Series 1450 Aluminum Terrace Doors

Oct. 5, 2022
Elevated thermal and structural performance.

Crystal Window & Door Systems announces its Aluminum Series 1450 Out-Swing and Series 1460 In-Swing Terrace Doors. This architectural product line has been reengineered for elevated structural and thermal performance. The Series 1450 Out-Swing door now features an ADA-compliant 0.5-inch low sill; it achieved an excellent AW-PG50 rating for air infiltration and water resistance at 10 psf.

Constructed with heavy-duty 0.093-inch wall thickness extrusion and a strong multi-chamber 3.25-inch jamb frame, making it well suited for high-rise and wind-prone installations. The polyamide strut thermal break and heavy-duty gasketing help the door achieve U-values as low as 0.32 for superior thermal performance. Choose from glazing of either 1- or 1.25-inch dual- or triple-pane tempered insulated glass units. Low-E coatings and gas-filling options are available.