Immix Panelized Torsion Spring Ceiling Systems

March 28, 2023
Mix and match panels with alternating heights for a custom look.

Armstrong is introducing two new panelized torsion spring ceiling systems—MetalWorks Immix Linear Blades panels, which feature a monolithic or open reveal linear look, and MetalWorks Immix Blades, with an open reveal linear look. Both install up to twice as fast as single blade or plank linear systems and provide 100% downward accessibility.

Both measure 24 by 96 inches and include multiple blades or planks per panel with a choice of widths and heights on the planks and blades. Mix and match panels with alternating plank or blade heights to produce a custom look without the custom process. Black acoustical infill panels hide the plenum in both lines and produce an NRC up to 0.95.