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Envelope, Structural & Windows


MONEY-SAVING PRODUCT WINNERThe IQue film is capable of rejecting up to 60% of solar energy while allowing close to 60% of daylight to be transmitted through glass windows.This...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

Heat Mirror Insulating Glass

By suspending from one to three clear films in the airspace of insulating glass, Heat Mirror technology creates multiple insulating spaces.Without adding weight, it provides a...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

KeepSafe Glass

The tough polymer interlayer in KeepSafe Glass is bonded between two glass sheets, allowing them to withstand repeated assaults. If shattered, the interlayer keeps the glass together...
Envelope, Structural & Windows


EnerLogic is a micro-thin window film that offers 92% more insulation than window glass. It redirects solar and radiant energy back to their source, keeping heat out in summer...