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Top 100 Products of 2004

Dec. 1, 2004

This annual report highlights 100 solutions to your facilities' challenges, as selected by the Buildings editorial staff

CabForms® Series 1000 is a rugged stainless steel, full-panel system that provides a beautiful, high-performance alternative to conventional elevator interiors. Easy installation makes this system as ideal for new equipment as for modernization projects. The durable, easy-to-clean, stainless steel surfaces make CabForms Series 1000 perfect in areas where aesthetics and abuse resistance are important. All materials are Class 1 fire-rated. Complete packages include panels, handrails, trim pieces, and ceiling. CabForms Series 1000 by Forms+Surfaces.

“If you’re looking for something more for your elevator than conventional laminate wall panels, the CabForms Series 1000 is for you.”

Intuition II is a next-generation paper towel dispensing system that is both hygienic and at—tractive. Touch-free dispensing has gained popularity and allows patrons to touch only the towel they will use, virtually eliminating the risk for cross-contamination. Intuition II features a sleek design that incorporates curved lines and window-viewing. Additionally, the dispenser has a stub roll compartment to utilize all the paper on the roll, and can be retrofitted into a recessed towel cabinet. Intuition II by SCA Tissue.

“Now you can control consumption and provide users with hygienic paper towel dispensing — with Intuition II!”

Addressing security and worker safety, Clopay introduces a new re-settable break-away bottom section on its industrial doors. If the door is accidentally struck by a forklift or other heavy equipment, the section gives way and can be reset in a matter of seconds, eliminating downtime and costly service repair calls. This capability also reduces operator injury and impact damage to the building’s structure. The bottom section matches the exterior appearance of its commercial doors. Break-away bottom door section by Clopay Building Products.

“You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for worker safety: The break-away bottom section on Clopay’s industrial doors is proof.”


By using modular components that plug together, the MWS Modular Wiring System provides low-cost installation of branch circuit wiring for lighting and power. MWS offers the advantage of relocating fixtures and outlets in future renovations by re-using existing components. The result is quick implementation of design changes and lower life-cycle costs. Modular Wiring System by MWS.

“Don’t be shocked by the slow pace and high cost of design changes. MWS’ Modular Wiring System can be installed in a fraction of the time of hard-wiring, and offers versatility for future changes.”

Custom Window’s 9250 Series Window System is unlike most aluminum double-hung windows. Its self-balanced system does not use traditional spring and spiral balances, but instead counterbalances the sashes by connecting them together with a system of pulleys and stainless steel cables. The end result is a window with no spring balances to ever wear out, and virtually no weight restrictions. The sash, regardless of size or weight, operates smoothly and efficiently. 9250 Series Window System by Custom Window.

“Tired of budgeting for replacement spring and spiral balances? Then stop. Get Custom Window’s 9250 Series Window System instead.”

With its patented leg mechanisms, the SmartMoves™ line (fully ergonomically adjustable wood casegoods by Hekman Contract) is height-adjustable in a 6-inch range — from 26 inches to 32 inches. With a twist, a worksetting for a 6-foot, 4-inch person can be adjusted to meet the ergonomic needs of a 4-foot, 11-inch person. Additionally, an integrated sit-to-stand surface allows users to make posture changes throughout the workday. SmartMoves by Hekman Contract.

“Finally — wood casegoods that are ergonomic! Hekman Contract’s SmartMoves accommodates more than 90 percent of the body types in today’s workforce.”


Design, estimating, accounting, project management, and scheduling: There are so many software products available, you may be wondering which is best. Timberline® Office is an integrated suite of construction software featuring fully integrated applications that address financial and operations needs throughout the building life-cycle — from conceptual estimates, to building completion, to property management. Timberline Office software by Timberline/a Best Software Co.

“Trying to determine which (among many software options) is right for you? Timberline Office provides an integrated suite of construction software worth investigating.”

Modern designs and Old World flavor combine with Parterre’s 2005 Stone Tile Collection. But aesthetics aren’t all this tile provides: The flooring’s 100-percent PVC construction and heavy-duty, high-density clear wear layer deliver excellent performance. The 2005 Stone Tile Collection offers a myriad of design choices and is comprised of 25-percent post-consumer and 20-percent post-industrial recycled content. It’s also 100-percent recyclable. 2005 Stone Tile Collection by Parterre Flooring Systems.

“Solve your design challenges with Parterre’s beautiful and durable flooring options from the 2005 Stone Tile Collection.”


The new Camsorb™ Canister System from Camfil Farr, used for the removal of high gas and vapor loads in HVAC systems, contains more sorbent in a given space than standard flat-tray designs to provide higher removal efficiency and capacity. The design results in low pressure drop and long service life between sorbent re-charges for reduced operating and maintenance costs. These canisters are designed for installation in Camfil Farr’s proven leak-free housings and frames. Camsorb Canister System by Camfil Farr.

“Cut costs and remove high gas and vapor loads in HVAC systems with the Camsorb Canister System!”


The latest ProTalk® portable 2-way radio from Kenwood USA Corp. optimizes jobsite communications. Features include Super Lock, which disables all but PTT and volume settings to prevent accidental channel changes. Radio also has Wireless Cloning to duplicate set-up of multiple units. Ideal for high noise environments, the Calling Alert button produces a high-decibel alert tone to accompany a transmission. To conserve the battery, ProTalk’s Time-Out Timer automatically shuts down the transmit function while allowing receive-only. ProTalk by Kenwood USA Corp.

“Kenwood USA Corp. is really giving the industry something to talk about: ProTalk helps facilitate improved jobsite communications.”


McQuay MicroTech II™ and MicroTech 2000™ unit controllers integrate with building automation systems that use the LonTalk® protocol and have received LonMark® 3.3 certification. By meeting this standard, these McQuay products help simplify HVAC system integration in a building automation system, and can ultimately reduce operation, maintenance, and life-cycle costs for years to come. MicroTech II and MicroTech 2000 by McQuay Intl.

“Are your HVAC and building automation systems speaking the same language? If not, McQuay’s MicroTech II and MicroTech 2000 unit controllers can help.”


Looking for a way to eliminate odors? Searching for an energy-efficient lighting solution? fresh2Ti is the answer. Simply turn on your light and fresh2Ti begins eliminating odors in just 10 minutes — making it ideal for restrooms, workout rooms, and other damp-smelling areas. Since it’s a SpringLamp® , this 23-watt compact fluorescent will last for 10,000 hours — saving you hundreds in deodorizing systems and up to 75 percent in energy costs. fresh2Ti by Technical Consumer Products Inc.

“What a bright idea! With its titanium dioxide coating, fresh2Ti breaks down odor and efficiently lights a space.”


An ideal seating solution for many applications, Wap! offers performance and quality with a modern design. This seat features five standard backrest options, and can be equipped with matching armrests, an ANTI-PANIC writing tablet or special laptop computer tablet, casters, or even placed on a beam for multiple seating requirements. Wap! provides complete versatility for specification ease and aesthetic functionality. Wap! by Encore Seating Inc.

“Looking for the perfect blend of options and functionality in meeting and collaborative spaces? Look no further than Wap! seating.”


Introduced by CPFilms Inc., LLumar glass enhancement films transform existing, ordinary glass windows, doors, and room dividers into subtle or striking design elements. The line of 18 films is a cost-effective alternative to expensive glass etching and is offered in a wide range of different colors, patterns, designs, and textures. These films can help control the flow of light and the level of privacy in any environment. Additionally, glass enhancement films can help prevent injuries that result from people walking into glass doors or walls. LLumar glass enhancement films by CPFilms Inc.

“Turn glass into art with LLumar Glass Enhancement Films by CPFilms Inc.”


Perpetual™ training tables by The HON Co. provide end-users with the ability to address workstation, conference, and training applications with ease. These nesting tables offer space-saving and convenient electrical and cable management solutions. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, all Perpetual tables are built of high-strength materials, including an aluminum frame and composite worksurface cores, to provide years of maintenance-free service. Perpetual training tables by The HON Co.

“Don’t let furniture stand in the way of an organization’s training initiatives. With their nesting functionality, Perpetual training tables make the most of any space.”


E2 Facility Management System by Emerson Climate Technologies provides a solution for integrating building equipment and operating systems. Seamless integration of HVAC equipment and other building control systems is more effective with the system’s online equipment monitoring capabilities. Some of the E2 Facility Management System’s features include: intelligent system diagnostics; preventive and predictive maintenance, centralized dispatch, energy management, and maintenance services; and facility-wide data mining. E2 Facility Management System by Emerson Climate Technologies.

“If data mining and system diagnostics are a priority, Emerson Climate Technologies’ E2 Facility Management System is a must.”


Ideal for parking lots, picnic areas, small roof areas, and open-air restaurants, Bird-X’s Ultrason X is the first-ever ultrasonic bird repeller for exterior use. This unique “silent to humans” harassment gets rid of pest birds for good. Surround-sound directional speakers are separate from the control box to offer the greatest all-around flexibility. High, medium, and low frequencies offer a customizable solution. One Ultrason X unit covers up to 3,600 square feet — or 900 square feet per speaker. Ultrason X by Bird-X Inc.

“Birds are as good as gone with Bird-X’s Ultrason X.”


The Metalux Ovation series of recessed direct/indirect luminaires offers an attractive and efficient alternative to traditional recessed lighting. These fixtures illuminate both horizontal and vertical surfaces in a space because of their design. Available in a variety of sizes, the Ovation series is also offered in center basket, side basket, and asymmetric styles. The high-reflectance architectural matte white finish of Ovation enhances performance. Ovation series by Metalux.

“The future of recessed fluorescent light fixtures is here — the Metalux Ovation series of direct/indirect luminaires.”


ProTeus IV, a maintenance management software product available from Eagle Technology, offers many features — including multi-cycle scheduling. This allows multiple-cycle frequencies to be applied to a single preventive maintenance work order, saving time and increasing efficiency. Additionally, ProTeus IV’s budgeting module allows separate labor and material budgets for an unlimited number of cost centers. Work orders can be automatically e-mailed upon activation or on demand from ProTeus IV. ProTeus IV by Eagle Technology.

“ProTeus IV takes maintenance management software to a whole new level.”


CarbonCast™ by AltusGroup is an innovative technology used in precast concrete applications. It uses conventional steel for primary reinforcing and a C-GRID® resin-bonded carbon fiber grid for secondary reinforcing and shear transfer. This results in even greater long-term durability, lighter weight, finer finishes, improved insulating properties, and greater sustainability in precast concrete systems. CarbonCast by AltusGroup.

“No need to call in the reinforcements! AltusGroup’s CarbonCast delivers greater long-term durability and sustainability in precast concrete systems.”

The AirFixture® dual-airway system by York Intl. is an innovative air-distribution system that replaces branch ductwork with a specialized two-level drop ceiling. The supply airway is formed by the aesthetic and median ceilings, with this median ceiling and slab above, creating the return airway. Air is supplied to the occupied space via unique, variable air volume (VAV) diffusers, which can be located anywhere in the ceiling grid. Return grilles carry air through the supply airway to the return airway. AirFixture by York Intl. Corp.

“It’s a breeze to simplify design, speed construction, and reduce costs to own and operate an overhead air-distribution system. The secret is AirFixture by York.”


HDI Railing System’s d line™ pre-engineered stainless steel railing system makes a real statement with its stainless steel and glass. The system is designed to comply with all applicable building codes, technical standards, and safety requirements in North America; and is comprised of stainless steel guardrails, stainless steel or natural hardwood top rails, handrails, and tempered glass infill panels. While the d line offers a standard package of components, custom solutions are also available. d line railing system by HDI Railing Systems.

“Get a handle on style with the d line pre-engineered stainless steel railing system.”


Proliance® , the business process management solution for corporate real estate and construction professionals, improves financial management and reduces risk on large facility projects. This software system is a key solution for planning, designing, procuring, constructing, and maintaining large capital construction programs. Proliance tailors electronic communication, collaboration, workflow automation, and application and data integration across the enterprise. Proliance by Meridian Project Systems.

“With its Web services-based business proc-ess management tools, Proliance offers users the chance to streamline large real estate and facility projects.”


Johnson Controls’ Digital Vision Network (DVN) combines the benefits of digital video recording with sophisticated software that improves the way images are monitored, analyzed, and archived. The DVN can be programmed to recognize and record specific events or anomalies, detect motions and behaviors, and respond by alerting officials. The system can be activated to search recorded video footage for user-defined objects. The DVN delivers high-quality video and optimum voice quality over low bandwidth conditions. Digital Vision Network by Johnson Controls Inc.

“Improve the quality of monitoring in your facility with the Digital Vision Network by Johnson Controls. This smart surveillance system makes analyzing and archiving video fast and easy.”


Light colors aren’t the only way to achieve cool roof results. Duranar® SPF Coatings have been formulated with infrared reflective pigments to meet the Energy Star® requirements for roofing products. With these coatings, metal roofs can be installed in a myriad of light to dark colors, and can reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the structure, thereby lowering energy consumption and the cost of keeping a building cool. Duranar SPF Coatings by PPG Coil and Extrusion Coatings Group.

“The Duranar SPF Coatings line of roof coating products is cool! These infrared reflective coatings can help reduce the amount of heat absorbed by a building.”

Rooftop gardens aren’t new (they date back to ancient times); however, Carlisle SynTec just made specifying them a lot easier. Reduce urban heat island effects, add functional space, increase energy efficiency, and manage stormwater run-off better by installing a Carlisle Roof Garden Waterproofing System. This offering utilizes an EPDM or TPO membrane that is fully adhered to an approved substrate, as well as root barriers, extruded polystyrene insulation, water retention mats, drainage boards or drainage gravel, and filter fabrics. Roof Garden Waterproofing System by Carlisle SynTec Inc.

“Get ready to put that green thumb to use: Carlisle’s Roof Garden Waterproofing System brings ordinary roofs to life.”


FaST™ , the new foam-activated scrubbing technology available from Tennant Co., is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). This auto-scrubbing system is safe for use on all floors and floor finishes. A detergent delivery system uses injected air and water to create foam for scrubbing. Foam scrubbing uses less water than conventional scrubbing systems, so floors dry faster. FaST by Tennant Co.

“How safe is your floor-cleaning method? FaST uses less water than traditional scrubbers, which cuts dry time and can reduce the chance of slips and falls.”


The DuPont™ EVACpac™ Emergency Evacuation Kit can assist building occupants as they evacuate during a fire, power failure, earthquake, or other type of emergency. The kit includes a DuPont EVAC-U8™ Emergency Escape Smoke Hood; cut- and flame-resistant gloves made of DuPont KEVLAR; a compact, powerful Xenon® -type flashlight; and a high-quality pealess whistle. DuPont EVACpac Emergency Evacuation Kit by Brookdale, a DuPont Canada Co.

“The EVACpac is a real life-saver. If you’re looking to enhance your evacuation preparation, don’t overlook these emergency kits.”


Don’t buy new ceiling tiles when the old ones can be restored. Acoustic Enterprises’ exclusive patented VACU-BOND® process can restore the beauty of your ceiling and save you money. Restore just the face, the face and back, or totally encapsulate panels to create a vapor barrier to lower heating and cooling costs — at the same time creating a particulate-free and brighter environment. VACU-BOND ceiling retrofit process by Acoustic Enterprises Inc.

“With Acoustic Enterprises’ patented VACU-BOND process, old ceiling tiles are as good as new again.”

FormaBond® , the metal composite wall panel system by CENTRIA, has met Florida’s missile impact testing for hurricane zones. The system’s aluminum face is 60-percent thicker than other ACM materials, and incorporates an 8-millimeter proprietary polymeric core. FormaBond panels are molded, complete with integral patent-pending panel joinery and stiffeners, and are delivered ready-to-install. FormaBond by CENTRIA.

“How strong are your walls? FormaBond is tough enough to stand up to windborne debris during hurricanes.”


Kalwall+Nanogel® translucent aerogel, a revolutionary fenestration system, represents a breakthrough in daylighting. The system offers an NFRC-certified system U-value of 0.10 (R-10) — four times greater than insulating glass systems. The Kalwall+ Nanogel panel itself provides a thermal protection (U-value) of 0.05 (R-20) with up to 20-percent light transmission. The Nanogel translucent aerogel material is the unique insulation inside the Kalwall-manufactured fiber glass skylight and wall panels. Kalwall+ Nanogel skylight and wall panels by Kalwall Corp.

“Hear and feel the difference! Kalwall+ Nanogel panels provide excellent thermal protection and improved sound attenuation.”


If building occupants have Internet access, then they’ve got the opportunity for emergency training — thanks to BSSnet® . Building occupants can now obtain the required training at their desktop on a 24/7 basis. Customized, private-labeled, building-specific information is presented through the integration of graphics, digital images, text, and voice narration. BSSnet Life Safety Online Training Program by Building Safety Solutions.

“With BSSnet, building occupants don’t even have to leave their desks for emergency training.”


Unicork™ Naturals, a floor with a conscience, is offered in nine flooring patterns, with styles ranging from organic curves to geometric blocks. The product is designed and engineered from bark taken from cork trees — a green, renewable natural resource. The Unicork Naturals collection is manufactured, installed, and maintained with only environmentally friendly materials, including solvent-free polyurethane binders, water-based polyurethane sealers, and water-based acrylic adhesives. Unicork Naturals by To Market.

“To Market’s Unicork Naturals flooring is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, quiet, and comfortable to walk on.”


Johnsonite’s Millwork Contoured Wall Base Collection, with the look of finely milled wood at half the cost, requires no painting or staining; installs in half the time; flows easily around gentle curves or irregular surfaces; and offers users a non-fading surface free of knots, grains, or nail heads. Although rubber wall base looks like real wood, it will not splinter, chip, or absorb liquids. It resists stains, dents, and scratches, and will not fade. Available in 11 authentic profiles and more than 130 colors (including wood grain, metal, and metal patterns), the line provides a wide variety of sizes to choose from (in a range of gauges, and from 4-inch to 7.5-inch heights). Millwork by Johnsonite.

“At half the time, half the cost, and twice the flexibility, Millwork brings the naturally appealing look of wood to any interior. Less maintenance, too — a real innovation!”

The sealant industry is being revolutionized by Tremco and its introduction of Spectrum® 4-TS Field-Tintable Silicone Sealant. The sealant’s 70 available colors; ultraviolet-, weather-, and dirt-resistant properties; uncompromising adhesion; and on-site tinting capabilities make it an ideal choice where multiple colors are incorporated into  a building’s design. The amount required of each color may be mixed on the job, ensuring that the desired color and quantity is on-hand within minutes. Spectrum 4-TS Field-Tintable Silicone Sealant by Tremco Inc.

“Matching sealant to the application used to be a chore; but not anymore. Tremco’s Spectrum 4-TS Field-Tintable Silicone Sealant is available in 70 standard colors.”

Quick to install, easily accessible, and distributed throughout the floor plate, Haworth’s Pre-terminated Zone is an underfloor voice and data cabling solution that makes reorganizations less labor-intensive. Haworth’s Pre-terminated Zone plug-and-play voice and data cabling ensures that during a move, workflow isn’t disrupted and cables aren’t cut. Four basic parts make up the entire voice/data layout of this product: the data closet, horizontal cables, consolidation points, and outlet taps at work areas. Pre-terminated Zone by Haworth Architectural Interiors.

“How quickly can you react? Haworth’s Pre-terminated Zone solution allows you to get the most out of plug-and-play voice and data cabling, making moves faster and smoother.”


Add value, energy efficiency, and thermal comfort to your buildings with Sherwin-Williams’ E-Barrier™ . This new radiant barrier coating contains microscopic reflective particles, which help keep radiant energy from transferring in or out of buildings. When applied to the underside of an uncoated roof deck, E-Barrier is designed to reflect heat before it reaches the insulation or ceiling below, so rooms stay cooler in warm weather. E-Barrier by The Sherwin-Williams Co.

“Reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 15 percent with E-Barrier by Sherwin-Williams!”

New products and software make Avery Dennison’s Photo ID System an even better solution for registering and tracking visitors. With this system, front lobby personnel can quickly and efficiently register visitors, produce high-quality color photo identification badges, and keep a digital record of all facility visitors. Organizations that use paper visitor log books can easily upgrade to this color identification and digital record-keeping system. Photo ID System by Avery Dennison.

“Avery Dennison’s Photo ID System makes registering visitors quick and cost-effective.”


When clean and convenient roof installation is a must, JMCleanBond is an excellent choice. This guaranteed, weatherproof SBS modified bitumen system is available in two or three plies, with redundant layers of factory-applied waterproofing for outstanding weather resistance. JMCleanBond’s unique self-adhering bond makes installation easier and faster. A 20-year, no-dollar-limit guarantee is available, and JMCleanBond has full UL and FM approvals. JMCleanBond by Johns Manville.

“Worried about the disruption and noise of roof projects? Worry no more. The JMCleanBond SBS modified bitumen system features a unique self-adhering bond that enables faster, cleaner, and less disruptive installation.”


Ideal for interactive, collaborative spaces, Aynsley (the multi-functional chair by Arcadia) offers multiple design options for true flexibility. The chair features a fixed seat cushion; wood, upholstered, or polyurethane arm caps; fixed or on-casters leg options; and three metal finish options in chrome and powdercoat silver or black. The open front panel and optional shelf answer the need for storage; its optional tablet arm and uniquely accessible pop-out electrical, voice, and data capabilities allow for easy laptop and note-taking actions. Aynsley by Arcadia.

“The Aynsley chair is as stylish as it is comfortable and functional.”

The mag•rite® II grid by WallTalkers is a versatile, innovative wallcovering that provides a high-quality, moderate-gloss dry erase surface. A subtle 2-inch by 2-inch grid pattern helps users during presentations but remains invisible to the audience. mag•rite II grid also attracts magnets for customized, creative presentations. When installed, this presentation wallcovering creates a virtually seamless wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling presentation surface. mag•rite II grid by WallTalkers.

“mag•rite II provides wall-to-wall presentation opportunities.”

Installing carpet without the use of adhesives is now possible with Milliken Carpet’s TractionBack. This high-friction coating applied to carpet backings eliminates the need for traditional wet glues or the newer peel-and-stick dry adhesives. TractionBack reduces installation time and expenses while improving indoor air quality. Particularly well-suited to access floors, TractionBack allows easy underfloor access. TractionBack by Milliken Carpet.

“Stuck with the need for new carpet on a tight budget and even tighter schedule? TractionBack cuts labor costs, installation time, and material costs because no glue is needed.”


Hufcor’s Timber-Framed Movable Glass Walls are solid wood systems that offer flexible space division with the aesthetics associated with real wood. These movable wood systems are available in multiple wood species including red oak, cherry, maple, and poplar. No floor tracks or guides are necessary with Hufcor’s time-tested overhead tracking system. Standard glazings range from 0.25-inch tempered single pane to 0.75-inch insulated (IG) units that provide multiple acoustical properties. Timber-Framed Movable Glass Walls by Hufcor Inc.

“Get the look of wood and the flexibility of movable walls with Hufcor’s Timber-Framed Movable Glass Walls.”


Lancaster™ Auditorium Seating offers comfort and style, as well as power and data access for laptop computers, making it ideal for today’s learning environments. Outlets are located directly below the arm cap, and the seating’s five-wire system provides continuous power for up to 24 seats in a row. A variety of tablet arms are available to meet every school’s needs. Six seat spacings, from 19 to 24 inches, accommodate many user shapes and sizes. Lancaster Auditorium Seating by KI.

“Have a seat! KI’s Lancaster Auditorium Seating is ideal for today’s education market; it’s affordable, attractive, and comfortable.”


An ideal replacement for neon, LightMark™ is an LED-based delineation lighting product of superior design and construction. This energy-efficient product is available in 10-foot and 5-foot standard lengths, factory sealed, or field-cut variable (FCV) units that are modifiable on-site. LightMark delivers extended operation with a potential useful life of 10 years or more — and little, if any, maintenance requirements over the useful life of the system. LightMark by TIR Systems.

“It’s a sign! LightMark illuminates corporate imaging and saves energy.”


Using DALI communications protocol, ezDALI by The Watt Stopper provides individual ballast-level dimming. Users create lighting environments (scenes) via push-button programming for a variety of common activities, then recall those scenes with the push of a button. The system provides 1-percent dimming for linear fluorescents and 3-percent dimming for compact fluorescents. ezDALI is comprised of wall-based controllers, a power supply, DALI ballasts, and a communications databus. ezDALI by The Watt Stopper.

“The right lighting is available at the push of a button, thanks to The Watt Stopper’s ezDALI.”

StoneGlow® , part of Azrock® by Tarkett’s new safety package, offers beauty, durability, and a distinct safety feature. This premium vinyl composition flooring has photoluminescent chips dispersed evenly throughout tiles to help illuminate a pathway for safe exit. The tiles remain charged, providing ample time to evacuate. StoneGlow is ideal for anywhere that safe exits are critical. The flooring’s neutral colors are matched to standard VCT for incorporation with the field tile. StoneGlow by Tarkett Commercial.

“StoneGlow flooring can help light the way during an emergency evacuation situation.”

The new solar-powered Solis™ faucet from Sloan Valve incorporates leading-edge, touch-free electronics to conserve water and energy. Its integrated power plant storage cell transforms light from any source into electrical energy; battery back-up energy can last up to 10 years. Solis has no moving parts in the waterway, which contributes to its virtually maintenance-free operation. Single-hold faucet comes standard with integral temperature control, a 0.5 gpm aerator to regulate water flow, and an electronic sensor that turns water on and off automatically. Solis by Sloan Valve Co.

“Water-conserving, touch-free, and solar-powered? The industry demands energy-efficient and hygienic solutions: Solis delivers.”


Available from The Bodine Co., the GTD20™ Switch Bypass Device and the GTD™ Generator Transfer Device provide energy-saving technology for generator- or central inverter system-supplied emergency lighting. Both the GTD20 and GTD work with an auxiliary generator or central inverter to power emergency lighting regardless of local light switch positions. Because they eliminate reliance on night lighting and provide emergency lighting only when it’s needed, thousands of energy hours can be saved each year. GTD20 and GTD by The Bodine Co.

“Bodine has the power to make emergency lighting energy-efficient with GTD20 and GTD.”

The 25-watt ALTO® Energy Advantage, Philips Lighting Co.’s 4-foot T8 fluorescent, doesn’t sacrifice light quality for energy efficiency. Designed to work on any instant-start ballast, ALTO Energy Advantage T8 lamps allow users to replace their 32-watt T8 lamps for an immediate savings of seven watts — more than a 20-percent energy savings — without switching to a new ballast. The ALTO Energy Advantage T8 offers 25,000 hours of rated average life at 12 hours per start on instant-start ballasts. 25-watt ALTO Energy Advantage T8 by Philips Lighting Co.

“Want to save energy? Philips’ 25-watt ALTO Energy Advantage is the lowest energy-consuming 4-foot T8 lamp on the market.”

When used over Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), cement plaster, tilt-up panel, cement board, or precast structures, TerraNeo® — a natural aggregate premium finish from Dryvit — offers traditional Old World values to the exterior or interior of a building with high-performance attributes. TerraNeo creates stunning looks with a dramatic blend of naturally colored, multiple-sized quartz aggregates that are mixed with Mica chips to create a dazzling and unique appearance. Ten distinctive colors afford optimal design flexibility and regional styles and preferences. TerraNeo by Dryvit Systems Inc.

“Here’s an ideal solution for building professionals seeking the classic look and performance of granite, without having to pay a premium. TerraNeo is stunning!”


Using patent-pending Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, Humanscale’s Liberty™ chair (designed by Niels Diffrient) combines the benefits of traditional mesh seating — breathability, durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal — with the body-friendly support of highly contoured cushions. Three panels of extremely low-stretch mesh, bonded together in a specific pattern to create a contoured shape optimized for the human back, result in exceptional lumbar support without an external lumbar device — with automatic adjustment. Liberty chair by Humanscale.

“Dynamic in looks and performance, Liberty proves that mesh can be versatile. An automatic counter-balance recline supports users of any size — in any position.”

The Spirovent® combination air/dirt separator from Spirotherm employs the patented Spirotube® coalescing/barrier medium to scrub air and dirt from hot and chilled water systems with unprecedented efficiency, allowing it to break free of the flow path. Air is released through a patented air release mechanism, while the dirt falls to the bottom and collects in the dirt chamber where it can be blown down through a manual or automatic blow down valve. Spirovent combination air/dirt separator from Spirotherm Inc.

“An end-user testimonial speaks for itself: ‘Our maintenance costs to clean the hot and chilled loop coils have dropped by 95 percent since the Spirovents were installed … these Spirovents are literally worth their weight in gold.’ ”

The LogiSon™ Acoustic Network™ from K.R. Moeller Associates is the only fully digital soundmasking, paging, and music system to offer complete central control of individual speakers. Timer and paging zones; volume and equalizer settings; and paging channel selection for each speaker, a group of speakers, or the entire network are configured through a centrally located control panel or remotely with user-friendly LogiSon Acoustic Network Manager software. Network can be installed in new or retrofit, open, and/or closed plan spaces of any size — and is easily expanded or relocated. LogiSon Acoustic Network by K.R. Moeller Associates Ltd.

“What do you expect in the digital age? Speed, ease, and versatility. This complete sound-masking and communication system will meet anyone’s highest acoustic requirements.”


Lochinvar’s expanded line of Intelli-Fin® water heaters and boilers are intelligent, flexible, and space-saving. As the industry’s first water heater or boiler to use LonWorks technology for integration into building management systems via an open network, the company has expanded the Intelli-Fin line to include models with inputs of 750,000; 1 million; 1.3 million; 1.5 million; 1.7 million; and 2 million BTUs/hour. Each model operates up to 97-percent thermal efficiency. Intelli-Fin water heaters and boilers by Lochinvar.

“Save some energy and space with Lochnivar’s Intelli-Fin water heaters and boilers.”

ARCHIBUS’ FM Web Central® 14 is a Web-based facilities and infrastructure management product that offers personalized interfaces for each site and user while coordinating information across an organization. User-friendly, FM Web Central 14 organizes technology around the way organizations do business. The program expresses management initiatives clearly in terms of activities that represent individual business goals and the workflows to achieve them. FM Web Central 14 by ARCHIBUS Inc.

“In today’s climate of doing more with less, FM Web Central 14 eases the frustration of organizations wishing to collect, edit, and monitor project and infrastructure data from anywhere in the world — easily and effectively.”


NUCONSTEEL’s™ NUWALL is a pre-engineered, pre-fabricated wall panel system manufactured with Just-In-Time roll-forming, which brings an innovative approach to wall panelization. The traditional three-step fabrication process, from initial drawings to finished product, is reduced to one fully enhanced software solution. NUWALL offers superior strength, dimensional stability, and quick installation; this and all NUCONSTEEL products are engineered for compatibility with one another and other corresponding structural products on the market. NUWALL by NUCONSTEEL, a Nucor Co.

“This fully integrated designer and manufacturer offers the industry another ‘total’ framing solution. The result? Savings — for a project and your pocketbook!”


New Extra Microperforated MetalWorks™ ceiling panels from Armstrong combine smooth visuals with high-acoustic performance. Unique microperforations measure only seven-tenths of a millimeter in diameter, which makes them practically invisible; yet, they allow ceiling panels to achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.65, meaning panels absorb 65 percent of the sound that strikes them. An even higher NRC of 0.90 is possible through the use of a fiber glass infill behind the perforations. Two- by 2-foot panels — available in white, silver grey, and gun metal grey — are offered with either a square tegular or patented Armstrong Vector™ edge detail. Extra Microperforated MetalWorks ceiling panels by Armstrong World Industries Inc.

“Such a sophisticated high-tech metallic look is ideal for high-visibility areas. And now its high-acoustic qualities truly show how form and function equal performance.”

The Décor Batten, a 2-inch by 2-inch batten rib that joins the smaller 1-inch by 1-inch Profile rib in Sarnafil’s Décor Roof Systems, offers a stronger design element for very large or tall buildings or for aesthetic emphasis. Décor Roof Systems provide the appearance of metal roofs, with the long-lasting, high-performance, watertight-integrity, and low-maintenance qualities of the company’s thermoplastic membrane (the G410 membrane, which is hot-air welded to produce watertight seams that are actually stronger than the membrane itself). Décor Batten/Décor Roof System by Sarnafil Inc.

“Looks like a metal roof, but protects like a one-piece membrane: Sarnafil’s Décor Roof Systems featuring the new Décor Batten inspires confidence!”


Available from Ceilings Plus, Arboreal™ wood ceiling panels achieve a new level of affordability and design versatility. These panels feature real wood veneers laminated to lightweight aluminum panels. Panels can be perforated for acoustical performance and fabricated in a variety of sizes, shapes, and curves. To meet LEED criteria, Arboreal panels have zero VOCs or formaldehyde, contain recycled aluminum, and can be specified with certified veneers from sustainable forests. Arboreal by Ceilings Plus.

“Nothing beats the warmth of wood. Ceilings Plus offers it to you with its Arboreal ceilings.”


An exciting color/pattern revamp of Carnegie’s revolutionary Xorel line of fabrics offers end-users aesthetic versatility in depth and range. Dash is a softly reflective pattern with complex color mixtures in new colored neutrals; Laser and Flashback speak out with bright Day-Glo hues. In addition to these and more new patterns, Strie, Nexus, and Meteor have been reintroduced. Woven from 100-percent polyethylene single-strands yarn, Xorel offers both strength and colorfastness, as well as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and non-absorbent qualities. Xorel update by Carnegie.

“Need to feel energized? This extensive array of new patterns — alongside reintroduced classics — shows a true vision for the future, without being pigeon-holed as trendy. Plus, its low toxicity and off-gassing make it a sustainable choice.”

Dow Corning’s Contractors Weather-proofing Sealant is an economical, quality sealant for low-rise projects. One-part, neutral cure, 100-percent silicone sealant offers +/-25-percent movement capability, medium modulus, balanced strength, and unprimed adhesion to Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and most non-porous substrates. Company backs its product with a 5-Year Weatherseal Limited Warranty. Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant by Dow Corning Corp.

“There’s no longer a need to compromise performance for price. Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant addresses both — with the added bonus of design aesthetics and flexibility.”

Sierra™ Series Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) Toilet Partitions — for the school market and other heavy-use and -abuse, vandal-prone washroom environments — provide superior resistance to scratching, gouging, and impact overall. SCRC panels are fabricated with solid color clear through: ASTM testing confirms ultra-hard GraffitiOff™ Surface provides complete, non-ghosting graffiti removal. Partitions’ maintainability and structural stability result in increased life-cycle savings. Sierra Series SCRC Toilet Partitions by Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.

“Sold on solid plastic materials in heavy-use/-abuse washrooms? Don’t be (they’re soft and porous). Turn instead to a solid — literally — performer: the Sierra Series.”


Videx’s CyberLock® is an intelligent lock cylinder designed to convert existing mechanical locks into full-functioning access control systems without hard-wiring. CyberLock permits access for authorized users at specific times on pre-selected days, and provides a comprehensive audit report of all entries. With no batteries in cylinders and no wires to install, CyberLock can go virtually anywhere; access privileges and battery power are located in the CyberKey. CyberLock by Videx Inc.

“Flexible, inexpensive, and easy to install, CyberLock offers peace of mind for security-conscious businesses.”


The Fusion Series of laminate designs from Wilsonart emulates the upscale appeal of marble. By striking the perfect balance between color, texture, and dimension through state-of-the-art printing technology, this premium finish achieves the smooth stone-like texture and appearance of depth indicative of natural marble. Fusion Series by Wilsonart Intl. Inc.

“Fusion Series is marketed as an ‘interpretation of marble,’ but this fresh, contemporary recreation appears as luxurious as the timeless product — at an affordable price.”


FABRITEC Wall Panels from illbruck Architectural Products offer exceptional acoustical control; easy installation; and an array of colors, stunning-patterned fabrics, and custom and standard sizes. Made from unique willtec® foam core (a fiber-free, open-cell, melamine foam), FABRITEC Wall Panels are durable, impact resistant, tackable — and ideal for noisy open areas. FABRITEC Wall Panels from illbruck Architectural Products.

“Sound absorption just got a whole lot more appealing. FABRITEC Wall Panels perform well and look fabulous!”


Allsteel has set a new standard for the task seating market with the Sum™ task chair that makes ergonomics, functionality, and style uniquely accessible to 90 percent of all chair users. Sum’s patent-pending, first-of-its-kind AutoFit™ technology provides the ultimate in comfort without the need for manual control levers to adjust lumbar support. Fully adjustable arms easily change height, width, and depth to allow users to customize the support needed for their body type and work style. Sum by Allsteel Inc.

“Talk about intuitive! The Sum chair seems to understand your needs — even before you do!”


The Natura™ finish for aluminum, recently introduced by Vistawall Architectural Products, looks like wood. The woodgrain design is applied directly to the metal and then baked to make it durable and virtually maintenance-free. From a distance of 5 feet, Natura gives the appearance of a fine piece of wood that has been crafted and hand-finished into doors and windows. Natura finish for aluminum by Vistawall Architectural Products.

“Have the best of both worlds — the beauty and warmth of natural wood and the strength and durability of aluminum — with Natura.”

Nienkämper’s Instant Space™ , a movable wall housed in an aluminum column for easy storage and light handling, can be used to alter a space — instantly. Inside the column is a two-sided, flame-retardant textile screen, 6-feet high by up to 12-feet wide, which is opaque and sound-absorbent. The opacity of the material makes the wall suitable for projection as well. Instant Space by Nienkämper Furniture and Accessories Inc.

“Instant Space is the perfect example of how architecture and design can work — and work well — together. This solution epitomizes user-friendly reconfigurability.”


Crushed 100-percent post-use glass, set in vivid color-pigmented epoxy resin, creates striking terrazzo stairways, floors, and countertops. EnviroGLAS® Terrazzo is LEED-certified and low maintenance, with a life-cycle of more than 40 years. Finished EnviroGLAS Terrazzo is a minimum of 3/8-inch thick. EnviroGLAS Terrazzo by EnviroGLAS Products Inc.

“High performance, low maintenance, a vivid aesthetic — and a long life-cycle and sustainable message too? Skeptics who think that ‘green’ can’t possibly provide it all need only look at EnviroGLAS Terrazzo. The product is stunning, creative, environmentally friendly — and it works.”


CoreStreet’s KeyFast™ technology meets enterprise needs for physical and logical access to provide the highest possible security from door to device to desktop. Now, together with the development of a new line of door locks with ASSA ABLOY, the alliance is pioneering a first-of-its-kind generation of keyless door locks that enable identity management to meet the physical world (by extending the reach of physical access systems in a cost-effective way). By not requiring a secure, hard-wired connection to a trusted authority at each door, KeyFast-enabled products eliminate the main cost factor. Product line consists of Access Control Units and the corresponding Access Management Server. KeyFast/door locks by CoreStreet Ltd. and ASSA ABLOY.

“Security like this has to be seen to be believed. What once seemed impossible — an access control system without the need for hard-wired connections — is now the latest in cutting-edge control.”

Bradley Corp.’s Frequency™ Lavatory System combines standard and ADA-compliant stations into a single unit. Available in one-, two-, and three-station options, Frequency features a specially designed infrared-controlled faucet and a complete line of coordinating accessories to ensure that soap dispensers, mirrors, shelves, towel dispensers, and waste receptacles have the same fluid look. The Frequency Lav is made of Bradley’s Terreon® solid surface material in a choice of 18 custom colors. Frequency Lavatory System by Bradley Corp.

“With its unconventional wave design and dual-user capacity, Frequency bends the rules of design. Thank goodness!”


Antron® , a leading carpet fiber brand in the INVISTA family of brands, has launched the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator, a new online tool for carpet specifiers that calculates the potential maintenance cost savings associated with using a carpet made of Antron carpet fiber. The tool is designed to measure the factors that affect a carpet’s appearance and performance on the floor and what that means for ownership costs over a period of 7 years — the typical expected life of a commercial carpet. The model’s data is based on years of floor assessments, and evaluates the amount of carpet, its cost, expected annual traffic levels, and cost of deep cleaning. Total Cost of Ownership Calculator by Antron/INVISTA.

“At the top of facilities professionals’ wish lists is having a financial rationale/calculation for product purchases. Antron’s Total Cost of Ownership Calculator is just the ticket for their needs.”


Rejuvenate, a new collection of carpet from Shaw Tek® , brings opulence to the healthcare setting. Therapeutic and healing designs from Esther Dunbar-Cullum meld organic patterns and natural color combinations to show that an instrument of healing can also be a thing of beauty. Engineered for applications with excessive exposure to moisture, cleaning, traffic, and light, Rejuvenate is constructed of Eco Solution Q® fiber (safe for both humans and the environment). The collection, available in 13 colors, features four patterns and two coordinating textures. Rejuvenate by Shaw Tek.

“Natural and relaxing: Rejuvenate is reminiscent of a fine hotel. What better therapy for a healthcare setting?”

GPX “Snap-Together” Frames from SAFTI provide the maximum barrier against fire and radiant heat transfer. Listed by ITS and UL for 60-, 90-, and 120-minute applications, these frames are available in virtually any custom architectural make-up. By incorporating the appropriately rated fire and security glazing into GPX “Snap-Together” frames, users can create an aesthetically pleasing barrier against fire, ballistic, and impact forces. GPX “Snap-Together Frames by SAFTI Fire Rated Glass.

“Classified as transparent walls and limited only by approved glazing sizes, GPX ‘Snap-Together’ Frames offer maximum protection and maximum design flexibility.”


Total Door’s Storm Sentry™ is the most cost-effective hurricane door solution available, both in terms of hardware and installation. System is based on its standard full-height, semi-concealed hinge and full-height locking channel designed for superior strength and installation flexibility. Fewer parts mean lower life-cycle costs and reduced maintenance. Storm Sentry by Total Door.

“Strong when it’s needed, Total Door’s Storm Sentry is a ‘total’ solution.”

KONE’s EcoSpace is the first machine-room-less elevator to fit in the hydraulic hoistway. Until now, building professionals had to custom-design each building that would house a machine-room-less solution. Now, anyone with a hydraulic elevator designed into their building plans can save money (lower electricity costs), save space (no machine room), and avoid hazardous chemicals (no buried plungers and cylinders full of hydraulic oil). Additionally, the ride quality — as measured by vertical and horizontal vibration and noise — rivals that of the super high-rise/super luxury elevators in the world’s finest buildings. EcoSpace by KONE Inc.

“Ideal when building space is at a premium, KONE’s EcoSpace ‘fits’ into the goals and budgets of any building owner.”


SuperDuct combination smoke/CO2 duct detectors from Edwards Systems Tech-nology (EST) offer the convenience of modular design plus the power of advanced sensing technology. With a single controller able to serve two detectors, installers have the freedom to configure the SuperDuct to suit the tight spaces typical of duct applications — and still have ready access to field connections and maintenance features. SuperDuct’s advanced circuit board-mounted photoelectric sensor is an integral part of the detector assembly and features environmental compensation that does away with sensitivity drift. Its optional CO2 sensor represents a milestone in duct detection that makes SuperDuct the first dual-purpose device of its kind — offering both smoke control and demand control ventilation functionality in one unit. SuperDuct by Edwards Systems Technology.

“SuperDuct provides a simple-to-install, easy-to-maintain, and highly-reliable solution for CO2 monitoring and smoke detection needs — all at an installed cost to suit even the tightest budget!”


Intrepid® Filtration Media, for use in HVAC filters for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, is designed to offer better filtration performance than traditional cotton/poly filter media for cleaner air, higher energy efficiency, and longer filter life. Made of thermally bonded, continuous hydrophobic polyolefin fibers that will not shed or absorb moisture, Intrepid features a structured density gradient, which helps improve energy efficiency and provides a solid mechanical foundation in which to maintain its high efficiency. Intrepid Filtration Media by Kimberly-Clark Corp.

“The quest for improved indoor air quality is over. Intrepid makes it happen!”

Acuity from KMC Controls is a Web-enabled suite of enterprise-ready building automation software. Offering flexibility in terms of implementation, access, and interface, Acuity can be implemented in a standalone fashion, in a client-server configuration, or a Web-server configuration. The suite of products includes standard and Web GUIs, an object server, a configuration tool, a scheduler, a trend manager, an alarm manager, an event logger, the integration manager, and various drivers. Acuity by KMC Controls.

“With user-friendly modules and powerful control features for full system management, Acuity may just be the missing link!”

The first eco-friendly impact protection product in the industry, the EcoSeries™ Bumper System from Boston Retail helps reduce environmental waste while offering a flexible bumper solution at the same price as “rigid” bumpers. Made of high-performance recycled flexible vinyl, this bumper is available in continuous rolls, eliminating scrap and reducing storage space requirements. The cosmetics and performance are exactly the same as original Boston Bumpers® but this product’s inner core contains recycled materials. EcoSeries Bumper System by Boston Retail.

“Easy, trouble-free installation and maintenance, too? EcoSeries allows owners to protect their building investment and the environment!”


AERCO’s WaterWizard steam-to-water heater offers high energy efficiency; low maintenance; and a long, trouble-free life. Radically different than conventional U-tube designs, the uniquely shaped helical coils of the WaterWizard naturally wind and unwind as the metal expands and contracts with temperature changes. This movement inhibits scale formation during normal operation and helps to automatically break down build-up during normal operations. A dedicated sub-cooling coil increases operating efficiency by delivering more usable heat per pound of steam. WaterWizard by AERCO Intl. Inc.

“This doorway-sized, semi-instantaneous water heater is perfect in any low- or high-steam pressure domestic hot water heating system. Get it now!”

Pathways Architectural Solutions (PAS) from Steelcase comprise a portfolio of products that afford an alternative process to today’s traditional construction. PAS includes Pathways Privacy Wall, Pathways Privacy Wall GS, Pathways Stage Access Floor, Pathways Low Profile Floor, Pathways Modular Power, Pathways Zone Cabling, and lighting from Lightolier. Solutions helps reduce construction schedules by simplifying the complexity of the construction process through modularity. Pathways Architectural Solutions by Steelcase Inc.

“High-performance space with a quick turnaround — and the flexibility for reconfigurability? That’s what we call productivity.”

TRIRIGA’s Enterprise 8i Design-Through-Operation (DTO™ ) software solution combines company’s FacilityCenter® 8i and Projects™ 8i applications in a uniquely integrated package designed to automate, streamline, and manage all DTO processes related to facilities and assets. Combining these interrelated functions in one solution enables organizations to create synergies and reduce operational costs by reducing redundant tasks and manual data entry. Enterprise 8i DTO by TRIRIGA.

“The extraordinary breadth of TRIRIGA’s DTO solution means end-users can realize increased efficiencies and decreased costs. Shouldn’t you start today?”


MEG (Material Exterior Grade) from ABET Inc. is a compact thermosetting plastic that is used for building façade exteriors. Impact- and graffiti-resistant, termite-proof, and color-fast, the MEG exterior building façade panel is available in 45 standard colors and patterns with customization available. MEG by ABET Inc.

“This durable material is remarkable — and the ideal alternative to traditional materials used in construction.”

The Illuminessence Glass line, designed by Boyce & Bean, comprises four series of solutions for the most luxurious floors, walls, and countertops: Prism Glass, Prism Glass Listellos, Radiance Glass, and Water Crystal Mosaics (pictured). All are made of cast translucent glass that is textured front and back to capture, refract, bend, and twist light; nine water-inspired colors coordinate with one another or can be used to accent ceramic/porcelain, stone, or metal tile installations. Illuminessence by Crossville Inc.

“Ahhhh — Illuminessence is beautiful. All interiors should feel so alive with such visual depth.”

In interiors or exteriors, Hercules Logo Matting from Rightway Inc. enhances an area while protecting it. The stain- and crush-resistant material of 52-ounce solution-dyed polypropylene coarse fiber is self-drying. Hercules helps avoid accidental slipping while reducing maintenance costs, and is available in 48 colors. Hercules Logo Matting by Rightway Inc.

“Stop moisture and grit from attacking your flooring and lobby areas. Hercules is tough — and it looks great (especially with your logo on it!)”


Pallas Textiles’ Ceramica™ Collection uses innovative weaving, textured yarns, and metallic threads to create a luxurious contract fabric with the performance attributes previously attained only through the use of vinyl. Four Crypton® jacquard upholstery textiles and a coordinating solid suede comprise the collection, which plays shine against matte and smooth against nubby, then weaves new textured yarns and metallic threads to create textiles that absorb and reflect light. Ceramica Collection by Pallas Textiles.

“Designer Lori Weitzner does it again — bringing beauty to the practicality of vinyl.”


VFA.facility Version 6.1 from VFA Inc. is a scalable, Web-based capital asset planning and management software system that provides the foundation for informed decision-making. Whether it be about facilities and infrastructure condition, multi-year capital budgeting, capital project planning, or functional adequacy, this powerful knowledge base enables organizations to optimize their investment in facilities and infrastructure in support of their organizational missions. Among the tools: quantified deferred maintenance and configurable benchmarking. VFA.facility Version 6.1 by VFA Inc.

“Make more informed decisions with the assistance of VFA.facility. Whether comparing assets or translating raw capital data, this enterprise repository will help you achieve that unique perspective to succeed.”


With security concerns top-of-mind, BOMI Institute has teamed with Jane’s Information Group to publish Jane’s Property & Facility Managers’ Workplace Security Handbook. This compact, 368-page handbook helps organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from threats to security in the workplace. It provides clear directions for safeguarding facilities and personnel, implementing emergency procedures, communicating during a crisis, and dealing with the aftermath of an emergency. Jane’s Property & Facility Managers’ Workplace Security Handbook by BOMI Institute.

“This insightful, yet easy-to-read reference can be your guide to proactive security. Don’t delay — get it today!”


Wausau Tile Inc. combines the time-tested durability of concrete with the beauty of recycled glass in all of its products. A process of manufacturing, developed in conjunction with Columbia University, includes 100-percent recycled glass in a wide variety of colors to accent the endless choices of matrix. To capture the unique look of recycled glass, choose from site amenities like tables, planters, waste containers, and snuffers or pavers, terrazzo tile, or custom designs. Recycled glass/concrete outdoor products by Wausau Tile Inc.

“Beautiful, durable, and it’s good for the environment. The choices are practically endless with Wausau Tile’s recycled glass/concrete products!”


Although Barcol-Air’s radiant ceiling looks like a typical acoustical ceiling, its panels function as heat exchangers between the room air and chilled water, which run through pipes that are bonded to the non-visible side of the panels. As a result, the ceiling panels actually heat or cool any commercial, institutional, or industrial space. Reduces the size and number of air-handling units and ductwork requirements. Other benefits include improved indoor air quality and further energy savings. Radiant ceiling by Barcol-Air, an Invensys Co.

“Barcol-Air’s radiant ceiling offers everything it takes to be a winner: increased occupant comfort (and less noise), decreased energy consumption, and greater architectural freedom of interior spaces.”


Sony’s IP-based surveillance camera line provides a solution for every situation with the latest digital technologies. The SNC-M Series is an affordable range of four all-in-one, network cameras that incorporate built-in Web servers, network interfaces, and built-in microphones with dual-audio capabilities in a sleek, stylish form. The SNC-DF Series is company’s unobtrusive mini-dome cameras, which are popular in high-traffic areas. The SSC-E Series color video cameras feature the new SuperExwave™ CCD combined with the latest advances in digital signal processing. IP-based surveillance camera line by Sony Electronics.

“And those are just a few of the options. Sony is committed to making sound security solutions.”


A new Fan Coil UVC Kit that provides mold and IAQ control, energy savings, and reduced maintenance is available from Steril-Aire. Each kit contains a UVC Emitter™ and power supply, plus all necessary hardware components to retrofit a fan coil with UVC. Makes it possible to install UVC lights in some of the most difficult to maintain (yet widely used) air-conditioning systems in the HVAC industry: hotels, schools, apartments, office buildings, patient rooms, and more. Fan Coil UVC Kit by Steril-Aire Inc.

“UVC energy continuously cleans coils, improving airflow, temperature, and humidity control. Start safeguarding your building occupants today with the Fan Coil UVC Kit.”


USG Corp.’s FIBEROCK® Brand AQUA-TOUGH™ Interior Panels are engineered to provide increased resistance to abuse while outperforming paper-faced or glass-mat-faced panels. Their unique AQUA-TOUGH formulation provides water resistance through the core, and panels are approved for use in wet areas (independent laboratory tests confirm the panels provide superior mold resistance when they are tested per ASTM D3273-00 standards. Designed to be installed and finished like traditional wallboard, the new panels (available in 1/2- and 5/8-inch thicknesses) feature a smooth surface that can either be painted or finished with ceramic tile. FIBEROCK Brand AQUA-TOUGH Interior Panels by USG Corp.

“Performance plus aesthetics — and innovation, too. These panels raise expectations about substrates; and meet them admirably.”


A new pre-packaged modernization product — Schindler’s Miconic TXpress™ for geared traction elevators — offers advanced performance and reliability with shortened lead times and efficient installation. System offers a streamlined means to upgrade the performance and appearance of older traction elevators in mid-rise buildings. A specially engineered solution allows Schindler to fully modernize a compatible elevator at significantly lower costs with less downtime than conventional modernizations. Miconic TXpress by Schindler Elevator Corp.

“New technology, performance improvement, and reliability in existing traction elevators can now be yours with the Miconic TXpress modernization system. Don’t hesitate; it’s fast and cost-effective!”


Autodesk’s DWF™ Composer software improves the speed and efficiency of the design review process — from reviews, to mark ups, and revisions — by keeping it digital. The software package includes three software components: the Autodesk DWF Composer to review, mark up, and revise DWF files; the Autodesk DWG Viewer to view, plot, and publish DWG files; and the Autodesk DWF Writer to publish DWF files from any application. DWF Composer by Autodesk Inc.

“Delays are for your competitors. Don’t let document processing put you behind. Be on top with DWF Composer.”

Switching between a seated and a standing position at your workstation is now possible — with the StandUp™ , which retrofits to existing keyboard trays to allow users to easily adjust a workstation to accommodate seated and standing positions. A 12-inch scissor lift does the trick — without major changes to a workstation. StandUp by Neutral Posture.

“Neutral Posture has found another cost-effective, non-disruptive ergonomic solution. Interested? Then ‘StandUp.’ ”


Universal’s AddressPro® is a digital lighting system that allows multiple light sources — fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent — to be controlled as one system. Ballasts are available for multiple light sources; system allows these light sources to be individually addressed and grouped into zones. AddressPro digital dimming ballasts and controls are ideal for conference rooms and other areas where complex scenes or reconfigurable zones may be required. AddressPro by Universal Lighting Technologies.

“Multiple sources under one control? AddressPro takes the work (and guesswork) out of dimming.”


The newest addition to the DzynSpec™ Floor Covering Collection from Mats Inc., Bolon is a cost-effective, performance-driven woven vinyl sisal floorcovering that looks better and lasts longer than traditional carpet in high-traffic environments. Available in a diverse palette of colors and weaves, Bolon is more modern-looking than carpet and more colorful than natural sisal (and it’s available in both sheets and tiles). Provides exceptional comfort underfoot, dries quickly, and features a non-slip surface. Bolon by Mats Inc./DzynSpec Collection Div.

“Maintenance and long life make Bolon an ideal ‘green’ product. It’s aesthetics and performance at its best.”

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