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Swan Hook

The graceful and elegant Swan Hook can be used to hang coats or purses. Mountable in both vertical and horizontal applications. Delivers a stylish solution wherever people need...

Privacy Screen Bracket Clamp

Add privacy screens wherever you need them with Mockett’s Top Cap Privacy Screen Bracket Clamps. Perfect for sneeze guards or adding extensions to vertical cubicle walls for extra...
Resiliency & Sustainability

SHADOW Electric Pop-Up Power

SHADOW pops up to provide access to power and USB and disappears back under the surface when it’s not being used, all with the push of a button. The stealthy, motorized pop-up...
Walls & Partitions


Returning to the office? If you need to rethink your office space to meet new health and safety considerations, start with some simple panel partitions. PGRP11 feet offer a configurable...
Resiliency & Sustainability

Under Desk Power Interface

The Under Desk Power Interface is neatly tucked away under the desk to preserve desktop real estate so occupants can work without obstruction. Easy plug and play set up. Mixed...
Resiliency & Sustainability

PCS91/USB Recessed Power Grommet

Mockett’s PCS91/USB Recessed Power Grommet puts convenient power options within reach on the desktop with a hinged lid that opens for access and closes for a clean look when not...
Resiliency & Sustainability

WM40 - Under Desk Cable Tray

WM40 offers heavy duty cable management options to move your cables cleanly and efficiently out of sight. Modular trays can be extended to your custom length and flips down for...
Resiliency & Sustainability


PCS86 is an edge-mount power module that clamps onto the edge of a desk or table with an adjustable bracket. Minimalist style blends in with any application. Ideal for temporary...
Resiliency & Sustainability

Flip-Up Power Grommet

This high-capacity outlet includes connections for 5A/115VAC power, HDMI, VGA, audio, and Cat6 data. Offers easy plug-and-play installation with all cabling pre-wired with female...