Maximizing Building Performance Through Environmental Strategies

July 1, 2003
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At every industry event and in frequent conversations, an often-asked question among facilities professionals – you, the Buildings reader – is, “How can I get my hands around this whole environmental thing?”You may not realize it, but you already are.Every day in your building management practices, as well as in your construction and modernization project planning, you’re confronting, questioning, and, yes, addressing the issues of environmental sensitivity. Sustainability is about energy efficiency, about workplace productivity. It’s looking at cost and containment of resources, of the longevity and durability of products used in your facilities.In other words, it’s about performance.Do you get sidetracked by what appears to be a “mystical” green philosophy? If so, ask yourself: Are you interested in best practices? In reducing costs – without sacrificing occupant comfort? Do you keep a close eye on energy costs, consumption, and the bottom line?Of course you do.Don’t underestimate your influence on this legacy of the buildings in which you are involved. Get back to basics. Fundamental values are green, are sustainable, are realizable.Think about your vantage point. You are already making a difference.This in-depth report provided by the Buildings Creative Staff:Linda K. Monroe ([email protected]), Editorial DirectorRegina Raiford Babcock ([email protected]), Senior EditorJana J. Madsen ([email protected]), Senior EditorLeah B. Garris ([email protected]), Editorial CoordinatorRobin Suttell, Contributing EditorElisa A. Geneser ([email protected]), Design ManagerScott Easton ([email protected]), Graphic Designer

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