Who's Who in the Buildings Market 2006: RREEF North America

Sept. 7, 2006
The 2006 A List


RREEF North America
San Francisco, CA
(415) 781-3300

As a member of the Deutsche Bank Group, this San Francisco-headquartered full-service real estate investment advisor has been through a number of real estate cycles. That means it truly understands how to deal with both adversity and opportunity - an advantage afforded by both this experience and its in-house expertise. Although its assets under management have grown to $27.5 billion, part of RREEF North America’s strategy is to preserve its entrepreneurial approach. It has worked very hard to retain this philosophy, still requiring a small team of its partners to make all investment decisions regarding portfolio management, acquisition, and disposition.

Insight among the 60 officers and 712 property management professionals is gained through a particularly strong global research platform. The RREEF global research team focuses on providing an objective view of market prospects through a systematic research process that combines accurate data with technical skill and bottom-up market knowledge. This tremendously experienced team, located across America and Europe, works closely with local RREEF staff around the world in both the strategic and tactical analyses of economic, capital, real estate, and infrastructure markets.

The organization also works closely with third-party research teams and consultancies, using a systematic analysis of macro-economic indicators and fundamental drivers to generate a series of forecasts on market performance across asset types and geographies. These top-down econometric forecasts are debated by RREEF’s local experts and advisors, resulting in a well-grounded, real-world view of market prospects.

Such insights enable RREEF professionals to support the business of buildings in a range of ways: strategy formulation, based upon appropriate sector and market allocations at strategic and tactical levels; business development opportunities for the growth of the RREEF business; due diligence support; and portfolio risk management analysis, among others. Real estate remains a relationship business, and RREEF’s client and partner relationships are particularly strong as a result (as is the company). Comparing data supplied by RREEF in Buildings’ 2005 report vs. this year’s information (also provided by RREEF), the company has grown significantly. From assets of $20.7 billion over 166.1 million square feet of space 1 year ago, RREEF is today overseeing 201.3 million square feet of space with almost 25-percent more in asset value. Twenty-three (23) projects are currently in the pipeline for new construction; another 13 modernization projects are slated for completion beyond 2006. Check back next year to see how the company builds on this momentum.

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