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Access Control & Security


VideoXpert is a video information management system that scales for all sizes of security infrastructures.Features plug-in architecture for system expansion and third-party integration...
Access Control & Security


Ideal for retailers, convenience stores, and other businesses with multiple locations, this video service monitors operations in all stores from any location.Built-in tools like...
Access Control & Security

Evolution Mini 360

With a diameter of only 4.25 inches, Evolution Mini 360o is a 360-degree indoor IP surveillance camera for any application.Features 5-megapixel sensor, no moving parts, Micro ...
Access Control & Security

Sarix Enhanced Range with SureVision 2.0

The Sarix Enhanced Range with SureVision 2.0 is a series of fixed IP cameras. Built-in analytics detect potential threats and send an alarm to system operators.The units leverage...
Access Control & Security


The Evolution 360-degree camera range provides users with situational awareness. A dewarping feature allows users to go back in time to retrospectively view the total scene in...
Access Control & Security

High-Resolution Sarix TI Series IP Cameras

These thermal imaging IP cameras enable easy integration into a wide variety of third-party systems. Features include customizable analytics such as object counting and loitering...
Access Control & Security

Pelco Sarix IL10 Series Micro Dome Cameras

Pelco Sarix IL10 Series Micro Dome Cameras capture HDTV video using an integrated fixed focal length lens. This PoE model supports two simultaneous video streams that can be compressed...
Access Control & Security

Digital Sentry IP Video Management System

Pelco by Schneider Electric’s Digital Sentry Network Video Management System (VMS) provides a simple way to install, deploy, manage, and record multiple HD, IP, and analog cameras...
Resiliency & Sustainability

EVlink Outdoor Charging Stations

The EVlink Outdoor Electric Vehicle Charging Stations come with two charging circuits integrated into one pedestal, ideal for supporting multiple parking stall locations. The ...

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Access Control & Security

Sarix TI Series IP Thermal Cameras

The Sarix Thermal Imaging (TI) cameras are able to detect human and vehicle activity in total darkness and multiple weather conditions, providing situational awareness where artificial...