Networked Level 2 Commercial EV Charger

May 24, 2023
Fast, safe and reliable charging for electric vehicle owners.

The Legrand Networked Level 2 Commercial Electrical Vehicle Charger comes factory-configured with software from leading EV charging provider AmpUp, delivering an effortless installation and charging management experience. The all-in-one solution is ideal for offices, parking garages, multi-unit dwellings, fleets and more.

The 48A (11.5kW) Level 2 charger delivers a fast, safe and reliable charging experience for EV owners and comes with advanced features such as real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics and customizable settings to meet the needs of different types of EVs, which are seamlessly executed through the AmpUp application. Facilities teams can provide and manage AmpUp subscriptions for drivers or make the stations available for public use. Drivers initiate charging quickly by tapping an RFID card or scanning a QR code on the unit using the AmpUp driver app.