The Importance of Acoustics in the Built Environment

Nov. 17, 2021

Historically, acoustics hasn’t been a high priority in buildings. But the fact is, windows, glass walls, marble floors, skylights, hard and reflective surfaces, and interior elements have the power to change the sound in a room.  

Every design choice impacts acoustic quality, and noise levels in a room can impact health, concentration and productivity—just ask anyone who’s worked in an open office before. 

This eHandbook will help you better understand the fundamentals of how acoustics work in buildings, identify ways to improve acoustics and make the connection between acoustics and wellness clearer.  

What’s inside:  

Part 1: The Fundamentals of Acoustics 

Part 2: Acoustics & Interiors 

Part 3: Acoustics & Wellness 

Part 4: Case Studies/Resources 

Part 5: Products 

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