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Resiliency & Sustainability

CleanSource 275XT

The CleanSource 275XT is a three-phase parallel online UPS. Increases runtime of its energy storage system to 1 minute at typical industry loads. Available from 380 to 480V and...
Resiliency & Sustainability

CleanSource HD UPS with Extended Runtime

CleanSource HD UPS offers an Extended Runtime option for up to 30 minutes. A secondary energy storage system supplements the primary flywheel to protect against outages.This combination...
Resiliency & Sustainability

CleanSource 750HD UPS

CleanSource 750HD UPS is a dynamic electromechanical uninterruptible power supply that can reduce system failure 21% more than double-conversion UPS systems for long outages and...
Resiliency & Sustainability


PowerHouse is a line of modular power infrastructure systems ranging from 240-960 kW. The system is a purpose built enclosure that integrates all critical power infrastructure...