The 2002 'A' List: U.S. General Services Administration

Sept. 5, 2002
Who's Who in the Buildings Market
U.S. General Services AdministrationWashington, D.C.(202) 501-0800www.gsa.govSince 1949, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has housed Federal workers and provided products and services to support the important work of government throughout the United States. It employs approximately 14,000 people, affects almost $66 billion financial transactions throughout the government (which is more than one-fourth of the government's total procurement dollars), is responsible for an annual budget of approximately $16 billion, and influences the management of Federal assets valued at nearly $500 billion. The GSA's Public Buildings Service (PBS), the largest commercial-style real estate organization in the United States, manages more than 335 million square feet of space in buildings, courthouses, laboratories, and border stations, which provide workspace for nearly 1.1 million Federal employees. Approximately 55 percent of the space is in 1,700 government-owned buildings and properties, with the remainder in approximately 6,200 privately owned leased buildings.
[Editors' Note: The GSA's Public Buildings Service is well on its way to reaching its vision: being recognized as the best public real estate organization in the world. Accountability standards, internal benchmarks measured against commercial equivalents, an entrepreneurial approach to solutions, an emphasis on financial and performance measures, and a commitment to environmental processes/practices have resulted in comparisons to "regular business operations."]

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