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Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

10Q QuietClean

The 10Q QuietClean is a backpack vacuum that decreases user fatigue and improves productivity. Available with a large assortment of tools and HEPA and allergen models to address...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

SC6095 Self-Contained 9-Gallon Extractor

The SC6095 Self-Contained 9-Gallon Extractor uses a stainless steel brush housing and motorized chevron brushroll to clean carpet. The walk-behind extractor features a cleaning...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

Air Movers

Three models of lightweight, compact air movers will dry carpets and floors quickly and efficiently. Ideal for deep cleaning and restoration projects, these machines feature a...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

SC3700 Quiet Clean Canister Vacuum

The SC3700 Quiet Clean Canister vacuum tackles bare floor, carpet, and detail cleaning. At only 14.4 pounds, the vacuum is lightweight. It operates at less than 68dB so staff ...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

SC9050B Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum

The SC9050B Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum handles any demanding commercial cleaning environment. The vacuum frame is made of magnesium, a resilient metal that is 75% lighter...