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Resiliency & Sustainability

Modular Linx System

FSR’s Modular Linx System is a robust, expandable power platform that distributes two 20-Amp AC power circuits to create a relocatable, reusable modular power system. Makes connectivity...
Tools, Services & Software

Dual Charger Combination USB Port

FSR is introducing a Dual Charger Combination USB Port exclusively for its Symphony collection of table boxes and pedestals. Like the Keystone ports, these chargers incorporate...
Tools, Services & Software

Keystone Snap-In

FSR’s Keystone Snap-In charging port allows an end-user to add USB-C charging to their workspace. Incorporates power management integrated circuitry that determines power requirements...
Building Systems/O&M


PWB-320-FAN is a variable speed, temperature-controlled fan option for FSR's popular PWB-320 and PWB-320XL wall box series. The option adds a supplemental level of protection ...
Resiliency & Sustainability

HuddleVU Collaboration Bundles

From FSR, the HuddleVU Collaboration Bundles is a series of prepackaged technology systems that include all equipment and accessories needed for tech-enriched meetings and brainstorming...