This Acoustic Product Mimics the Linear Metal Ceiling Look

May 6, 2024
FAZR is inspired by the linear appearance of phasers from classic science fiction.

FAZR is an acoustic ceiling product inspired by the linear appearance of phasers from classic works of science fiction. It consists of 9mm PET dovetail channels that clip onto the standard Rockfon Symmetrical carrier system, mimicking the linear metal ceiling look but with all the benefits of acoustical PET felt. FAZR locks PET slats into the double-hooked Rockfon carrier for secure, stable and impact-proof ceiling coverage.

This aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-install alternative to traditional T-grid ceilings is ideal for large-scale applications like airports, transit facilities, retail spaces, conference centers, offices and more. Users can choose from two channel widths—a 6-inch slat with a 2-inch filler or a 10-inch slat with a 4-inch filler—and a choice of a flush filler or recessed filler reveal. Customers can also leave the filler channel off altogether for semi-open plenum applications.