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PODCAST: Tommy Linstroth, Green Badger

Sept. 19, 2022
Tommy Linstroth is founder and CEO of Green Badger, a provider of a comprehensive SaaS with powerful data analytics capabilities used to automate and easily report LEED compliance and ESG metrics for smart building construction projects.

Tommy Linstroth is founder and CEO of Green Badger, one of the nation's leading SaaS developers for managing sustainable construction of smart buildings.

Green Badger takes as its mandate the process of accelerating environmentally responsible construction worldwide by equipping the building industry with affordable technology to automate and easily report LEED compliance and ESG metrics.

Pairing its comprehensive, user-friendly software with powerful data analytics and customer support, Green Badger maintains that its SaaS platform stands to save project teams hundreds of hours per project in helping to ensure that sustainability goals are met.

Questions from Smart Buildings Technology senior editor Matt Vincent for Green Badger's Tommy Linstroth included the following:

  • What are smart buildings deployments today requiring of on-the-ground project construction teams?
  • What emerging best practices are members of the construction industry starting to use to ensure good reporting for smart buildings?
  • How specifically are ESG requirements impacting the construction industry?
  • How do ESG requirements differ for different types of intelligent sites?
  • What are the main LEED documentation challenges for green building design?
  • What are the primary challenges facing construction teams today in terms of ESG benchmarking, and what is some actionable advice for those just getting started in ESG?

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