Better Performing Elevator Doors

Aug. 5, 2002
Updating or replacing outdated or older elevator door equipment is now easier with KONE ReNova™ High Performance Door Modernization Solutions from Moline, IL-based KONE Inc. ( The modular design of KONE ReNova solutions allows KONE to provide a product that meets the specific needs of a particular building. Three different configurations – complete replacement, partial hoistway retention, and full hoistway retention – allow end-users to retain portions of an elevator’s existing door operation equipment, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.Departing from conventional door equipment, the ReNova drive motor is located directly above the door panels, vertically in line with their center of gravity. This linear design, combined with a toothed-belt torque transmission, eliminates complicated mechanical cams to enhance reliability, durability, and smooth operation.“We’re really proud of the fact that we’ve introduced new technology that’s mechanically superior to anything in the past,” says Jim Turner, vice president of Modernization at KONE Inc., Moline, IL. “And we’ve introduced an installation process that gets us in and out of buildings quicker. As a result, end-users aren’t without elevators while we’re performing work, and they get a far superior product as well.”ReNova door solutions offer some of the fastest open and close times in the industry, and can reduce operating noise by 50 percent (typically to 55 decibels at the elevator landing) compared to conventional door operators.At the same time, ReNova solutions handle every situation without skipping a beat – a function of KONE closed-loop control and patented AMD door technology. A performance profile is set according to specific needs. Then, operating conditions are monitored and digitally encoded feedback allows the system to learn about the building. A Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) and ingenious Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (V3F) drive use this information to deliver enhanced performance every time. When demands change, the performance profile is easily changed.“What’s also important to understand,” notes Turner, “is that this isn’t just a system you can get if you do a full-scale modernization. The KONE ReNova solutions allow you the opportunity to do incremental upgrades as well.”

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