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YLAA Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers

The extended capacity of the YLAA air-cooled scroll chiller offers a more cost competitive solution to 230-ton opportunities without sacrificing size, quality and efficiency. ...
Building Systems/O&M

YVFA Chiller

YORK YVFA chillers are AHRI-certified, integrated variable-speed drive (VSD) screw units with free cooling. The chiller’s advanced technologies include VSD compressors for efficient...
Building Systems/O&M


EcoAdvance removes molecular contaminants from indoor air while intelligently managing the flow of outside air into a building.Significantly reduces HVAC peak loads by more than...
Building Systems/O&M

Chilled Beams

York offers a line of linear active and passive chilled beams. Chilled beams transport cooling and heating through water rather than air to condition a space. They work together...