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Envelope, Structural & Windows

Graphite Blue

A light blue-grey color, Graphite Blue allows high levels of visible light transmission as well as low interior and exterior reflectivity. If used with a low-e coating, it also...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

RoomSide Low-E Coating

The smooth surface texture of the RoomSide Low-E surface coating is durable and easy to clean with standard cleaning solutions. It reflects indoor heat back into the room, improving...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

CyberShield with Pilkington DATASTOP

CyberShield with Pilkington DATASTOP reduces the transmission of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation, also known as RF Shielding. CyberShield offers electrical attenuation...
Envelope, Structural & Windows


ClearPoint is a point-supported insulated glass system that increases the transparency of glass facades. It reduces the amount of framing material making contact with the glass...
Envelope, Structural & Windows


VE-45, a new low emissivity coating by Viracon, offers improved balance between visible light transmittance, solar control, and enhanced U-values. Not only has the performance...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

Distinction Series

Designed to divert birds away from colliding with glass, the Distinction Series of silk-screen patterns helps birds distinguish glass windows from the open sky and surrounding...