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Building Systems/O&M

C40 Scale Removal System

The powerful and portable C40 Scale Removal System is great for tackling tough jobs anywhere. An innovative Flow Reversal Valve expedites the scale removal process for higher ...
Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions


The BPV-125 is a powerful backpack vacuum for dry cleanup. Its compact size is ideal for cramped areas such as stairwells, aisles and seating. An integrated tool belt keeps attachments...
Building Systems/O&M

Industrial Strength Products

For over 50 years, Goodway has been your number one source for quality HVAC and facility maintenance equipment. Our business started in 1966, and our innovative products have ...
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Building Systems/O&M

TFC-200 Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner

A Better Way to Cleaner, Safer Cooling Tower FillThe TFC-200 cooling tower fill cleaner is the answer to a cleaner and safer fill. It obliterates scale buildup, algae and dirt...
Building Systems/O&M

TFC-200 Tower Fill Cleaner

The TFC-200 Tower Fill Cleaner provides an all-in-one system that tackles lime scale, debris, and biological matter. The TFC-200 dissolves scale deposits, increases water flow...