Reclaiming Buildings - Developing Facility Objectives

Nov. 14, 2001
Strategies for Change

By Pam Brenner

With business needs clearly defined and a building selected for renovation, decision-makers should proceed with the development of design and facility objectives. Questions to ask include:

  • How much space will we need?
  • What will our business be?
  • What deliverables will we produce?
  • Who will our customers be?
  • How will we communicate?
  • How will technology impact the workers?
  • How will space support the technology?
  • Can the infrastructure support increases and decreases in the workforce?
  • Will workforce needs change?
  • What will be the financial considerations?
  • What are tax liabilities likely to include?
  • Will depreciation limitations prevent efficient renewal?
  • Will the day-to-day churn rate change?

Flexibility, speed, and cost often emerge as the top objectives. If, for example, a developer seeks to lease space after renovation, long-term flexibility will top the priority list. If the renovator seeks to occupy the space to meet business deadlines, speed will drive the fit-out strategy. If the renovator is also the sole tenant of the building, cost and tax considerations may be a top concern.

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