Dec. 31, 2002
Networking. Educational insight. Cutting-edge product and service exhibits. NEW in 2003: Buildings magazine, will co-locate the Buildings Show (currently part of the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair held each year in Chicago) with the two established regional NeoCon shows that have historically focused on commercial building interiors: NeoCon West (March 5-6, 2003, at the Los Angeles Convention Center) and NeoCon East (November 6-7, 2003, at the Baltimore Convention Center).Our current research indicates a growing need for an all-encompassing, yet highly localized, trade conference and exhibition that includes not only products, furnishings, and topics relating to commercial building interiors, but also a broad array of other products and services that are important elements in both new construction and modernization projects. Building ownership, construction, and facilities management professionals – you, our Buildings readers – have stressed the need to stay abreast of the latest products and technologies in the marketplace with limited travel and without committing too much time and resources to that effort. Featuring a broad array of commercial building products/services – including security and life-safety systems, curtainwall, roofing, windows, doors, hardware, HVAC, building controls, plumbing/washroom products, wiring/cabling, lighting, elevators, and more – Buildings Show West and Buildings Show East will provide attendees the opportunity to view the technology that supports the aesthetic, functional, and performance goals of today’s commercial facilities.There are a host of other live events that are geared toward the influencers within the commercial buildings industry, but crucial information to the real decision-makers, the check-writers – the professional building owners and facilities managers – requires special insight and opportunity. All of these busy executives are trying to do more with less, resulting in the need to bring these events to them.Each of the regional Buildings Shows will feature comprehensive workshops and seminars covering the major aspects of new construction, modernization, technology, and facilities management. Attendees will include building owners and professional facility managers, architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and other related disciplines. Exhibitors will include manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and other suppliers of products and services for construction and renovation of commercial and institutional buildings. The exhibits for the Buildings Show West and Buildings Show East will be separate, but adjacent to the NeoCon Regional exhibits. Booth space and special promotional sponsorships are available in packages for Buildings magazine advertisers.Mark your calendars today! For more information, turn to pages 70-71 in this issue or check out (www.buildings.com/liveevents). More to follow in our February issue.

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