7 Ways Security Entrances Drive Higher ROI

Nov. 27, 2018

Security entrances and revolving doors can help you meet your business goals, going beyond their core function as doors by providing numerous benefits for overall business operations and delivering a solution that’s scalable for building management.

Today’s building management solutions need to work harder than ever to deliver value and justify the investment decision. It’s no longer enough for a window, door or other building component to simply perform its primary function.

Instead, not only must each element of the facility be functional, well-constructed and attractive, it must also demonstrate return on investment (ROI) by contributing to the achievement of additional business objectives of the facility organization. Further, the best solutions are scalable, enabling the user to multiply these benefits wherever they are deployed within the enterprise.

Security entrances and revolving doors can help you meet your business goals, going beyond their core function as doors by providing numerous benefits for overall business operations and delivering a solution that’s scalable for building management.

Here are seven areas where security entrances can drive a higher ROI for your organization.

1. Cost Reduction

Facilities using security systems such as access control systems and video surveillance still run the risk of unauthorized entry (e.g. tailgating) if they’re still using swinging doors. To mitigate this, most organizations position security officers at controlled entrances.

By installing security turnstiles or security revolving doors, which can prevent or eliminate tailgating, you can reduce or even eliminate your staffing needs for security personnel at your entryways.

2. Environmental Responsibility 

Because they are “always closed,” revolving doors help maintain air temperature and quality inside a lobby. This reduces the consumption of energy needed for heat and cooling. In fact, a 2006 MIT study of one campus building showed that revolving doors allowed about 8x less air infiltration than standard swinging doors.

The study concluded that if people used the building’s revolving doors 100 percent of the time, emissions would be reduced by almost 15 tons of CO2; enough to cover heating of five homes for one year.

3. Personnel Management 

Integrating security entrances with access control delivers a solution for managing time and attendance. You can further configure your system to alert management for specific events such as an employee repeatedly entering an area where they have no reason to be or leaving the facility numerous times during the workday.

4. Risk Mitigation

While most businesses have taken the precautions of deploying access control, video surveillance and other solutions to reduce threats and increase overall security, most of these solutions work on an after-the-fact forensic level rather than a proactive, prevention level.

As the first line of defense for the building or campus perimeter, security entrances can not only detect, but also deter or prevent, unauthorized individuals from entering the premises. Security mantrap portals have the additional capability of eliminating tailgating and verifying that the individual entering matches the credentials being presented. 

5. Compliance

Businesses need to ensure they’re in compliance with regulations. By providing true physical access control and a wealth of data on usage, security entrances help businesses maintain and demonstrate compliance.

6. Prestige

Your primary entrances and lobby areas make a strong first impression on visitors and guests. While some doors and entrances may offer an attractive image, most can’t provide the additional benefit of risk reduction and security. Security turnstiles and revolving doors can give your facility a professional appearance.

7. Maximizing Usable Space

Many buildings include retail space or restaurants. When these establishments have exterior swing doors, often the area closest to the door is left unused to protect guests and merchandise from blowing winds and cold air.

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A solution for these public spaces are manual revolving doors because they include low energy motors that make them easy to push and they can eliminate the unwanted air flow no matter the traffic level. Ultimately, they enable the reclamation of valuable space for promotions, signage, table space and other revenue-generating items.

Today’s businesses and organizations must consider every expenditure carefully before making the investment in a new building management solution. Often it’s necessary to evaluate multiple options to find the best products – not only from the perspective of quality, but also for what additional value they can deliver to the organization.

Security entrances and revolving doors are a scalable building management solution that provides substantial ROI as well, making them a practical and sensible choice.

Tracie Thomas, vice president of marketing, Boon Edam Inc. (All photos courtesy of Tracie Thomas)

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