CrossingGard with ThreatProtect

May 22, 2023
Available on grilles, doors or insulated doors.

Available on grilles, doors or insulated doors, CrossingGard with ThreatProtect creates lockdown zones in a building when a hostile event alarm is triggered or opens to allow freedom of movement in the event of a fire alarm. ThreatProtect controls are determined by end user protocol based on the building design and emergency management plans. The operating system uses two alarm inputs and a self-contained backup power supply to provide ultimate flexibility to assist in managing threatening situations.

Ideal for educational facilities, medical complexes and large venues, the product restricts intruders from moving freely about the building, obstructs an intruder’s view or opens egress for evacuation. The battery backup allows the door or grille to operate and respond to alarm conditions during a power outage for up to 48 hours or 10 open/close cycles.