Ooma AirDial

June 27, 2023
Complete replacement solution for POTS.

Ooma, a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, has introduced Ooma AirDial, a solution for businesses that addresses the looming retirement of legacy copper-wire analog phone service (also known as “plain old telephone service,” or POTS). The phasing out of POTS affects critical safety and business systems, including fire alarm panels, elevator phones, public safety phones and more.

Ooma AirDial is a complete replacement solution for POTS that includes up to four analog connections with standard dial tone and full backwards compatibility with POTS. Use an exclusively wireless connection or failover from a wired broadband connection to wireless. The backup battery will maintain service for eight hours or more during an outage. Manage it remotely across multiple locations through an online portal, with the option to set automated alerts for events such as outages and batteries that need replacement.