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May 5, 2002
A Conversation With Tim Fixmer Is Both Inspiring and Challenging.
For Fixmer, recently named president and chief operating officer of Stamats Buildings Media Inc. (publishers of the Buildings product line of magazines, websites, and face-to-face conferences/trade shows), and a stalwart of business-to-business (b2b) media over a 26-year career, it’s partly about asking questions. Queries about current events and their impact on the commercial buildings industry. Questions on what keeps facilities professionals motivated or, conversely, what keeps them up at night. Inquiries with regard to the purchasing chain of command between owners/managers and their product suppliers, and the difficulties and opportunities in effecting communications and relationships. Good, solid questions that require honest, often-introspective answers from readers, association executives, products/services suppliers, and me.Fixmer is a believer in the b2b concept – and his enthusiasm about that medium is infectious and empowering. “No matter what kind of business I’m in, there’s a business-to-business publication that gives me information on how to be a better business person, that talks to me – gives me tips and hints on how to solve problems, and opens up a world of products and services that are available to me from suppliers,” he says. “That’s what is great about the business we’re in. We’re helping people become better business people, improve their net worth, and improve their offering to the communities they serve. When you add up all these pieces, we’re helping make a more efficient world. We’re playing a real important role.”Having served in an executive capacity with five b2b publishers over his post-graduate career, most recently with Cygnus Business Media and formerly with Bill Communications, Fixmer knows the power of information sharing. “Our job is to support our readers by providing them the information we have in ‘storage’ – the information we collect on a day-to-day basis – that can make their decision-making processes much easier and much more efficient,” he explains. “Buildings’ readers face challenges like they never have before: doing more with less staff; meeting high expectations, both internally and externally; and providing the optimal physical environment for businesses to succeed and grow. Our commitment is to continue to build so we are providing solutions for our readers, whether they pick up the magazine or another of our print media pieces, go to our electronic offering, or come to a live educational event. I think we are in the right place at the right time. We certainly have the right team to get this job done for them.”When I met Tim briefly a few years ago, I was impressed with his publishing knowledge, his curiosity, and his warm personality. Today, merely four months after he joined our team, I realize my initial impression, while accurate, doesn’t do him justice. If you haven’t had an opportunity to meet him, make a point to do so ([email protected]).You won’t be disappointed.

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