its back shape supports the natural curve of the spine, including the thoracic region. It addresses static seating, which causes fatigue; compensates for individual sitting balance and center of mass (which relates to physical differences between genders); and allows full range of motion for the shoulders and upper body. Sguig by Keilhauer.


The automation and simplicity of the Eclipse Powered System™ from Spacesaver Corp. makes powered high-density mobile storage (HDMS) easier and more affordable. With menu-based configurability, buyers can choose features and options on an “à la carte” basis to build the system they need. Reliability is increased with fewer moving parts, non-contact limit switches, no-touch circuit boards, and improved engineering. Eclipse is simple to use, with three touchpad buttons: “stop,” “move left,” and “move right.” The exclusive, redesigned Zero Force Sensor® system enhances safety by using a series of photoelectric beams to detect when a person or object is in an open aisle. Eclipse Powered System by Spacesaver Corp.

Structural Systems

Velocity, a new attachment method for mesh security and safety applications from Cambridge Architectural, is engineered to withstand wind gusts of up to 176 mph. Attachment brackets have been modified to minimize structural stress on both the brackets and building during high-wind conditions, as well as protect people and property from materials that may strike a building during such times. When used in conjunction with Cambridge’s flexible, open-metal mesh systems, the result is an aesthetic that can respond to an owner and designer’s image for the building. The new attachment hardware incorporates a tension-release mechanism. When confronted with high-wind conditions, tension on the installation is automatically released; when winds calm, the mesh is automatically re-tensioned. Velocity by Cambridge Architectural.

“When used in conjunction with the company’s exterior mesh, this new attachment system will assure building owners in hurricane-prone areas that their structures — and occupants — are better protected.


The Sierra™ Series of height-adjustable work centers from WorkRite Ergonomics adjusts from 22 to 48 inches to satisfy the needs of today’s office worker, from short (5 feet) to tall (6 feet and taller). Sierra eliminates the need and expense of temporary solutions (such as altering fixed-height tables, providing special seating, and using footrests) by allowing users to make minor adjustments in height. A recent WorkRite Ergonomics survey of 500 office workers found that 57 percent of respondents would prefer to spend at least part of their time standing, if given the opportunity; Sierra tables give users that choice. A quiet, computer-controlled motor moves the work center at 2 inches per second. Sierra Series by WorkRite Ergonomics.

Sound Masking

The Spectra i.Net™ Sound Masking System from Lencore Acoustics uses a unique integration of soundmasking, music, and paging with the power of network technology, Internet access, infrared remote controls, and digital signal processors. Spectra i.Net’s intuitive technology and infinite flexibility on an open-platform system suits any project site; more control options give users greater access and control over an area’s soundmasking with the simple click of the remote or mouse — even off-site. Spectra i.Net Sound Masking System by Lencore Acoustics Corp.

“This soundmasking system is a true multi-tasker — capable of separately and independently configuring zones for soundmasking, paging, and music.


Providing a seamless look and feel, Wicanders’ CorkLoc® is an integrated floating-floor systemthat uses tiles locked into place by high-density, tongue-and-groove center fiberboards. Each tile edge is comprised of durable, compressed-cork fiberboard and Cork Protect®, a natural, paraffin-based, all-around-edge sealing system that provides a vacuum lock against all moisture and debris. A single cubic centimeter of Cork Oak contains nearly 40 million honeycomb-shaped cells, each of which is composed of tightly locked-in air to provide a secure barrier against moisture and thermal transfer. Cork Oak flooring also has noise-reduction technology to dramatically reduce sound and vibration. CorkLoc by Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring.


The Q3000 fixed seating system from Sedia Systems is a modern, multi-functional, fixed-seating system ideal for 32- to 36-inch riser depths in higher-education environments. Featuring an extra-large 18.5- to 22-inch writing surface, the system’s compactness allows positions to be added in existing classrooms; as a result, universities and colleges can gain incremental revenue from additional tuition funding. Q3000 fixed seating system by Sedia Systems.

“The unique Q3000 epitomizes the perfect balance of form and function, and sets a new standard for higher-education lecture halls and classrooms.”

Building Controls

Adaptive Control for APOGEE, a building-automation solution from Siemens Building Technologies, overcomes the limitations of other approaches to deliver smart, adaptive control in a cost-effective way. Adaptive Control allows buildings to learn, remember, and improve performance in the same way humans do: with a neural network. This solution results in reduced maintenance costs (via reduced cycling) and improved occupant comfort through more precise temperature control. Adaptive Control for APOGEE by Siemens Building Technologies Inc.

“Leave the thinking to Adaptive Control for APOGEE. As the system continuously assesses performance, its neural network dynamically adjusts to new operating conditions.”


The Corelite Iridium IQ, a sleek, architectural, direct-indirect linear fluorescent luminaire from Cooper Lighting, offers optical and aesthetic flexibility. Innovative features include the exclusive Slide-N-Lock™ optical system with field-adjustable uplight/downlight settings and the glare-reducing Eclipse Louver with 60-percent less brightness than the standard perforated baffle at 65 degrees. Additionally, when combined with dual circuiting, lamp isolators can separate individual lamps in downlight orientation. Corelite Iridium IQ by Cooper Lighting.


3form’s Slide wall mount is designed to show off the wall panel, not the hardware. The face-mount sliding system combines fine-tune adjusting, minimalist looks, precision-machined components, and refined design in a face-mounted panel application. Available in single- and double-panel configurations with options to address different floor-/bottom-mounting conditions, the system can be customized to treat any opening or window. Slide by 3form.


YORK water-to-water heat pumps from Johnson Controls improve the energy utilization of HVAC systems by reclaiming heat that would otherwise be discarded. By applying a heat pump to extract heat from a low-temperature source and increasing its temperature to a useful level, water-heating costs are cut dramatically. The system’s high coefficient of performance (COP) ensures increased efficiency and lower energy costs. YORK heat pumps also have a double environmental benefit: They reduce CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel use while using HFC-134a refrigerant with zero-ozone-depletion potential. YORK water-to-water heat pumps by Johnson Controls Inc.

“Less equipment, coupled with higher efficiencies, means that YORK water-to-water heat pumps offer building professionals a simple payback of equipment costs at less than 1 year.”


Interior Insulating Windows by Maine Glass upgrade the performance of a building’s existing window beyond the standards of conventional windows. This permanent glass retrofit window system is a separate window installed inside of a building’s existing window, providing a secondary layer of insulation. Interior Insulating Windows are a cost-effective solution for hotels, hospitals, schools, and office buildings that are experiencing energy and noise problems. Noise infiltration is reduced by 50 percent or more, and air infiltration is eliminated by up to 90 percent. Interior Insulating Windows by Maine Glass.

“If rising energy costs make you nervous, start thinking about improving energy efficiency. Maine Glass’ Interior Insulating Windows can help.”

Fire Protection

An alternative to hard-pipe armovers, FlexHead® fire-sprinkler connections use flexible stainless-steel hose to connect sprinkler heads to the branch line 4-times faster than hard pipe. In retrofits, FlexHead installs 6- to 7-times faster than hard pipe, creating minimal impact. Sprinkler heads can be placed wherever they are needed and moved to accommodate changes just as easily. FlexHead shortens the time to building occupancy, lowers reconfiguration costs, and provides cost-effective code compliance. FlexHead commercial ceiling sprinkler by FlexHead Industries.

“FlexHead brings new meaning to flexibility. These sprinklers can go anywhere in both new construction and existing buildings.”

Building Controls

Trane’s new Wireless Zone Sensor provides local zone temperature and space temperature control without wires. The sensor is flexible, easy to install, and can be readily mounted anywhere in a building. Plus, it can be easily relocated to meet ever-changing space configurations. The Wireless Zone Sensor is cost effective, especially when compared with the installation time, wiring costs, and constraints of traditional wired sensors. Wireless Zone Sensor by Trane.

“Ideal for hard-to-wire buildings made of stone, brick, or concrete block, the Wireless Zone Sensor is particularly appropriate for buildings with aesthetic constraints, such as those that are historic and high profile. Here, ‘wireless’ equals ‘hassle-free.’ ”

Wall Systems

IllumaWall is taking lighting to a whole new level. This indoor/outdoor innovation provides dramatic illumination of polycarbonate walls. Translucent IllumaWall by Duo-Gard projects diffused daylighting plus dynamic programmable LED color at night. For interior or exterior wall applications, IllumaWall consists of high-performance, single- or double-glazed, multi-wall polycarbonate systems featuring aluminum structural framing. Custom design-build systems accommodate optional Nanogel® translucent Aerogel for enhanced energy efficiency; ideal for LEED-certifiable projects. Translucent IllumaWall by Duo-Gard Industries Inc.

Emergency Evacuation

The E-Lume-A-Path™ Marking System ensures safe evacuation for building occupants by providing an uninterrupted, illuminated path to the nearest exit with a continuous light source. E-Lume-A-Path is lighted by FLATLITE™ (a wide, thin, and extremely long lightbulb), which is located near the floor and around the doors of appropriate emergency-exit routes. This egress system is ideal for both new and retrofit installations in all types of buildings, including high-rise towers, schools, clubs and theaters, hotels, commercial offices, and multi-family buildings. E-Lume-A-Path Marking System by Egress Marking Systems.


Specializing in transforming the visual appeal of masonry structures, BrickImaging is a high-quality color company that eliminates exterior-replacement costs and turns existing masonry into a 21st-century standard. Its revolutionary Stayntech™ Process allows for a complete change to the exterior of the building without destroying the natural appearance of the masonry (unlike painting). Change a building’s exterior to match other buildings, improve company image, avoid pricey replacement costs, and develop marketability for re-sale with BrickImaging. Stayntech Process by BrickImaging Inc.

Access Control

Combining the best of both optical and mechanical technologies, Fastlane Plus — from Smarter Security Systems — is an optical/barrier-arm turnstile designed to ensure that only one person gains entrance for every biometric or card authorization. A large number of active infrared beams form matrix paths between the pedestals; microprocessors then gather data, monitoring the movement of people with pinpoint accuracy and instructing the fast-acting arms to respond accordingly. Intuitive chasing red and green LEDs guide users through the lane while a two-stage alarm system provides a first warning to unauthorized entrants (so they can modify their entrance), followed by a louder alarm that alerts guards to that individual’s forward progress. Fastlane Plus by Smarter Security Systems.

“User safety, ease of use, aesthetics, maintenance, installation features, and emergency-egress options ensure the best (and most secure) of all worlds with Fastlane Plus.”


Carlisle’s EPDM sheeting formats now feature Factory-Applied Tape (FAT). This innovation helps secure the installation and eliminates leaks on a roof. Among FAT’s many benefits is its peel and shear strengths — it delivers 30-percent greater peel strength and 32-percent greater shear strength, reducing the risk of seam failure. Applied in a factory-controlled setting, FAT seam technology provides uniform adhesive width and thickness, reducing the risk of human error during seam installation. The product is available in 3- to 6-inch widths; 26 variations of Carlisle’s conventional EPDM sheeting are offered with FAT technology. Factory-Applied Tape (FAT) by Carlisle SynTec Inc.


Tapping the creative genius of HOK Chicago, Lees Carpets brings chic clothing design to contract carpet with its new Menswear Collection, a rich fashion statement of contemporary colors and polished patterns. Lees’ advanced technologies combine with fine craftsmanship to offer high performance and style. Available in 15 stylish colorways, the Menswear Collection is enhanced with Duracolor®, Lees’ own patented stain-resistant dye technology integrated into the fiber. With Duracolor, 99 percent of common stains can be cleaned with just water and mild detergent. Menswear Collection by Lees Carpets.

“With designs that emulate fine clothing textiles, the Menswear Collection carpet line ensures that any space is ‘dressed for success.’ ”


Open Energy has designed a set of photovoltaic products that blend seamlessly into the structure of the building. SolarSave Roofing Tiles match the colors and edge profiles of standard cement roof tiles. The company’s membranes demonstrate unprecedented versatility and minimal maintenance. SolarSave Membranes can even be installed over most roofing surfaces with no demolition, structural reinforcement, or penetrations required. These building-integrated photovoltaic roofing products encapsulate high-efficiency polysilicon cells in advanced composite materials to create lightweight, waterproof, UL certified, and Class-A fire-rated roofing tiles and membranes. SolarSave Roofing Tiles & Membranes by Open Energy Corp.

“Open Energy’s SolarSave low-voltage roofing tiles deliver the highest power output per square foot in the industry. Now, that’s one powerful product.”


BASF Polyurethane Foam Enterprises promises that its WALLTITE® Insulating Air Barrier will improve the energy economics of your building (an effective air-barrier system substantially reduces both air leakage and the passage of moisture through the building envelope). WALLTITE can reduce air leakage by up to 80 percent and improve energy efficiency by up to 40 percent. The system eliminates uncontrolled air leakage by providing seamless, monolithic construction; complete system continuity; superior insulation R-value; and virtual air impermeability. WALLTITE Insulating Air Barrier by BASF Polyurethane Foam Enterprises LLC.

“Stop wasting energy because of air leakage. The WALLTITE Insulating Air Barrier can help you achieve a high-performance building envelope.”


Weather Shield® now offers an outswing, aluminum-clad commercial entry door with 4-inch ball bearing hinges per panel for added durability and stability. ADA compliant, the door has a 0.5-inch sloped sill, a 7.5-inch top rail, and a 10-inch or 12-inch bottom rail. The standard opening for a single door is 3 feet, 2 inches (6 feet, 10 inches for a double door), with heights of 7 feet, 2 inches or 8 feet. An optional center rail for panic hardware is available. Weather Shield’s entry door has abundant exterior and interior finish options, as well as a variety of glazing choices. Commercial entry door by Weather Shield Windows & Doors.


Utilizing patent-pending “elevators” (aluminum frames that raise the image tiles above the flat bottom of the ceiling grid), SkyCeilings offer a 3-D, architectural presence into interiors – like a real skylight. SkyCeilings are more than just pretty pictures on the ceiling: A combination of the 3-D effect with daylight-balanced lighting and exquisite photography of real skies produces a demonstrated relaxation response for those who view or occupy spaces below. Luminous SkyCeilings feature fluorescent or LED lighting; Ambient SkyCeilings are made from opaque image tiles that are lit by room or cove lighting. SkyCeilings by The Sky Factory LLC.

“SkyCeilings transform confined spaces into more spacious, inviting, and memorable environments. What an innovative way to increase worker productivity!”


Thunder™, from PolyVision Corp., brings group work, learning, and collaboration to a new level. It replaces one-dimensional tools (such as the flip chart and video conferencing) with an environment in which local and remote users can collaborate live. Simple to use, Thunder enables work groups to easily flip to and from different virtual charts with the touch of a button. The group easel allows input and sharing of any image; participants can jot notes and drawings on a “page” with a stylus or their finger. Multiple pages are projected onto the wall in high resolution for optimum visibility. Thunder also allows users to edit, save, print, and e-mail their notes. Thunder by PolyVision Corp., a Steelcase Co.

Security Monitoring

The NetBotz 500 monitors and controls critical IT assets in data centers and remote locations; this robust, modular, enterprise-class platform can flexibly scale to meet all monitoring needs from a room to a campus to a worldwide network. Through its key integrated sensors — which include temperature, humidity/dew point, airflow, and audio — the NetBotz 500 prevents equipment failure from a full range of environmental conditions (water leaks, high or low temperatures, smoke or dust, etc.). NetBotz 500 by American Power Conversion.

“Reduce downtime, respond and resolve data-center problems quickly, analyze trends, and lower total costs – with NetBotz 500.”

Washroom Dispensers

Tork® Intuition, the new generation of SCA Tissue’s touchless electronic roll-towel-dispensing system, uses a patented, state-of-the-art hand-sensor to ensure that users only touch the towel they will use. The unit’s distinctive, sleek design keeps towels completely enclosed until needed. A built-in finger slot and an easy-to-use manual-feed button allow for quick, safe paper loading. Tork Intuition by SCA Tissue.

“In addition to a great design, ease of servicing, and superior consumption control, Tork Intuition dramatically improves hygiene and virtually eliminates cross contamination.”

Window Film

V-KOOL 70 clear applied window film blocks unwanted heat and reduces ultraviolet radiation without significantly reducing visible light or changing the appearance of existing glass. Use of V-KOOL 70 improves operational efficiency by reducing temperatures and the use of HVAC systems, improving the indoor environment and reducing energy costs. V-KOOL is reducing the use of air-conditioning and energy in landmark buildings across the United States. Applied by professional installers, V-KOOL 70 costs between $9 and $12 per installed square foot, depending on the size and difficulty of the job. V-KOOL 70 clear applied window film by V-KOOL Inc.


TechZone™ raises the bar for high-performing ceiling products. This innovative ceiling system organizes lighting, HVAC diffusers, and sprinklers into compact, 6-inch technical zones, creating an uncluttered, monolithic ceiling. TechZone uses standard ceiling and grid components for a custom look. When it comes time to repair or inspect the services located in the ceiling, because of its unique zones, maintenance is easier and potential panel damage is lessened. All components are pre-qualified for fit and finish. TechZone Ceiling System by Armstrong Ceiling Systems.


The CM12, a new ceiling-mounted packaged air-conditioner from MovinCool, is lightweight and a real space saver — yet delivers 10,500 BTUs per hour of cooling. Built-in mounting brackets are designed for off-the-shelf mounting hardware. The CM12 connects easily to a common, off-the-shelf thermostat and an existing fire-alarm control panel. CM12 by MovinCool/DENSO Sales California Inc.

“Compact, but with real cooling power, the CM12 is quick and easy to install, and fits easily into tight spaces.”


The world’s first demountable and reusable wall base — Johnsonite’s rePLACE, which was introduced in 2003 — has been enhanced and expanded, offering a portfolio of profile designs and a new corner system that can boost and refresh the look of any commercial space. New profiles include Prominent, a contemporary look with four distinctive ribs; Tempo, a modern profile featuring two inward channels; and Gepetto, a traditional design that mirrors the richness and warmth of premium wood base. rePLACE wall base hangs on a track, allowing end-users to change rooms faster, repair high-abuse areas quickly, reduce downtime, and increase ROI. rePLACE by Johnsonite.

“True innovation comes in surprising places — such as rePLACE, which takes a common (but overlooked) interior finish and redefines it for flexibility.”


Offering better work and collaboration solutions for shrinking workspaces and technology management, Allsteel’s Merge™ table collection includes three models that make more efficient use of time and space in informal conference rooms, private offices, and workstations. The tops of Power Bay conference tables easily slide open and closed to provide hidden access to technology tools. By changing to and from stowed, docked, and free-standing positions, Adaptive mobile tables make any area ready for an impromptu meeting. The user-controlled Height-Adjustable model allows users to work from sitting to standing with a simple trigger latch. Merge by Allsteel.

Operable Partitions

The Acousti-Seal® line of operable partitions from Modernfold enables large indoor spaces to be divided quickly and easily into multiple smaller areas with superior acoustics, aesthetics, and durability. Single-panel systems allow each panel to be moved independently into position along tracks that can include switches, curves, and right-angle turns. Paired-panel systems are well-suited for straight-line openings that do not require multiple layouts. Continuously hinged panels are connected as one complete unit and are the best option for small openings. Acousti-Seal by Modernfold Inc.

“Simplicity, durability, aesthetics, and unsurpassed configurability: Acousti-Seal is an ideal fit for any environment with changing needs.”


Arconas’ Flyaway Cluster workstations, ideal for transportation terminals, offer power accessibility and comfortable seating for up to six people. A unique configuration within a confined footprint eliminates traditional space-consuming desks, but results in higher seat utilization, a central worksurface, and direct access to a reliable source of power to recharge laptops and other electronic devices. Flyaway Cluster by Arconas.

“Transportation hubs now have an answer to high-volume seating needs. Flyaway Cluster units are dynamic and functional, and give end-users a sense of personal space.”


Is it a wallcovering or an upholstery? It’s both! Xorel is a hard-use textile that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Most every environment — from modern to traditional — can find a pattern in the Emboss line that’s suitable. With Xorel Emboss, old-fashioned, traditional Damask motifs are reborn while sexy and fashionable reptile skins update the stodgy leather look. Xorel offers extremely low toxicity and off-gassing, making it a sustainable choice. It is woven from 100-percent polyethylene single-stranded yarns. Xorel Emboss by Carnegie Fabrics. 


To address the unique insurance needs of a green building, Fireman’s Fund has introduced insurance solutions that protect both financial and environmental investments — the new Certified Green Building Replacement and Green Upgrade coverages. For buildings that are green certified by the U.S. Green Building Council or the Green Building Initiative, Fireman’s Fund will provide not only coverage for extra risks (like vegetated roofs), but will also pay for certified upgrades and the actual certification application. In case of a total loss, the company covers any rebuild for green certification. For buildings that aren’t there yet, but are looking to go green, Fireman’s Fund can provide an upgrade package in the event of loss. Certified Green Building Replacement and Green Upgrade coverages by Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co.

“Now, a suite of insurance solutions for building owners with green-certified buildings (or green aspirations) supports their standards and protects their assets. Corporate stewardship takes a big step forward.”


Predictive Service’s ViewPoint® Web-based software captures field data entered by Predictive Service’s certified technicians and displays the results on any computer. The software’s patented calculations determine problem severity, assuring consistency and accuracy across thousands of components. Predictive Service provides detailed equipment baselines during the inspection, identifying problems and recording statistics on individual components. ViewPoint’s flexible organization hierarchy allows you to organize your facilities into divisions, regions, zones, etc. to match your own structure. If repairs are not completed within the specified timeframe, reminders are generated via e-mail. ViewPoint by Predictive Service.

Construction Materials

To reduce the mess caused by drywall sanding, USG offers the new SHEETROCK® Brand Lightweight All-Purpose Ready-Mix Joint Compound PLUS 3 with Dust Control. Its unique formula binds up fine residue during sanding, forming heavier particles that fall to the floor instead of clouding the air. The new compound weighs up to 35-percent less than conventional compounds, making handling, application, and sanding fast and easy. Additionally, the compound shrinks very little, so only two coats of compound need to be applied over metal. The compound provides the tough, tight bond of a taping product, yet sands with the ease of a topping compound. SHEETROCK is ideal for use in sensitive environments such as hospitals, laboratories, schools, libraries, and restaurants. SHEETROCK Brand Lightweight All-Purpose Ready-Mix Joint Compound PLUS 3 with Dust Control by USG Corp.

Solar Collectors

InSpire Wall, ATAS Intl.’s transpired solar collector, provides both solar heat and the durability and architectural style of metal. The system uses alternative energy to preheat fresh ventilation air, providing improved indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption for heating purposes. The innovative system uses precision-perforated panels that are mounted several inches from a building’s outer wall. Solar-preheated air at the surface is “transpired” (drawn through the perforations) into the wall cavity via ventilation fans, which also draw the warmer air up the wall and into the building’s interior through conventional ductwork. Additionally, air space between the walls acts as an insulator. InSpire Wall by ATAS Intl. Inc.

“This system is environmentally friendly, using clean, natural energy for both improved IAQ and less reliance on fossil fuels. It’s also cost effective, with a 3-year ROI predicted via tax credits and lowered heating costs.”

Fire Detection

Silent Knight’s PC-based IFP-NetUL Fire System Manager works with Silent Knight’s intelligent analog/addressable fire-control panelsto provide graphics-based fire system monitoring for small and mid-sized commercial sites. When installed in compliance with Underwriters Laboratories, the IFP-NetUL provides reset and silence functions for IFP models. Users can locate the device related to an alarm or event through a graphical-display interface, and the built-in zoom feature allows viewing of floorplans in different degrees of detail. The IFP-NetUL also has a built-in history manager that records operator, event, and response with a time and date stamp for record-keeping. IFP-NetUL by Silent Knight, a Honeywell Co.

Outdoor Furniture

JANUS et Cie’s Capistrano Lounge Chair delivers the look of wood and the practicality of polyethylene. The chair is part of the JANUSwood collection, an environmentally friendly and innovative new line of tables, seating, and benches made from 100-percent recycled purified post-consumer plastic milk containers. Well-suited for indoor and outdoor use, the Capistrano is extremely durable, integrally colored, and UV stabilized. It won’t warp, splinter, crack, or fade, and is available in several colors, including black, green, mahogany, sand, teak, and white. Capistrano Lounge Chair by JANUS et Cie.

“The Capistrano Lounge Chair is a real dream come true for facilities professionals in search of maintenance-free outdoor furniture.”


Proliance® software from Meridian Systems® allows building owners, real estate developers, and other infrastructure-intensive companies to effectively manage the thousands of details inherent in building and capital projects. Proliance provides complete operational control to project teams by uniquely leveraging Web Services and XML technologies. These technologies allow decision-makers to successfully optimize capital project life-cycles by integrating mission-critical project and program management (PPM) technology together with other key business performance technology (business process management, business intelligence, and facilities management). Proliance by Meridian Systems.

“Proliance provides one central project-collaboration system, creating a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities, and limits of authority across the project team.”

Carpet Fiber

Limited color choices are no longer a problem —facilities professionals can get both vibrant color and wear resistance with Antron Brilliance carpet fiber. The fiber’s rich colors and soil-hiding capabilities are the result of innovative fiber engineering. Antron Brilliance carpet fiber shows less wear in highly trafficked areas while maintaining excellent appearance, especially in tip-shear constructions. It is constructed with type 6,6 nylon polymer and DuraTech, a soil-resistance chemical treatment. Backed by a 10-year Fiber Loss from Abrasive Wear Limited Warranty and a Lifetime Antistatic Limited Warranty. Antron Brilliance carpet fiber by Antron Carpet Fiber.

Surge Protection

As part of the Acenti® collection, Leviton offers its Surge Protective Sixplex Receptacle. This company exclusive eliminates the need for power strips or adaptors by providing users with surge protection for up to six plugs. The product’s smart design reverses the top and bottom outlets, enabling low-voltage, transformer-style plugs to be inserted without blocking other outlets. The Sixplex installs easily in a 2-gang wallbox and is ideal for protecting office connections from potentially damaging electrical surges. Acenti Surge Protective Sixplex Receptacle by Leviton Mfg. Co.

“Say goodbye to unsightly surge protectors. The Acenti Surge Protective Sixplex Receptacle eliminates the cluttered look of power strips and multiple-outlet adapters.”


Developed by Firestone Building Products and Armstrong World Industries, CoverDeck is a new, engineered cover board for low-slope roofing systems. It’s made of 54-percent recycled content and offers outstanding strength-to-weight performance characteristics. It also provides superior handling, cutting, and adhesion capabilities. CoverDeck ensures superior moisture resistance due to its filament-reinforced, co-polymer-bound composite structure. Unlike gypsum-based substrates, CoverDeck does not display signs of chemical breakdown when heated by adhesives. Once its service life has ended, it can be reclaimed and recycled. CoverDeck by Firestone Building Products Co.


Whether it’s the look of oxidized metals, polished sheens, textured stone and wood, or even 3-D patterns, Fused Floor, a new vinyl flooring collection from Parterre Flooring Systems, offers a combination of styles and finishes for a truly unique flooring design. Environmentally sustainable, Fused Floor retains its original, like-new appearance and high-performance characteristics with minimal routine maintenance. Available in 25-plus colors and five styles, each product line within the collection varies from cool to warm tones, but always with the constant use of unique texture. Fused Floor by Parterre Flooring Systems.

“When texture and color unite, the look is revolutionary. Fused Floor has it all — aesthetically and functionally.”

Outdoor Seating

Superb construction, high-performance green materials, and understated refinement combine in Forms+Surfaces’ Knight Bench. This bench is offered in backed and backless versions; both are available in standard 6-foot and 8-foot lengths (and with or without armrests). Benches must be surface mounted. Solid aluminum made of 95-percent recycled content is used to fabricate the bench frames. Metal surfaces are clear-coated to resist oxidation. Wood slats are made from Ipé, a beautiful, durable, sustainably produced hardwood that carries the USDA Forest Products Laboratory’s highest rating for decay and insect resistance. Knight Bench by Forms+Surfaces.

Building Controls

Honeywell ComfortPoint is a best-in-class HVAC control system consisting of a family of controllers and an interface for monitoring and managing mechanical and electrical equipment. Cost effective to install and own, and built upon the BACnet protocol so it can connect with other standard protocols to integrate existing systems, ComfortPoint provides a single view of all system information, temperature, system status, alarms, etc. The system gives users command and control options based on their authorization level. Honeywell ComfortPoint by Honeywell Building Solutions.

“Accessed via a single interface — regardless of whether a user is on a desktop PC in the building or on the Web halfway around the world — Honeywell ComfortPoint can seamlessly accommodate a building’s changing needs over its life-cycle.”


For higher-kilowatt requirements, the Modular Power System (MPS) from Generac utilizes multiple diesel- or gaseous-fueled gensets in various side-by-side arrangements that match the power output of large single-engine units. This cost-effective solution combines proven high-volume engine designs with the company’s own switching and paralleling technology to provide a fully integrated system without the need for expensive, space-consuming switchgear equipment. The Generac Bi-Fuel™ version uses a combination of 10-percent diesel and 90-percent natural gas to take advantage of the best qualities of each fuel. Modular Power System, including Bi-Fuel configuration, by Generac Power Systems Inc.

“Without the high cost and space issues associated with traditional paralleling switchgear, building professionals now have an economically feasible, ‘grow-as-needed’ genset option with Generac’s MPS.”


LogiSon Remote Manager Software offers users wireless, central control of the LogiSon Acoustic Network, a digital soundmasking/paging system from KR Moeller Associates. Developed for use on a handheld computer for portability, Remote Manager gives a user complete control of localized masking and paging settings, allowing volume and frequency adjustments to be made independently, for very small zones, and with digital accuracy. With this software, any changes can be made easily and within minutes, greatly enhancing the soundmasking/paging system’s ability to continue to perform at peak levels following organizational or structural changes. LogiSon Remote Manager Software by KR Moeller Associates Ltd.

“At every stage of a project, users have convenient control over the LogiSon Acoustic Network, ensuring that even small zones receive the kind of attention and fine-tuning needed for optimal worker productivity.”

Video Surveillance

Symmetry Video from AMAG is a powerful video solution that seamlessly integrates with the Symmetry Professional Security Management System to provide a synergistic security-management solution. Symmetry Video’s open platform supports multiple technologies, which allows users to migrate from analog to digital technology at their own pace. Symmetry Video seamlessly integrates with intrusion, access control, and numerous other security and building functions. Symmetry Video by AMAG Technology.

“With Symmetry Video, you can acquire all of the benefits that digital technology offers without reinvesting in a new system.”

Survey Services

The Kingsley ACE (Assessing the Customer Experience) program is a comprehensive survey tool that specifically accommodates single buildings and smaller real estate portfolios. This independent, third-party provider coordinates the distribution of specific property-type surveys to tenants. After the survey process is completed, actionable reports detail performance in areas that most directly influence tenant satisfaction, based upon responses. Kingsley ACE Program by Kingsley Associates.

“Knowledge is power. The Kingsley ACE Program provides building professionals with actionable information on what building occupants need and desire.”

Emergency Lighting

Acriglo emergency lighting from Acrilex Inc. incorporates a practical, low-maintenance safety feature with an attractive design. An acrylic fixture that operates as a decorative item during normal lighting conditions, Acriglo serves as an illumination device during blackouts without requiring a source of back-up power. It charges using the luminosity of standard lighting during normal conditions. During a fire or other emer­gency involving loss of power, the fixtures are ideal for safe passage of building occupants, especially where no natural light is available. Acriglo emergency lighting by Acrilex Inc.


For installations that require 300,000 to 1 million BTUs per hour, AERCO offers its Modulex™ line of condensing boilers.Six sizes are available for unmatched turndown to maximize seasonal efficiency and reliability. The unique design approach of each boiler combines between two and seven independent, 151,500 BTU-per-hour, pre-assembled thermal modules housed in a common enclosure. Each module has its own dedicated controller; if one module requires maintenance or repair, the other modules in the boiler can maintain the load requirements. The boiler’s master controller drives or bypasses one or more thermal modules based in response to system load and operating feedback. Modulex condensing boilers by AERCO Intl. Inc.

“The Modulex line’s innovative design provides high efficiency while remaining whisper quiet and environmentally friendly.”


Metro’s Topo™ Mobile Lounge and Topo Mobile Lounge Jr. are lounge chairs scaled to fit for impromptu meetings and dynamic spaces. Both rotate on casters to facilitate easy collaboration in nearly any workstation setting. Modern forms create a playful (yet still elegant) alternative to conventional swivel chairs. Topo Mobile Lounge and Topo Mobile Lounge Jr. by Metro.

“Fun and functional, the Topo lounge seating collection easily ‘flexes’ to fit workspaces, individual workstyles, and preferences.”

Emergency Communications

The Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (W.E.B.S.®) by Talk-A-Phone combines the convenience of an emergency phone and the benefits of wide-area broadcast. Facilities professionals can broadcast to the tower locally or from an off-site location, and have the option to broadcast to towers individually, in groups, or all at once. The tower’s phone-line powered emergency/information phone automatically activates the attention-getting blue light/strobe atop the tower when an emergency call is placed and quickly connects the user to emergency/information assistance. This sleek tower unit integrates seamlessly with CCTV and can be customized. Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (W.E.B.S.) by Talk-A-Phone Co.

“W.E.B.S. is an emergency phone and so much more — it provides emergency/information assistance and the capability to broadcast remotely.”

IAQ Control

The Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioning (PTAC) UVC Kit from Steril-Aire provides energy savings, mold and IAQ control, and reduced maintenance in a retrofit option for unitized air-conditioning systems. Designed for fast and easy snap-in installation, the space-saving kit uses a UVC Emitter tube that fits all types of PTAC coils. Installed opposite the coil, the high-output UVC energy provides continuous, non-chemical coil cleaning. PTAC UVC Kit by Steril-Aire Inc.

“This effective and practical solution, which uses UVC technology to reduce surface and airborne contaminants, realizes the quest of every building occupant: improved IAQ.”


With real metal surfaces, the Silver Collection of high-pressure laminates is amazingly deceiving. Although the six patterns look as though they were hammered into the silver laminate to create texture, the surfaces are actually flat. Perfect for vertical applications, the Silver Collection is available in 48- by 120-inch sheets. These beautiful aluminum surfaces are phenolic-backed and protected by a lacquering and anodizing process. The Silver Collection by ABET LAMINATI.


Responding to the industry’s need for a solid flooring option that is resistant to scuffs and scratches, Azrock by Tarkett has introduced SolidAir, a new, homogeneous commercial tile that combines durability with exceptional style. SolidAir’s 16- by 16-inch tiles ensure quicker and easier installation, as well as a more visually appealing floor with fewer seams. Manufactured with higher vinyl content, SolidAir is offered in 20 color options. SolidAir by Azrock by Tarkett.

“A solid color tile without the standard maintenance and wear concerns of a solid color floor? SolidAir is the perfect aesthetic solution for high-traffic areas.”


With its Body Adaptive Control system, Relate is a chair that delivers remarkable comfort and a responsive seating experience. The Body Adaptive Control system is a combination of Relate’s optimally located pivoting back working with the chair’s synchro-tilt mechanism to better support the user’s body. The synchro tilt senses the user’s weight and tensions the control automatically, encouraging the body to open up. The pivoting back supports the spine in various positions. Relate by Allsteel.

Building Controls

Lennox’s L Connection® Network is a building-automation system that offers customization and information in an easy-to-use package. The Integrated Modular Controller (IMC) provides over 200 configuration parameters, allowing personnel to optimize the system for a specific project or application. The simple, intuitive Comfort Sensor interface allows for day-to-day communication with the system. Optional PC software provides access to a specific controller or the entire network locally or remotely. L Connection Network by Lennox Intl.

“Want advanced control of your building from virtually anywhere? The L Connection Network is your answer.”


3form has redefined wood with translucent qualities that allow light to permeate the classic material and create flowing warmth. 3form Wood is an ingenious new composite material that unites a razor-thin sliced veneer, such as Zebrawood, with the brand’s ecoresin™ panels. Available in gauges from 0.25- to 0.375-inches thick, 3form Wood is perfect for any space where wood might be specified but where an uncommon touch is required. The product can also be specified in Maple, Rosewood, and Walnut. 3form Wood by 3form.

“Wood surfaces have never looked as good as they look now — thanks to 3form Wood.”

Outdoor Products

Using exothermic action to melt snow and ice, RIM® Ice Melter keeps walkways and driveways clear for employees and visitors.Its heat-generating power melts snow and ice faster than rock salt (up to 24-times faster at 0 degrees F.), reducing the time that building maintenance spends cleaning up after winter weather. Floors and carpets remain clean since RIM Ice Melter leaves no messy residue to track inside. RIM does not harm concrete, landscaping, or vegetation, and it’s safe for use on asphalt and rubber tires. RIM Ice Melter by Revere Products.

“RIM’s Ice Melter works faster than rock salt with none of the harmful effects. This winter, keep your maintenance staff inside and let RIM do the work.”


Classic Style Panels from Acoustic Ceiling Products (ACP) are perfect for commercial ceiling or wall-panel applications. ACP creates patina finishes (achieved only through time with standard metal) to produce the look of tin ceilings at half the cost of standard metal. The panels insert easily into any existing or new suspended ceiling grid, making installation a breeze. The infinite design options of the Classic Style Panels include 18 finish selections and 16 embossed designs. Finishes range from Bermuda Bronze to Welsh Cherry; designs span from traditional Victorian patterns to Art Deco and contemporary styles. Classic Style Panels by Acoustic Ceiling Products (ACP).


Easy to set up and operate, the RH520 Humidity + Temperature Chart Recorder from Extech Instruments offers the best value in paperless chart recorders in climate-controlled rooms where humidity and temperature conditions are critical. This unique meter can be either desk or wall mounted, and provides digital and graphical displays simultaneously. Sample rate is adjustable from 0.1 second to 200 minutes per sample, permitting daily, weekly, or monthly graphs. RH520 Humidity + Temperature Chart Recorder by Extech Instruments.

“Accuracy and reliability — with sensitive alarm triggers to alert users — ensure that spaces with critical temperature/humidity needs are always kept on the bull’s-eye.”

Lighting Controls

xis Technologies’ Dimming & Daylight Harvesting Electronic Fluorescent Ballast turns each individual fixture into a highly energy-efficient system. The T8 ballast can reduce lighting energy usage by 70 percent over a T12 fixture through a patented dipswitch that gives each fixture seven fixed-level dimming settings in 10-percent increments from 100 percent of full output down to 40 percent of full output. Also, an attached photosensor on every ballast dims the fixture by up to 80 percent, compensating for available sunlight while maintaining the pre-set light level. No separate control system or wiring is needed. Dimming & Daylight Harvesting Electronic Fluorescent Ballast by Axis Technologies Inc.

“Axis takes advantage of a free natural resource — sunlight — to save energy costs without compromising lighting performance.”

Security Monitoring

Aiphone’s AX Series seamlessly integrates into existing security components, including CCTV, electronic access control, and PBX systems. The AX Series is PC programmable, so it’s simple to set up system communication and functionality. It supports up to eight master stations and 120 door stations, all wired on CAT5e cable. The master stations include a bright, 3.5-inch color TFT LCD monitor, and the system utilizes open-voice communication with both push-to-talk and VOX communication over two talk channels. A new feature — the embedded card reader — provides controlled and maintainable access. AX Series by Aiphone Corp.


Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ and Acrobat Connect Professional’s real-time, interactive Web conferencing allows building professionals to conduct team meetings and document reviews, including archival and digital signatures. Distribution is made easy without software installation through Adobe’s Flash Player, already installed on over 98 percent of the world’s connected computers and devices. Teams can hold meetings with up to 15 people using a personal, customizable URL. Screen sharing, whiteboarding, instant messaging, and Flash-enabled Webcams allow interactive collaboration between participants. Users can deploy and save content across meeting rooms, as well as store content for later, on-demand viewing. Adobe Acrobat Connect and Acrobat Connect Professional by Adobe Systems Inc.

“Never having to book a conference room again? Priceless.”


Herman Miller’s newest task-light solution is as stylish as it is useful. The Leaf light includes a patented heat-distribution system that allows the LED chips to be cooled without the addition of a mechanical fan. Designed by Yves Behar for Herman Miller, this tabletop light has 20 LEDs (10 yellow-white and 10 blue-white) and a microprocessor that allows users to adjust and blend the color and intensity of light. The LEDs consume, on average, less than 8 or 9 watts of power and have a lifespan of over 60,000 hours at the full-power setting. When compared to a 13-watt compact fluorescent, Leaf’s LEDs offer a 40-percent reduction of energy use. Leaf by Herman Miller Inc.


Made from Duracast® (a material that is 9-times stronger than vinyl and twice as strong as aluminum),Pella® Impervia® windows and patio doors are able to withstand extreme weather and require very little maintenance. Impervia products are highly energy efficient, having earned the ENERGY STAR® designation with low-E glass. Duracast prevents the windows and doors from expanding, warping, and sagging in summer heat, or from shrinking and turning brittle in the winter. Available in white, tan, and brown, Pella Impervia products resist corrosion, moisture, scratching, and denting. Impervia windows and patio doors by Pella Corp.

“With the thermal efficiency of wood, the price range of vinyl, and the benefits of Duracast, Pella Impervia windows and patio doors have it all.”


Johns Manville’s GlasKap® CR is a mineral-surfaced, white-acrylic-coated fiber glass cap sheet for use in built-up roofing applications. The surface is kept cool because of the tough, high UV-blocker content of the coating. GlasKap CR protects the asphalt from the long-term effects of the sun and heat while reducing energy consumption. The greater reflectivity and emissivity of GlasKap CR means that the roof stays cooler, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced demand during peak hours. GlasKap CR by Johns Manville Roofing Systems Group.

Pest Control

Bird Barrier America has poured its expansive knowledge of bird behavior into the Bird Shock Flex-Track. The only bird-deterrent product effective against all bird species, the device uses a low-voltage electric shock (similar to a static-electric shock) to “train” birds to leave a protected area. Its thin, flexible design makes Flex-Track suitable for installation on arches, signs, window ledges, and rooftop parapets. Nearly invisible, the product comes in several common building colors and is only 0.25-inches high. Installation is simple — the track glues to the surface and anti-water damming pads underneath the track keep water flowing freely. Bird Shock Flex-Track by Bird Barrier America Inc.

“The Flex-Track keeps any type of bird off of nearly any type of surface — invisibly.”


Made almost entirely of pure-quartz crystals, Zodiaq® surfacing from DuPont™ is 3- to 7-times stronger than most natural stone surfaces. Its unique clarity, depth, and radiance provide a sophisticated and distinct aesthetic rarely found in surfacing materials. Zodiaq is inherently stain and scratch resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. The non-porous surfaces do not promote the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria. Three new colors — Chestnut, Saddle Brown, and Woodland Grey — were inspired by the soft, simple, and authentic tones of nature, bringing the total number of color options in the collection to 39. Zodiaq makes a unique design statement for vertical and horizontal applications such as wall cladding, elevator interiors, workstations, and retail displays. Zodiaq by DuPont.

“Zodiaq’s quartz composition gives it durability and style, making it versatile enough for a variety of applications.”


Roofing systems can lose fire resistance over time, making buildings more vulnerable to fire.But, GAF’s FireShield® Roof Restoration System can instantly turn nearly any EPDM roof system into a UL-Listed, Class-A rated roof. FireShield systems are also Cool Roof Rating CouncilSM-listed and are highly reflective, able to turn a black, energy-wasting roof into a clean, white, energy-saving investment. Backed by comprehensive warranties, FireShield is a complete SeamFree™ membrane system based on Topcoat® technology. The systems can be used on most slopes and on almost any type of deck. FireShield Roof Restoration System by GAF Materials Corp.

“This complete roofing system is your building’s best insurance policy. It extends the life of an existing roof, reflects sunlight, helps reduce energy costs, and is self-extinguishing.”


Made from renewable, recycled material, illbruck acoustic’s BIOLINE™ Wood Ceiling Tiles are available in two styles (Solid-Finish or Organic-Texture). Both styles create warmth and elegance. Solid-Finish tiles are composed of 70-percent recycled post-industrial material, offer coordinated core color and veneer, and have a self-centering revealed edge. Perforated Tiles, available in the Solid-Finish line, have a minimum noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.40. Composed of 80-percent recycled post-industrial material, Organic-Texture tiles have a NRC of 0.55. But, when used with illbruck’s willtec® acoustical foam or fiber glass backer, the NRC is 0.65 to 0.80. Both types of BIOLINE feature a waterborne finish with UV blockers for color stability, excellent impact resistance, and durable material. BIOLINE Wood Ceiling Tiles by illbruck acoustic inc.

“Available in a variety of real wood veneers and custom shades, BIOLINE tiles make an aesthetic and environmental statement in any room.”

Emergency Response

A Web-based emergency management database service, Life-Counts® allows building managementto take emergency preparedness, business resumption, or safety plans to the highest level of readiness with a computer or handheld device. You can edit and upload emergency plans and chain-of-command rosters, as well as conduct test evaluations to spot weaknesses in plans. Life-Counts also provides the capability to e-mail specific groups — those who have failed the test, who are certified in life safety (AED and CPR training), or who have mobility impairment. Local emergency services can access your building’s critical infrastructure information from 911, command vehicles, or handhelds. Life-Counts also features streaming video and floorplans with animated evacuation routes. Life-Counts by U.S. Life Safety Inc.

“Life-Counts can reduce risk, insurance premiums, and management and training time, as well as strengthen awareness and readiness.”

Infrared Tools

Mikron’s M7815B infrared camera is like an X-ray machine for building diagnostics,discovering a range of invisible problems that add hidden costs to building ownership. It can detect air infiltration, moisture intrusion, mold, fungus, energy loss, pest infestation, and other problems. An on-board laser pointer helps you visually pinpoint problem areas for further analysis. One available option — Mikron’s ThermalSpection software for R-value calculation — makes it easy to produce professional reports, even calculating heat loss and current R-values for walls, doors, etc. The M7815B is completely self-contained in highly durable housing for resistance to dust and weather, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. M7815B infrared camera by Mikron Infrared Inc.

“With the intuitive menu system and ergonomic point-and-shoot operation, the Mikron infrared camera makes it easy to discover hidden problems in your building.”

Emergency Lighting

Concealite’s 5000 Series Emergency Lighting fixtures are stored behind a door (decorated to blend in with your wall or ceiling) until the emergency lighting system is called upon due to loss of utility power. Upon activation, the 5000 Series rotates 180 degrees, revealing the illuminated heads that provide patrons with egress lighting. Once the utility power is restored, the 5000 Series will return to the closed position, once again revealing your building’s décor. Installation in any type of wall or ceiling is easy. Fixtures can be painted or wallpapered, and are also available with custom finishes. 5000 Series Emergency Lighting fixtures by Concealite Life Safety Products.

“Concealite’s 5000 Series Emergency Lighting fixtures are tucked away when not in use, reducing the likelihood of vandalism and preserving interior design.”

Budgeting Software

Part of the ARCHIBUS/FM® software suite, ARCHIBUS/FM Capital Budgeting provides a method for tracking the capital-budget cycle — from request and evaluation through approval and funding. Using a consistent format, the software summarizes all capital-planning activity to prioritize programs and projects, coordinate activities, and budget resources across multiple departments and sites. The Capital Budgeting software also enables “what-if” planning to reduce business interruption and cost overruns. It integrates condition assessment, capital budgeting, and project-management functions to better allocate budget and resources for complete, end-to-end planning. ARCHIBUS/FM Capital Budgeting by ARCHIBUS Inc.

“Giving you a complete, ‘top-down’ view of all your budget information, ARCHIBUS/FM Capital Budgeting doesn’t leave anything out.”


Using microchannel technology adopted from the automotive industry, Carrier’s AQUAFORCE™ Air-Cooled Chillers provide the latest in condenser coil technology. This innovative approach to heat transfer consists of a series of parallel microchannel refrigerant tubes that are layered in between two refrigerant manifolds. Microchannel coils substantially increase the surface contact for heat transfer so that a more compact coil can be used. This rigid microchannel coil arrangement is more durable than traditional coil construction, making maintenance and cleaning of the coils easier. The all-aluminum coil construction provides corrosion resistance and reduces overall equipment weight. AQUAFORCE is also environmentally sound, requiring up to 30-percent less refrigerant. AQUAFORCE Air-Cooled Chillers by Carrier Corp.

“Carrier’s industry-leading technology increases chiller efficiency by 2 to 3 percent.”

Vertical Transportation

Able to improve the efficiency of an elevator system by up to 30 percent, the Schindler Miconic® 10® can save you energy and maintenance costs. Passengers input their destination on external keypads in the lobby area of each floor as opposed to traditional push buttons inside elevator cars. The Miconic 10 system constantly assesses elevator positions to determine which elevator will deliver passengers most quickly, reducing wait times and repeated stops. It calculates traffic patterns in order to analyze usage and, by monitoring different floor requests and keeping track of frequently visited floors, the system groups passengers going to similar destinations and delivers them faster and more efficiently than traditional elevators. By monitoring the weight inside each car, the Miconic 10 system identifies which are filled to capacity and will not allow additional passengers on full cars. Miconic 10 Elevator System by Schindler.

“An ideal elevator solution for everyone, saving money for building owners and time for tenants.”


Corrigo’s on-demand wireless service and maintenance-management software —
CorrigoConnect — streamlines maintenance operations and service management by coordinating real-time information between all players in the service-delivery process. Collaboration between internal staff, external vendors, office workers, and mobile workers is achieved through computers, cell phones, wireless handhelds, and fax machines. Employees and tenants can create work orders to schedule techs, contractors, and vendors; enter job variable information; and set priority due dates. Techs receive this information; after completion, they can submit data about the completed serv­ice order and generate invoices. Tenants can also track service requests from their computers and send feedback via e-mail. Corrigo generates reports with real-time data that includes a variety of metrics and key-performance indicators. CorrigoConnect by Corrigo Inc.

“Managing work orders has never been this easy and convenient. Eliminating the usual paperwork may save you time and money.”


The integration of card readers, keypads, and sensors to enable or deny access via a revolving door — that’s the advantage Crane Revolving Doors offers with its Security Revolving Doors. Additionally, floor mats can detect unauthorized use, preventing entry and triggering a voice announcement of security violation. Doors can be configured to provide two-way or one-way (exit-only) controlled access. Settings can be customized for time of day, and security functions can be programmed to fit custom needs. Not only strong and secure, Security Revolving Doors are also aesthetically appealing. Security Revolving Doors by Crane Revolving Doors.

Roofing Services

The Pre-Disaster Program from Simon Roofing allows you to sign up for priority service before a natural disaster strikes. Simon will provide a 60-point pre-disaster roofing inspection and consultation as a baseline for accurate insurance claims and a guideline for how repairs will be executed after a disaster. If a disaster does hit, your facility will receive priority service. The program also includes 24/7 service, with one number to call in case of an emergency. Additionally, a licensed roofing contractor is on call to fix roofing problems immediately. Pre-Disaster Program by Simon Roofing.

“Be prepared: Ensure that your facility is first in line after disaster strikes.”

Energy Management

The addition of a Load Control option to E-Mon D-Mon Class 3000 advanced meters provides users with the capability of controlling individual loads throughout their facilities. The Load Control option is designed to operate at user-selectable high and low set points, providing users with the capability to reduce electrical (kilowatt [kW]) demand. By proper selection of the high-kW limit, the Class 3000 meter can be used to shave expensive electrical-demand peaks by shedding loads or activating a local generator. The low-kW limit point will allow the load to be returned to normal operating power independently as pre-set parameters are met. All load-control functions are programmed via four buttons located inside of the Class 3000 meter enclosure to prevent unauthorized access. E-Mon D-Mon Class 3000 advanced meter with Load Control option by E-Mon.

“Don’t have the money or personnel to manage a full-scale load-management system? E-Mon’s got the solution — the E-Mon D-Mon Class 3000 meter with Load Control option.”

Project Management Software

Autodesk® Collaborative Project Management solutions, including the Buzzsaw® and Constructware® products, offer on-demand technology to aid in the development and completion of any project. Designed to improve project communication, collaboration, and workflow, this solution provides greater productivity through shortened and more accurate product cycles, while centralizing all project-related documents and information. This software solution enables all parties involved in a project to comment and make changes without affecting the original document, thereby increasing control and team accountability. Autodesk Collaborative Project Management by Autodesk.

“This on-demand project management solution ensures team-member accountability while streamlining communication and business processes across all workflows.”


The Arca Twin fixture provides both uplighting and partial downlighting with its unique, translucent, pod-like heads. Available in a variety of transparent and metallic colors, the elliptical bodies of the Arca softly diffuse light to a stunning effect. The fixture features two 36-watt or 55-watt 2G11 high-output fluorescent lamps that provide high performance, energy efficiency, and long-lasting operation. High-frequency ballasts are standard with each model. The fixture’s pivoting steel tubes permit the heads to be spaced at infinite intervals and to be individually positioned according to pre-arranged angles — allowing for either symmetric or asymmetric lighting distribution. Arca Twin by Luxo Corp.


The Comfort Program is a collection of linoleum and vinyl floorcoverings that incorporate an acoustic layer to provide sound insulation and comfort. It is comprised of Marmoleum Decibel, Eternal Wood Decibel, and Quartz Decibel. The sound-impact reduction for each collection is 17dB. Ideal applications include nurses’ stations, classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, and high-rise apartments. Additional characteristics include easy cleaning and maintenance, and the durability to stand up to the demanding needs of high-performance buildings. The Comfort Program by Forbo Flooring.

“There’s no need to whisper — Forbo’s Comfort Program offers sound reduction and comfort underfoot.”

Lighting Control

Lutron’s EcoSystem™ fluorescent lighting-control system integrates daylighting, occupancy sensing, load shedding, and more for commercial environments like office buildings and schools. This solution is made possible by the EcoSystem ballast, which connects to photocells, infrared (IR) receivers, occupancy sensors, and wallstations without interfaces, power packs, or controllers. The ballast simply interprets data collected by the sensors and wallstations, adjusts light levels accordingly, and then transmits information to the other ballasts. The building-block architecture of EcoSystem reduces design time and easily expands or contracts to meet the demands of most every project and budget. EcoSystem by Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.

“Lighting control was never easier to design, install, and maintain — and it’s cost effective, too. What could be better than Lutron’s EcoSystem?”

Structural Systems

Dryvit’s latest offering helps building owners and facilities professionals keep their EIFS looking and performing like new. DryvitCARE (Cleaning and Restoration of EIFS) is a comprehensive program that provides a full range of specialized products and services for the care and maintenance of Dryvit and other EIFS to ensure their long-term performance. The program enables building owners to identify signs of exterior problems and correct them before they cause serious damage, keep the building exterior looking clean and new, maximize energy efficiency of the EIFS cladding, maintain and increase curb appeal, and upgrade the exterior using new technology. DryvitCARE by Dryvit Systems Inc.


My Studio Environments™, a new and innovative concept in open-plan workspace design, was specifically created to conform to a variety of work styles without the need for reconfiguration. It is durable, easy to maintain, and covered by a comprehensive, 12-year warranty. This human-centered solution features design elements that enhance physical and psychological well-being, and provides a sense of ownership. Privacy and collaboration can both be accommodated; it is 74-percent recyclable and made from 28-percent recycled materials. My Studio Environments by Herman Miller Inc.

“Tom, Dick, and Harry can all work in the same My Studio workspace. It adapts without being moved.”


Don’t sacrifice function for aesthetics. norament® cara by nora offers the look and classic elegance of limestone in a high-performance rubber tile. Mixing design and color, a unique production process ensures that — like in nature — no two norament cara tiles are alike, even within a single production batch. Excellent wear resistance makes nor­ament cara appropriate for areas where traffic is heavy. The exclusive nora cleanguard® plus provides a dirt- and stain-resistant surface that never needs waxing or sealing. Cleaning is easy and inexpensive. norament cara by nora Rubber Flooring/Freudenberg Building Systems.

“You’ll do a double take when you see norament cara. This high-performance rubber flooring looks so much like limestone, you won’t believe your eyes.”


LaMar Lighting’s Occu-Smart® products are unique, motion-sensor-controlled luminaires that provide intelligent and energy-efficient lighting without sacrificing lighting levels, safety, or lamp life. The Occu-Smart Voyager Series is a premium-grade fluorescent fixture designed for long-term, dependable service. This unique, bi-level luminaire is controlled by an integral ultrasonic motion sensor, operates at a selectable (5, 10, 20, or 33 percent) low-light standby level, and only illuminates fully when an occupant is present. A 100-hour lamp-conditioning circuit assures long lamp life. Occu-Smart Voyager Series by LaMar Lighting.

“In the dark about lighting technology? Not anymore. LaMar’s Occu-Smart Voyager fixture illuminates a space from low-level light to 100-percent light when an individual is present.”

Access Control

Bosch’s innovative Access Easy Controller (AEC) is a self-hosted, browser-based security system that offers end-users the easy-to-use features of a Web server and the functionality of a powerful access-control system — all in one complete unit. The scalable system can grow as a business expands. AEC’s embedded intelligence design does not require any special software; the system connects easily to any TCP/IP network via an ethernet port. Manage a database, monitor activity, or control devices in an open-architecture system that interfaces with standard Wiegand readers. Access Easy Controller by Bosch Security Systems.

“Despite its simplicity, the Access Easy Controller remains a feature-rich product with encrypted passwords, privacy masking to keep sensitive areas hidden from view, and the ability to send e-mail based upon trigger events.”


With its outstanding aesthetics, ENERGY STAR® energy savings, and proven performance in extreme weather conditions, the Met-Tile Cool Roof Line is ideal for properties in hurricane-prone areas. Its weather-tight, moisture-resistant design offers superior building operation. The Super Series 3800 Super Cool architectural coating enables the metal roof to provide solar reflectivity values from 26 percent up to more than 67 percent. For every 5 percent of added reflectivity, a roof is approximately 4-degrees F. cooler in direct overhead summertime sunlight. Met-Tile might look like tile, but it’s actually long-length steel panels that are applied vertically and secured with screw fasteners. Met-Tile Cool Roof Line by Met-Tile Inc.

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