Who’s Who in the Buildings Market 2003: Building Ownership and Development

Aug. 26, 2003
Firms that develop, own, and/or manage commercial real estate
CB Richard Ellis (944.6)Los Angeles, CA(213) 613-3226www.cbre.comThe merger of CB Richard Ellis and Insignia (July 2003) has formed the largest full-service real estate company of its kind. Operating globally as CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) from 250 offices in 48 countries, the company’s total number of employees is more than 14,000. Last year, the combined companies posted service revenues totaling $1.75 billion and completed over 374 million square feet of leasing worth more than $30 billion. The international property and corporate facilities management portfolio totals more than 700 million square feet of space. Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. (735)
Chicago, IL
(312) 782-5800
www.joneslanglasalle.comAs a global provider of real estate and investment management services, Jones Lang LaSalle serves clients from offices in more than 100 markets on five continents. Working from three geographic regions (the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe), the company boasts a portfolio of approximately 735 million square feet of property under management worldwide. Additional services provided include property development, leasing, project management, tenant representation, and investment management. Colliers International (332.5)
Boston, MA
(617) 722-0221
www.colliers.comSince 1986, Colliers International has been a corporation of independently owned commercial real estate firms. The company currently has 7,600 employees in 238 offices in 51 countries. Among the company’s offerings are brokerage, construction consulting, real estate management, development, and investment services – as well as assisting corporations with acquisition, disposition, move management, project management, portfolio management, and more. Currently, 332.5 million square feet of space are under management, and revenues in 2002 topped $880 million.

ProLogis (231.7)

Aurora, CO(303) 375-9292www.prologis.comA provider of distribution facilities and services, the portfolio of ProLogis includes 1,742 facilities (231.7 million square feet of space) owned, managed, and under development in over 67 markets throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Lend Lease Real Estate Investments Inc. (219.9)
Atlanta, GA(404) 848-8600www.lendleaserei.com
Lend Lease Real Estate Investments Inc. is one of the largest real estate investment managers in the world with $39 billion in real estate and mortgages under management. The company reports a portfolio of 1,471 buildings. 138 Office Buildings*: 42 million square feet. 37 Retail Buildings*: 22.5 million square feet. 18 Hotels with a total of 4,383 rooms*: 1.3 million square feet (according to Buildings’ estimates of 300 square feet per room). 1,155 Multi-family and Senior Living Facilities with a total of 142,389 units*: 113.9 million square feet (according to Buildings’ estimates of 800 square feet per unit). 117 Industrial Buildings*: 37.6 million square feet. 6 Other Commercial Buildings*: 2.6 million square feet.
ONCOR International (213+)
Chicago, IL(312) 527-4455www.oncorintl.comONCOR International serves more than 200 markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and South Africa, as an organization of top-ranked, privately owned commercial real estate companies. Among the professional services offered are the leasing and sale of office and industrial real estate, investment services, leasing and other associated services for retail facilities, and tenant representation. The company employs 4,472 employees worldwide in 164 offices and manages a portfolio in excess of 213 million square feet. Opus Corporation/National (207)
Minnetonka, MN(952) 656-4444www.opuscorp.comThe Opus Corporation is composed of design, construction, and development companies and has 27 locations in five regional operating centers throughout the United States. 554 Office Buildings*: 67.1 million square feet. 148 Retail Buildings*: 19.6 million square feet. 365 Institutional Buildings*: 16 million square feet. 927 Industrial Buildings*: 104.3 million square feet. Opus has 1,350 Full-Time Facilities Professionals employed and has 22.9 million square feet currently planned or under development*. This year marks the company’s 50th anniversary. Lincoln Property Company Commercial Inc. (184.7)
Dallas, TX(214) 740-3300www.lincolnproperty.com
Number of Professionals Involved Full-Time in Facilities*: 2,300. 326 Office Buildings*: 52.9 million square feet. 32 Shopping Centers*: 6.4 million square feet. 14 Chain Stores*: 1.6 million square feet. 180 Healthcare Buildings*: 18 million square feet. 101,683 units/Multi-family Housing*: 91.5 million square feet. 69 Industrial Buildings*: 14.3 million square feet. The company provides development services, property management and leasing, advisory services, corporate services, and tech services.
Simon Property Group Inc. (182)Indianapolis, IN(317) 636-1600www.simon.com
Simon Property Group (SPG) maintains its status as the largest publicly traded retail real estate company in North America for another year and reports a portfolio of 238 buildings totaling 182 million square feet. The company is engaged in the ownership and management of income-producing properties, primarily regional malls and community shopping centers. As of June 2003, the company’s total market capitalization was approximately $23 billion.
General Growth Properties (140+)
Chicago, IL(312) 960-5000www.generalgrowth.com
General Growth Properties (GGP) ended 2002 with ownership interests in, or management responsibility for, 160 regional shopping malls totaling more than 140 million square feet of retail space. The company has more than 3,500 employees nationwide. The GGP portfolio also contains 26 community centers and 1.3 million square feet of retail space, obtained during the 2002 acquisition of JP Realty.
Equity Office Properties Trust (131.4)Chicago, IL(312) 466-3300www.equityoffice.com
Equity Office Properties (EOP) has nearly quadrupled in size since its Initial Public Offering in July 1997. The company is currently the largest real estate investment trust in the United States and largest office building owner and manager. EOP’s portfolio contains 729 Office Buildings*, totaling more than 125 million square feet, and 76 Industrial Buildings*, equaling nearly 6 million square feet of space. The company employs 1,571 Professionals* Involved Full-Time in Facilities.
Duke Realty Corp. (117.6)Indianapolis, IN(317) 808-6000www.dukerealty.com
Serving more than 4,500 tenants and a company portfolio of 976 office, industrial, and retail buildings, Duke Realty Corp. employs 356 Full-Time Facilities Professionals.*  278 Office Buildings*: 30.9 million square feet. 8 Shopping Centers*: 667,165 square feet. 5 Chain Stores*: 399,702 square feet. 685 Industrial Buildings*: 85.7 million square feet. The company reports more than $59 million in Capital Expenditures and $121 million for Operational Expenses devoted toward facilities in 2003*. New Construction projects under way in 2003 total 3.4 million square feet*.
The Westfield Group (90)
Los Angeles, CA(310) 478-4456www.westfield.com
The Westfield Group is a vertically integrated group of companies involved in funding, creating, and managing a global portfolio of regional and super regional shopping centers. With a portfolio of 113 shopping centers in four countries, Westfield serves as developer, architect, builder, property manager, and funds manager for more than 90 million square feet of retail space.
Developers Diversified Realty (85)
Beachwood, OH(877) 225-5337www.ddrc.com
According to the company website, Developers Diversified Realty (DDR) currently owns and manages approximately 400 retail properties in 44 states. The company’s portfolio increased in first-quarter 2003 when DDR merged with JDN Realty, acquiring 102 retail assets aggregating 23 million square feet, including 16 development properties. As an integrated real estate firm, DDR actively develops, acquires, operates, manages, and invests in income-producing shopping centers nationwide.
AMB Property Corp. (80.4)San Francisco, CA(415) 394-9000www.amb.com
AMB Property Corporation is a global owner and operator of industrial real estate. The company focuses on distribution facilities located in the largest and most supply-constrained hub and gateway markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. 873 Industrial Buildings*: 80.4 million square feet. The company currently has 7 New Construction projects planned for completion in 2003 totaling 953,014 square feet*.
Hines (80)Houston, TX(713) 621-8000www.hines.comHines is one of the largest privately held real estate development, investment, and management companies in the world, reporting a portfolio of more than 80 million square feet of space. 165 Office Buildings*: 73.5 million square feet. 6 Retail Buildings*: 135,000 square feet. 3 Multi-family Buildings*: 690,000 square feet. 7 Government Buildings*: 3.12 million square feet. 9 Industrial Buildings*: 2.55 million square feet. The company has 4 million square feet of New Construction projects and 500,000 square feet of Modernization Projects slated for completion in 2003*. Vornado Realty Trust (75)
Paramus, NJ(201) 587-1000www.vno.comSince January 1997, Vornado Realty has completed more than $6.8 billion in real estate acquisitions or investments and has embarked on an aggressive expansion strategy. According to the company’s last annual report, the company owns all or portions of 74 Office Properties (27.7 million square feet), 62 Retail Properties (12.5 million square feet), the Merchandise Mart Portfolio (8.6 million square feet), 8 Industrial Properties (2 million square feet), the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City (1 million square feet), as well as interests in two Partnerships. First Industrial Realty Trust (60)Chicago, IL(312) 344-4300www.firstindustrial.comFirst Industrial Realty Trust owns, operates, and manages a portfolio of diversified industrial real estate, totaling 888 buildings. The company currently has more than 73 million square feet in 25 markets nationwide under development. First Industrial offers clients the ability to complete transactions – including development, redevelopments, acquisitions, sales, leases, or an entire supply chain reconfiguration. Carter & Associates (69)
Atlanta, GA
(404) 888-3000
www.carterusa.comCarter & Associates is a privately held company with a regional focus in the Southeastern United States. The company has more than 500 professionals working in nine offices, offering clients development, transaction, property management, and project leasing services. The company had $600 million in commercial real estate transactions in 2002 alone, and offers clients the experience of 45 million square feet of developments and 24 million square feet of managed and leased properties.Kimco Realty Corporation (66) New Hyde Park, NY(516) 869-9000www.kimcorealty.comWhat started with a handshake between two friends has grown into the nation’s largest publicly traded owner and operator of neighborhood and community shopping centers. Kimco Realty currently owns or operates almost 500 properties in 41 states, comprising approximately 66 million square feet of leasable space. Since incorporation in 1966, the company has specialized in the acquisition, development, and management of well-located shopping centers with growth potential. AEW Capital Management LP (64.95)
Boston, MA(617) 261-9000www.aew.comAEW Capital Management LP is a real estate investment advisory firm, which is invested in $18.7 billion of property and securities in the United States and Europe. Office Buildings*: 15 million square feet. Shopping Centers*: 18 million square feet. 6,500 Hotel/Motel units (at Buildings’ estimates of 300 square feet each)*: 1.95 million square feet. 20,000 Multi-family units (at Buildings’ estimates of 800 square feet each)*: 16 million square feet. Industrial Buildings*: 14 million square feet. CBL & Associates (59.4)Chattanooga, TN(423) 855-0001www.cblproperties.comCBL & Associates primarily owns regional malls that are dominant retail facilities in middle-market areas. The company is also an active developer of these properties as well, and reports a portfolio of 161 Shopping Centers, totaling 59.4 million square feet*. Capital Spending devoted to facilities is approximately $60 million, with Operational Expenditures totaling $183.7 million for 2003*. CBL currently has 800,000 square feet of development under way and slated for completion in 2003*. Forest City Enterprises Inc. (58.4)Cleveland, OH(216) 621-6030www.fceinc.comFor more than 80 years, Forest City Enterprises has developed, owned, and managed a diverse portfolio of premier real estate property. 33 Office Buildings: 9.4 million square feet. 44 Retail Buildings: 18.1 million square feet. 8 Hotel/Motel Buildings with a total of 2,941 rooms: 882,300 square feet (according to Buildings’ estimates of 300 square feet per room). 129 Apartment Communities with 37,702 units: 30.1 million square feet (according to Buildings’ estimates of 800 square feet per unit). The Macerich Company (58)
Santa Monica, CA(310) 394-6000www.macerich.comAs the largest owner/operator of regional malls in the Western United States, the Macerich Company portfolio consists of 56 malls, 20 community centers in 21 states, and two development properties, aggregating approximately 58 million square feet of gross leasable area (GLA). Acquisition activity in 2002, as well as the merger with Westcor, has enabled substantial growth. The company has developed a strategy during Macerich’s near-30-year history of acquiring dominant regional malls and subsequently transforming them through redevelopment, leasing, management, and marketing. The Rouse Company (53.7)
Columbia, MD(410) 992-6000www.therousecompany.comThe Rouse Company currently operates approximately 150 properties, including retail, office, research and development, industrial, and hotel facilities. Owns and operates 47 Retail Centers, including three Community Centers, totaling 40 million square feet. Additionally, 6 Mixed-use Projects, all located in major cities, contain 800,000 square feet of retail space and 1.9 million square feet of office space; and the company’s portfolio contains 10 million square feet of Office/Industrial Space.  The company manages properties in 22 states and has more than 3,700 employees nationwide. New Plan Excel Realty Trust Inc. (52.4)New York, NY(212) 869-3000www.newplan.comFocusing on the ownership and management of community and neighborhood shopping centers, New Plan Realty Trust’s national portfolio consists of more than 390 properties in 35 states. Of the portfolio’s 52.4 million square feet of space, 49.5 million square feet is in Community and Neighborhood Shopping Centers with the remaining 2.9 million square feet of gross leasable area devoted to 39 related Retail real estate assets.

Tishman Speyer Properties (52)

New York, NY(212) 715-0300www.tishmanspeyer.comSince the company’s formation in 1978, Tishman Speyer has developed or acquired a portfolio of over 52 million square feet, valued at more than $15 billion. The company has built a reputation on its commitment to excellence through ownership, development, and operation of first-class real estate, and includes in its portfolio icons such as New York City’s Chrysler Building and Berlin’s Sony Center. With 17 offices around the world, the company employs more than 630 professionals.Liberty Property Trust (51.1)Malvern, PA(610) 648-1700www.libertyproperty.comLiberty Property Trust is a fully integrated real estate firm, developing, acquiring, and managing first-class properties in prime suburban locations. Concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern, and Midwestern states, Liberty’s portfolio includes 652 Industrial, Research and Development, and Office facilities totaling 51.1 million square feet of space. Prior to becoming a public company, Liberty was known as Rouse & Associates.

Trizec Properties Incorporated (48)

Chicago, IL(312) 798-6000www.trz.comLaunched as a publicly traded U.S. office REIT in May 2002, Trizec owns a portfolio of 69 Office Properties totaling approximately 48 million square feet of space. These buildings are mostly concentrated in seven U.S. markets – Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. Among the properties owned by the company are the Sears Tower (Chicago), Watergate Office Building (Washington, D.C.), and One Alliance Center (Atlanta).

Brookfield Properties Corporation (46)

New York, NY(212) 417-7000www.brookfieldproperties.comBrookfield Properties owns, manages, and develops office properties in the downtown core of New York City, Boston, Toronto, Calgary, Denver, and Minneapolis. The company’s portfolio of 46 million square feet of space includes more than 50 Office Buildings including most of Manhattan’s World Financial Center and BCE Place in Toronto. The company is publicly traded and has a stock market value of $9 billion in assets. HSA Commercial Real Estate (44)
Chicago, IL(312) 332-3555www.hsacommercial.comCelebrating more than 20 years of excellence in commercial real estate, the full-service HSA Commercial Real Estate specializes in office, industrial, retail, and healthcare facilities. With 30 million square feet* of space owned (11.7 million square feet in Industrial Buildings* alone) and 14 million square feet* of  space managed, the firm has completed more than 6,000 brokerage transactions. The firm’s Asset Management Group currently manages a diverse portfolio valued in excess of $1.5 billion*. Boston Properties Inc. (42.9)
Boston, MA(617) 236-3300www.bostonproperties.comBoston Properties is a self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT) that develops, redevelops, manages, operates, and owns a diverse portfolio of Class-A office, industrial, and hotel properties. The company’s portfolio consists of 139 properties, comprising 42.9 million square feet of space, including three properties under development totaling 2 million square feet. The Gale Company (42.8)Florham Park, NJ(973) 301-9500www.thegalecompany.comThe Gale Company has one of the largest private office portfolios and reports a total of 42.8 million square feet of space. 474 Office Buildings*: 42.51 million square feet. 64 Chain Stores*: 175,000 square feet. 2 Industrial Buildings*: 115,000 square feet. The company reports $65 million in Capital Expenditures and $168 million in Operational Spending devoted to facilities in 2003*, and has 262 Full-Time Facilities Professionals employed*.

Archon Group LP (42.7)

Irving, TX(972) 368-2200www.archongroup.comArchon Group is an international, full-service commercial real estate investment management and mortgage loan company. 81 Office Buildings*: 13.5 million square feet. 15 Shopping Centers*: 1.2 million square feet. 2 Hotel/Motel Buildings with a total of 396 rooms*: 171,025 square feet. 101 Multi-family Housing Buildings with a total of 27,488 units*: 23.2 million square feet. 10 Industrial Buildings*: 2.6 million square feet. 4 Other Commercial buildings*: 1.9 million square feet. In 2003, the company estimates $118 million in Capital Expenditures for facilities, with $211 million designated for Operational Expenses*.

Edward Rose Building Enterprise (39.2)

Farmington Hills, MI(248) 539-2255www.edwardrose.comEdward Rose Building Enterprise is involved in the ownership, development, and management of apartment communities, corporate housing, and multi-family buildings. 49,000 Multi-family Housing Units*: 39.2 million square feet. Edward Rose employs 20 Full-Time Facilities Professionals and has devoted $60 million dollars in 2003 toward Facilities Operations*. The company has New Construction projects under way totaling 1 million square feet and is Modernizing approximately 10 million square feet of property in 2003*.

Panattoni Development Company (32)

Sacramento, CA(916) 381-1561www.panattoni.comPanattoni Development specializes in build-to-suit opportunities and develops, leases, owns, and manages industrial, office, and retail projects in more than 85 U.S. cities. More than 69 million square feet has been developed by the company since 1986. The company is headquartered in Sacramento and has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Irvine, Memphis, Nashville, Portland, and Reno.

The Beitler Company (30)

Chicago, IL(312) 855-0277www.beitlerco.comAs the successor to the Miglin-Beitler Company, the Beitler Company has been responsible for the development of more than 10 million square feet of Class-A, Chicago-area Office Space, and is currently responsible for managing a portfolio of more than 30 million square feet in 16 states. The company specializes in development, tenant representation, construction, asset management, consulting, disposition and acquisition of property, and interior facility development and management.

Colson & Colson Construction Co. (28.8)

Salem, OR(503) 370-7070Colson & Colson Construction is a developer of retirement communities, building these properties nationwide for Holiday Retirement Corp. The company reports a portfolio consisting of 7 Office Buildings (totaling 200,000 square feet), 5 Chain Stores (totaling 30,000 square feet), and 275 Multi-family Buildings (totaling 28.6 million square feet)*. Colson & Colson employs more than 10,000 Full-Time Facilities Professionals and has 1.5 million square feet of New Construction under way, slated for completion before year-end*. Mack-Cali Realty Corp. (28.7)Cranford, NJ(908) 272-8000www.mack-cali.comMack-Cali Realty Corp. is a fully integrated, self-administered, self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT), providing management, leasing, development, construction, and other tenant-related services for its Class-A real estate portfolio. 250 Office Buildings*: 28.3 million square feet. 6 Industrial Buildings*: 387,400 square feet.

Keystone Property Trust (27)

West Conshohocken, PA(484) 530-1800www.keystoneproperty.comServing the eastern half of the United States, Keystone Property Trust owns and develops bulk warehouse and distribution facilities. 120 Industrial Buildings*: 27 million square feet. Keystone employs 70 Full-Time Facilities Professionals and currently has more than 1 million square feet of New Construction projects under way in 2003*.

S.L. Nusbaum Realty Company (24.6)

Norfolk, VA(757) 627-8611www.slnusbaum.comS.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. was established in 1906 and currently manages, develops, and brokers shopping centers, apartments, and office/industrial properties in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. 24 Office Buildings*: 1.7 million square feet. 58 Shopping Centers*: 7.8 million square feet. 95 Multi-family Housing Buildings*: 15.1 million square feet. The company has three New Construction projects under way in 2003 totaling 35,000 square feet*.

CarrAmerica Realty Corporation (24)

Washington, D.C.(202) 729-7500www.carramerica.comCarrAmerica’s nationwide office building portfolio exceeds 24 million square feet of net rentable space in 12 key markets. The company has 298 operating office properties and offers management, leasing, development, and construction services to its customers through its affiliates Carr Real Estate Services Inc. and CarrAmerica Development Inc.

Hamilton Partners (22)

Itasca, IL(630) 250-9700www.hamiltonpartners.comHamilton Partners is a privately owned real estate development and investment firm that develops, leases, and manages commercial projects throughout metropolitan Chicago. 77 Office Buildings*: 9.1 million square feet. 8 Shopping Centers*: 790,099 square feet. 108 Industrial Buildings*: 12.1 million square feet. The company employs 250 Full-Time Facilities Professionals*.

Brandywine Realty Trust (20.3)

Plymouth Meeting, PA(610) 325-5600www.brandywinerealty.comAs the Philadelphia area’s largest office landlord, Brandywine Realty Trust is engaged in the ownership, management, leasing, acquisition, and development of primarily suburban office and industrial properties located in the Mid-Atlantic United States. 220 Office Buildings*: 16.3 million square feet. 56 Industrial Buildings*: 4 million square feet.

Childress Klein Properties (20.2+)

Atlanta, GA(770) 859-1200www.childressklein.comOne of the larger real estate development, investment, and management companies in the Southeastern United States, Childress Klein Properties has built a portfolio consisting of more than 20 million square feet of office buildings, shopping centers, mixed-use developments, warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution facilities, and business parks. Office Buildings: 11.5+ million square feet. Industrial Buildings: 7.6+ million square feet. Retail Buildings: 1.1+ million square feet.

Host Marriott Corp. (17.8)

Bethesda, MD(240) 744-1000www.hostmarriott.comHost Marriott’s mission is to be the premier hospitality real estate company. Owning 123 Hotel Properties with a total of 59,652 rooms (17.8 million square feet, based on Buildings’ estimates of 300 square feet per room), the company has built a portfolio of upper upscale and luxury hotels. Properties owned by the company are located in prime urban, airport, and resort/convention locations.

The Richard E. Jacobs Group Inc. (17.7)

Cleveland, OH(440) 871-4800www.rejacobsgroup.comFounded in 1955, the Richard E. Jacobs Group was among the early pioneering companies in the development of major enclosed regional shopping malls in the United States. The company currently owns, develops, or manages a portfolio totaling 17.7 million square feet of space. Office Buildings: 3 million square feet. Retail Buildings: 15 million square feet. 19 Hotel/Motel Buildings consisting of 2,400 rooms: 720,000 square feet (according to Buildings’ estimates of 300 square feet per hotel/motel unit).

The Lightstone Group (17.7)

Lakewood, NJ(732) 367-0129www.lightstonegroup.comThe Lightstone Group owns and manages a diverse portfolio of apartments, office, industrial, and retail properties in 16 states and Puerto Rico. 5 Office Buildings*: 530,000 square feet. 28 Shopping Centers*: 4.5 million square feet. 85 Multi-family Housing Buildings with 15,000 units*: 12 million square feet. 8 Industrial Buildings*: 750,000 square feet.

Spaulding & Slye Colliers (17.2)

Boston, MA(617) 523-8000www.spauldslye.comSpaulding & Slye Colliers provides construction, development, investment sales, structured finance, consulting, leasing, marketing and research, property and asset management, and strategic planning services. According to the company website, the firm reports a portfolio of 17.2 million square feet – 6.2 million of which is located in the Mid-Atlantic region, and the other 11.2 million square feet in the New England region. 167 projects have been constructed YTD 2003, totaling 642,224 square feet. In 2002, the company constructed 218 projects, totaling 2.8 million square feet.

Cousins Properties Inc. (17)

Atlanta, GA(770) 955-2200www.cousinsproperties.comCousins Properties focuses on the development of commercial office, medical office, and retail properties in select markets throughout the country. Office Buildings: 13.3 million square feet. Medical Office Buildings: 900,000 square feet. Retail Buildings: 2.8 million square feet. Since the company was founded in 1958, more than 20 million square feet of office space and 12 million square feet of retail space have been developed. The Alter Group (17)Skokie, IL(800) 637-4842www.altergroup.comThe Alter Group has developed nearly 100 million square feet of commercial real estate in 42 different markets for local, national, and multi-national corporate clients since its beginnings. The company delivers all aspects of the development process from due diligence to occupancy to property management. Office Buildings*: 9.9 million square feet. Healthcare Buildings*: 2.5 million square feet. Industrial Buildings*: 4.6 million square feet. 160 Full-Time Facilities Professionals are currently employed by The Alter Group, and 6.7 million square feet of New Construction projects are slated for completion before year-end*.

Sobrato Development Companies (16.6)

Cupertino, CA(408) 446-0700www.sobrato.comSobrato Development Cos. has been actively involved in the tremendous growth of the Silicon Valley since 1953, specializing in facilities for high-tech and R&D companies. The company owns and manages the facilities it builds, maintaining single-tenant occupancy in all its properties. 120 Office and Industrial Buildings: 11 million square feet. 7,000 Multi-family Units: 5.6 million square feet (per Buildings’ estimates of 800 square feet per unit).

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