These Glass Doors Achieve High Sound Reduction

April 22, 2024
Quality perimeter seals lower noise noticeably, with a rating up to STC 44.

PurOptima’s Edge Affinity Plus framed pivoting glass doors feature high-quality perimeter seals to achieve a high level of sound reduction. With single glazing, the doors can attain a maximum Rw39dB/STC 40, while double glazing elevates the rating to Rw43dB/STC 44. This ensures tranquility within workspaces and beyond.

Head-mounted and concealed door closure mechanisms integrate with poured concrete floors to resolve floor tolerance challenges that prohibit floor recessed door closures. The doors can accommodate various locking mechanisms, including deadlocks, sash locks or lashes. Choose from single or paired configurations and specify up to a maximum height of 3,000 mm (118.11 inches).