USB Weather Resistant Charger/Receptacle

Sept. 27, 2022
Charges devices with types A and C ports.

Leviton’s Type A/C USB Weather-Resistant Charger/Receptacle is the first outdoor addition to Leviton’s extensive line of In-Wall USB Chargers. It can be installed on any GFCI protected circuit. Ideal for restaurants, parks and more, the Type A/C Weather-Resistant Charger/Receptacle utilizes an innovative process that provides added protection to electrical components for long-lasting durability.

Features easy-to-install wire lead termination and can be paired with durable horizontal or vertical While-In-Use (WIU) Outdoor Covers to meet NEC 406.9B requirements. The two ports deliver a combined total of 5.1A charging current and 25+ watts of power; the Type C port provides faster charging.