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Access Control & Security

S2 Magic Monitor Version 4

S2 Magic Monitor combines access control, video surveillance, forensics, digital signage, and live internet feeds in a unified security management system. Includes third-party...

Netbox Version 4.9

Netbox Version 4.9 is an access control, video management, and mobile security system that features a photo ID tool to simplify badge production. Collaborate across multiple locations...
Access Control & Security

S2 Magic Monitor

The S2 Magic Monitor is a digital canvas that displays video, text, signage, and media anywhere across the enterprise. Its features include instant replay, live snapshot that ...
Access Control & Security

S2 MicroNode Plus

S2 MicroNode Plus is a two-reader panel for web-based access control and monitoring systems. It supports up to two portals, four relay outputs with wet/dry selection, four inputs...
Access Control & Security

S2 NetVR 600

Created for mid-sized businesses with RAID video storage requirements, the S2 NetVR 600 video management system makes real-time monitoring and recorded playback accessible from...
Access Control & Security

S2 Network Node VR

Bringing access control and video management together in a single appliance, the S2 Network Node VR provides support for up to eight IP cameras and eight access control portals...
Access Control & Security

S2 Mobile Security Officer

S2 Mobile Security Officer is a tablet app that integrates all aspects of a building security system, providing control and flexibility.Includes the capability to access surveillance...
Access Control & Security

S2 Global

S2 Global enables users to knit together an entire ecosystem of security management systems (SMS) and video management systems (VMS) appliances under one centrally-controlled ...