With Heartfelt Gratitude

Dec. 3, 2002
There has always been something about the month of December that makes me a bit retrospective. Perhaps it’s the end of one year and the beginning of another. Or, beginning with my annual Thanksgiving get-together, my calendar is filled with notes about touching base with friends and family, either face-to-face or through correspondence. Not surprisingly, this and last year have felt even more poignant, due to both the national events that have rocked the country and a few, more personal ones as well.I’ve been a part of Buildings for more than 20 years, and it’s time – I figure I can do this at least once in my career here, right? – to offer appreciation to my colleagues. The team is phenomenal: creative, dedicated, fun, knowledgeable, and approachably professional. Somedays, it’s close to a love/hate relationship (we love what we do, and hate to miss an opportunity), but over the years Buildings’ success is always about the team; it can never be attributed to single individuals, issues, or products. Which is particularly satisfying, when we cite our 45-plus awards, our reputation in the industry, and the fact that we’re recognized as good “folks.”So thank you …Regina, Jana, Leah, and Robin (Editorial) for your insight, your enthusiasm, your perseverance, your talent, and your humor. This well-blended group complements each other; yet, each member offers readers a unique reporting and writing style. All are independent, yet cooperative – and excited about seeing each product taken from, literally, a blank slate to a polished information resource.Elisa and Scott (Design) for your boundless imagination and your never-ending commitment in developing a distinctive (and matchless) visual direction and voice for our products. Although this dynamic duo constantly amazes us with their abilities to take a vague idea full-circle (seasoned with an innate knowledge of Buildings readers and the industry), their flexibility and practical side – no artistic temperaments here! – are cherished.Gail, Robin, Jennifer, and Emily (Production and Marketing) for your unwavering support in our customer service efforts, your multi-tasking abilities, and your pursuit of improving upon excellence – all with a certain tongue-in-cheek wit and lightheartedness that minimizes the effects of a stressful day for your colleagues. These four make things happen, and the rest of us think that’s an accomplishment next to magical.Kim, Barb, Ann, Susan, Peggy, and Beth (Database Marketing) for reminding us who really is in charge (Buildings readers), and taking us (and, more importantly, keeping us) at best-in-class within our industry’s circulation standards. This continuity and level of quality requires intelligence and diligence, and no compromise. These five do so with incredible grace and a willingness that makes us thrive.Jack, Wayne, John, John, Loel, and Dennis (Sales) for enthusiastically spreading our message (which is the Buildings readers’ message) to the industry, for sharing information gleaned from your travels for our education, and for being all-around likable colleagues. The camaraderie between Sales and Editorial, Design, Production, Marketing, and Database Marketing is truly rare (Team with a capital “T”). A special note to Jack, my mentor, for your honesty and professional nurturing over the years.Tim (President/Publisher) for your grasp of business, your belief in the team and the products, and your vision for the future. You’ve been with us a short time, but what a ride!To you, the Buildings reader, for your support, your appreciation, your critique (we respect all comments), and, most importantly, your stories. Please keep them coming (linda.monroe@buildings.com). We also appreciate the tremendous support and insight from suppliers and associations to the industry.And now that I’ve gotten this off my chest – and I do feel good about it! – isn’t it time to think about expressing your appreciation to your colleagues? Where would our industry and your business be without them?

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