Next Generation Lighting Strategies: eHandbook

July 26, 2021

Strategies for Achieving Smarter, More Efficient Illumination

Achieving an optimal lighting strategy for your building is no simple task. Numerous variables and requirements must be taken into consideration to achieve the desired effects that smart illumination strategies can deliver.

Whether it's setting proper lighting levels, eliminating glare or setting a mood that enables people to experience rich color accurately, all of these conditions help make tasks safer and easier to accomplish for occupants. Additionally, an effective lighting strategy can meet these multiple requirements while using energy more efficiently.

This eHandbook is intended to make the process of lighting a space properly more straightforward. Offering up-to-date information from lighting experts and industry reports, this handbook covers a number of important topics, including:

  • Lighting quality metrics 

  • Lighting controls 

  • How to conduct a lighting upgrade 

  • Energy efficiency 

  • And more! 

We hope you find this eHandbook a practical resources in your efforts to implement smarter, more efficient lighting strategies. 

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