* Honorable Mention: Sprint World Headquarters, Overland Park, KS

Oct. 1, 2002
Designing and building Sprint World Headquarters was no small feat. In fact, it was quite the opposite. With its own zip code, the 4.1 million-square-foot campus occupies 21 buildings spread across 220 acres. Fourteen parking structures add another 4 million square feet to the project.For the comfort and happiness of Sprint employees, 60 percent of the campus is dedicated to green space – prairie grasses, flowers, trees, walking paths, jogging trails, and a lake.Designed from the inside out, the building exteriors came secondary to designing efficient and appealing work areas. Office furniture was selected first and the buildings were then designed accordingly.Other project highlights:Five construction phases were planned to correspond with lease expirations for the buildings Sprint was previously occupying.Five thousand (5,000) square feet of office space was set up to test interior and exterior products.Area was designed so that walking across campus would take no more than 10 minutes.To keep the campus aesthetically pleasing, buildings are no more than five stories tall. Parking garages were built along-side steep grades to help them blend in.A “bulk buy” approach was used so certain materials were identified, standardized, and purchased ahead of scheduled delivery dates. Common building features were standardized for streamlined maintenance. Frequently used materials were efficiently warehoused and can now be pulled out of stock as needed, without guesswork or delivery delays.Despite the sheer size and magnitude of the project, J.E. Dunn Construction and Sprint worked together to create a campus that would make its 14,500 employees feel comfortable and at home.

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