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Access Control & Security

Winglock Swing

The Winglock Swing is a single wing access gate that uses LED lights to guide visitors to their destinations. Static, pulsing, and flashing signals in green, red, and orange direct...

Tourlock 180+90

The Tourlock 180+90 is an automated four-wing high-security revolving door that detects piggybacking and tailgating. A choice of four security systems allows the door to be customized...
Access Control & Security

Speedlane Lifeline Series

The Speedlane Lifeline Series is an entry management system that interacts with users in an intuitive and responsive manner.Three models – Slide, Swing, and Open – can be configured...

BoonAssist TQ

BoonAssist TQ is a manual revolving door that combines three key features: “push and go” power assistance, speed control, and positioning or quarterpointing.Available in a variety...