Centum Series Generators

Jan. 4, 2023
Delivers precise power in a smaller footprint.

The Centum Series generators by Cummins Inc. are engineered to meet precise power needs with high-efficiency engines that fit in a smaller footprint. Users can specify exactly the needed power—no more, no less—and the Centum Series models will hit the target with a high-performance, high-power density system that meets performance specs without requiring users to buy more than needed.

The first generator set in the series, the Centum C1250D6E/C1500D6E set, includes a QSK38 engine and S Series alternator to deliver superior power efficiency in a smaller footprint, as well as robust transient performance and high altitude/ambient performance. This generator set meets EPA standards for Tier 2 up to Tier 4 compliance. Onboard diagnostic tools allow easy operation and serviceability. Centum Series generators can be configured to run on diesel fuel, low-emissions diesel and biodiesels such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).