New and Improved

Oct. 1, 2004
When I was around 10 years old, I remember a real-life writer invited to speak to our class. Excited, I brought my best poems to class that day to be evaluated by this local celebrity. I don’t recall the writer’s name today, but I have always remembered that she gave me some of the best writing advice I have ever received. Patiently, this author told me what was weak and what was strong with my writing. Most importantly, she urged me – no matter what – to never stop trying. Kind words mean the world to young writers.At Buildings, we are always trying. BI-Buildings Interiors has a mission to cover design issues for building owners and senior-level facilities managers. We will continue this mission, but instead of a quarterly supplement, BI is being retooled as a bi-monthly section throughout 2005. While so many design publications focus on the concerns of the A+D community, Buildings magazine’s editorial staff is committed to covering product performance, maintenance, and employee productivity.This month’s special section, which highlights trends in hard-surface flooring and practical tips for safety flooring, is an example of this type of coverage. Commercial interiors that work beautifully is the topic of this issue and will remain at the heart of BI in its new format. A corporate librarian once sent me an e-mail criticizing the BI publication for changing its format and frequency. While I certainly hate to annoy librarians, all I can say is that we continue to adapt to match market needs. We always strive to bring you high-quality, unbiased, and informative content.I hope to hear comments from you, the Buildings reader, on the strengths and weaknesses of the new version of Buildings Interiors. But remember: Kind words mean the world to not-so-young writers, too.– Regina Raiford Babcock, Senior Editor ([email protected])

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