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Access Control & Security

Bullet-Resistant Guard Booths

Bullet-Resistant Guard Booths provide protection against assailants. They can be specified to withstand Level 1-4 impacts from handguns, shotguns, high power rifles, and explosives...
Access Control & Security

Delta DSC800 High Security Bollards

Delta DSC800 High Security Bollards provide protection from vehicle impacts up to 30 mph.Available in custom styles and aesthetics, including cast aluminum, iron, or bronze ornamental...
Access Control & Security

HD300 Barrier

Looking for a vehicle access barrier? Available with either a fully electric or hydraulic control unit, the HD300 Barrier will stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling 50 mph. Its...
Access Control & Security

DSC720-1M Bollards

The DSC720-1M Bollards are designed to stop taller trucks from tumbling over anti-terrorist crash-proof bollards. These units feature a variety of power options, including a hydraulic...
Access Control & Security

MP5000 Portable Crash Barriers

The MP5000 Portable Crash Barriers can stop a 7.5-ton vehicle traveling 40 mph. The mobile units are push-button controlled, use battery or local power, and can be combined with...