Who's Who in the Buildings Market 2004: The School Board of Broward County, Florida

Sept. 1, 2004
The 2004 'A' List
#21The School Board of Broward County, FloridaFort Lauderdale, FL
(957) 765-6000
www.browardschools.comFor the 2003-2004 school year, students topped 271,000 – up from 260,892 enrolled in Broward Schools 1 year ago; as a result, the total space used by the Broward County School Board – including schools, adult/vocational centers, charter schools, administrative space, and outside walkways – is at 31.54 million square feet, of which 27 million square feet of space encompasses 2,025 schools, office facilities, and industrial buildings. The district’s total capital plan for school year 2004-2005 is nearly $600.58 million, including $150.36 million for capacity additions; $97.51 million for remodeling and renovation; $8.4 million for indoor air quality projects; $16.84 million for technology; $21.94 million for health/safety/sanitation; $30.14 million for capital improvements; $4.75 million for ADA projects; and $14 million for land. The state of Florida is providing an estimated $7.3 million in funding for class size reduction.[Editors’ Note: The Educational Facilities Plan for FY 2004-2008 for the School Board of Broward County includes funding for 18 new schools, three centers, and 46 classroom addition projects. Funding for 18 replacement schools is included in this plan to restore older facilities. Other funding includes 50 remodeling/renovation projects; 64 walkway, playground, parking, and miscellaneous projects; 28 kitchen and cafeteria projects; and eight media centers. As one of the nation’s fast-growing school systems, adding approximately 10,000 new students each year, it behooves the professionals tasked with project oversight to continually analyze regulations, demographics, and budget against requests. Their expertise and analyses are crucial in moving plans forward in an objective manner. BrowardCounty proves that quality facilities for quality education (in a growing community) can be accomplished.]

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