Tempest and Windstorm

Aug. 14, 2023
Energy-efficient HVLS fans.

The Tempest and Windstorm series of Cool Boss HVLS industrial overhead fans deliver optimized temperatures in large interior spaces while drastically reducing energy costs. All Cool Boss HVLS fans use direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous motors, which are smaller and lighter than traditional AC motors but deliver higher output torque with no gearing required, using up to 50% less energy than conventional motors.

The Tempest Series features two six-blade models, one that’s 11.5 feet in diameter and has a maximum 90 RPM and minimum air volume of 4,200 cubic meters, and one that’s 16.4 feet in diameter and has a maximum 78 RPM and a minimum air volume of 10,200 cubic meters. The Windstorm Series includes two five-blade models that both have a built-in ion generator air purification system. The smaller model is 20 feet in diameter with a maximum 60 RPM and minimum air volume of 12,700 cubic meters. The larger Windstorm model is 24 feet in diameter, with a maximum 55 RPM and minimum air volume of 14,850 cubic meters. All are UL certified and Intertek ETL listed.