‘The Office,’ Episode 525

May 3, 2006

While I have the fortune of working with incredibly talented coworkers, the thing I love most about my creative colleagues is their laughter and sense of humor. Sometimes, in the midst of yet another imminent deadline, we find the best way to “de-stress” is to tweak some frustrating situation, comment, or slight so that it borders on the ridiculous. Once the tears that have resulted from our hearty laughter are wiped away, we take a deep breath, feel surprisingly refreshed, and then go back to attack that deadline with renewed vigor. Thankfully - or, perhaps, regrettably, depending upon your perspective - it happens a lot.

We’ve named these unforgettable experiences, “The Office, Episode <>,” affectionately titled after the NBC comedy series that offers a tongue-in-cheek look at the smart, humorous, and sometimes poignant banality of the 9-to-5, white-collar work world.

Almost 10 years ago, one of many enthusiastic reviews of management consultant Clyde Fahlman’s book, Laughing Nine to Five (Steelhead Press), noted: “... Humor in the workplace need not be an oxymoron - in fact, you would be wise to use this book to link laughter with communication, creativity, perspective, and productivity in the workplace.” Perhaps the book’s brief synopsis says it all: “Evidence from top executives, management gurus, and workshop participants reveals how humor improves employee creativity, communications, and wellness while reducing burn-out. The result: organizational renewal and effectiveness, even greater profits.”

Since many of us spend most of our waking hours at work - and in increasing numbers of hours each year - we need to be able to find what we do satisfying. Humor is central to that satisfaction. In addition to the great tips offered by Senior Associate Editor Leah B. Garris in this month’s cover story on professional development, you, as a facilities professional, can bring a bit of light - and not only the compact-fluorescent kind - to your internal and external customers each day. Offer a smile; share some laughter. De-stress.

Remember: Reviving humor in the workplace is serious business.

I’m delighted to share that Buildings received a 2006 Maggie Award (from Western Publications Association) for “Best Publication, Non-Paid/Trade (Over 50,000 Circulation)” - a wonderful, national tribute to editorial and design excellence. Congratulations to Managing Editor Jana J. Madsen, Senior Associate Editor Leah B. Garris, Contributing Editor Robin Suttell, Art Director Elisa A. Geneser, Senior Designer Scott Easton, and myself! Additionally, Buildings won another Maggie for “Best Media Kit.” Kudos and congratulations go to Marketing Supervisor Robin Melichar, Art Director Elisa A. Geneser, Senior Designer Scott Easton, Publisher Tony Dellamaria, and Associate Publisher John Rogier. Well done, team!

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