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Cintas Traffic Mat

The Traffic Mat is a floor mat that helps reduce slips, trips, and falls. Features a heavyweight rubber backing with tire-grip technology.Provides high traction with foot, wheel...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

Dual Chamber Mop Bucket

The Dual Chamber Mop Bucket provides more efficient cleaning with a removable bucket to separate soiled water from the cleaning chemical solution. Reduces the spread of dirty ...

Signature Series Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

The Signature Series Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser provides customizable dispensing options.Features a built-in delay between hand waves to limit unnecessary dispenses and a...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

Signet Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner DS1

Signet Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner DS1 is a one-step disinfecting solution designed for hard surfaces.Meets the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standard for decontamination of blood...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

Harmonize Scent

Designed to attack odors at the source, Harmonize Scent is a complete line of washroom fragrance products.Made with essential oils to deliver four quality fragrances, the line...

Signature Series Designer Restroom Collection

This line of customizable restroom dispensers and products has a soft-coat finish that resists fingerprints and is offered in nine colors. It includes soap dispensers, air fresheners...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions

Urinal Screens

These urinal screens feature a ridged surface that reduces splashing and prevents debris from entering the drain. The screens offer a time-released fragrance that is environmentally...