Who's Who in the Buildings Market 2005: ProLogis

Sept. 1, 2005
The 2005 'A' List


Aurora, CO
(800) 566-2706

Building customer relationships that span the globe, and employing the strength of an operating model that lets it access private equity to fund its growth, ProLogis’ explosive portfolio expansion (from $475 million in 1994 to $16.2 billion invested today) is spurred by a customer base that began with local providers and grew to include multinational corporations. Case in point: A 2004 expansion into China resulted from customers needing facilities to serve the growing middle-class and active import/export trade there. Key to customer retention and repeat business is superior customer service - afforded by the ProLogis Operating System®, a unique structure based on the seamless integration of four groups of professional and highly experienced individuals all working toward the same goal. In-depth knowledge of available local resources, demographics, etc., combined with such value-added customer services as tax incentives and negotiation consulting, broadband communication capabilities, and more, ensure that ProLogis provides its customers with the most effective distribution solutions. That means helping them understand that the majority of their logistics cost is in transportation, not warehousing; therefore, location of distribution centers is key. In seeking and offering such solutions, ProLogis has carefully cultivated strategic relationships - and embraced such practices as an essential core competency of its business and future growth.

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