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Building Systems/O&M

Outdoor Air Series

These indoor split dedicated outdoor air system dehumidifiers substitute HFC refrigerant with glycol as a greener and less expensive way to reject heat to an outdoor dry cooler...
Building Systems/O&M

NE Series Dehumidifiers

The NE Series is a line of dehumidifiers for indoor pools up to 5,000 square feet.Their capacity is similar to conventionally sized models, but their footprint is 50% smaller,...
Building Systems/O&M


The NV-Series indoor swimming pool ventilation addresses space temperature and relative humidity. Available in 4,000- to 70,000-cfm sizes, the dehumidifier uses heat recovery,...
Building Systems/O&M

Protocol NP-Series

The Protocol NP-Series line of indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers are ideal for a large one-piece configuration. One unit will substitute hundreds of pounds of vapor compression...