Creating More Sustainable and Resilient Buildings

April 25, 2022

We’ve been hearing about sustainable buildings in one form or another for decades—in fact, LEED, the groundbreaking certification program for green buildings, is nearly 20 years old. But as we inch closer and closer to the point of no return with regard to irreversible global warming, building owners and managers are increasingly focusing on creating not just sustainable buildings, but also resilient ones that can withstand severe weather. 

Sustainability and resilience must go hand in hand. Buildings that stand up against extreme weather impacts can also benefit their surroundings by using limited resources responsibly and giving back to the environment. 

But how can building owners, architects, facilities professionals and interior designers make sure they’re creating buildings that meet rigorous performance and sustainability targets, such as carbon reduction, operational resiliency and meeting third-party certification requirements? 

This eHandbook offers the most up-to-date information available on how to reduce the carbon footprint of your projects, conduct a climate risk analysis, ensure your business resilience and more. In this digital resource, you’ll find a variety of resources from major associations in the space. 

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