Who's Who in the Buildings Market 2006: Parkway Properties Inc.

Sept. 7, 2006
The 2006 A List


Parkway Properties Inc.
Jackson, MS
(610) 948-4091

Parkway Properties Inc. may lead The A List group of relatively smaller industry players whose core competency is in real estate (at 13 million square feet of space in 64 office buildings), but its progressive commitment-to-excellence values - in which the nucleus is exceptional customer service and employee commitment - can be put head-to-head with anyone.

For example, the Parkway Connection Committee serves as an important conduit for information to flow from the field to the corporate office. The team, made up of Parkway employees with different areas of expertise, solicits input and suggestions for company goals and best practices; then it promotes, monitors, and informally directs these same goals. The Parkway Profit Chain, with a goal of expense control, offers a simple illustration to employees of how their involvement and customer-service attitudes eventually lead to total return. How’s that for pride in ownership?

Parkway’s “4F Program” is simply a philosophy of caring for its customers. Surprisingly simple and straightforward, it involves the use of flags (U.S. and state, as well as customers’ corporate flags); flowers (at entrances, in restrooms, as welcome gifts, and in exterior landscaping); fixtures (artwork/sculpture, exterior furniture, corporate art programs, and hardscape designs); and fellowship (customer-appreciation and special-event gatherings, constant communication that includes customer “dialogue” lunches and frequent face-to-face and written interaction, and a health-maintenance program). Such thoughtful gestures may seem insignificant, but how many other organizations replicate such personal touches? Shouldn’t you?

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